Sunday 9 June 2013

Gently weeps by the window

It is Sunday and my last day of recuperation.

Opened the window of the room and lay down on this bed.

A gentle breeze causes the bamboo trees just outside the window to sway gracefully.

It's so peaceful where I am now.

Can't get such fresh feeling in KL...or JB.

I actually prefer living in this quiet place rather than KL and JB.

But, I had nonetheless spend more the last half a decade between those two cities because that's where my life is supposed to be.

Well, never mind. That is too personal a story for me to tell here.

Anyway, I'm taking it easy today and even typing this posting using just one finger.

Tomorrow, I'm going back to the grind.

Honestly, I'm not sure whether I still have a job after tomorrow.

I'm now seeing things differently after GE13 and this may affect my works.

Things such as the general attitude of the Chinese community, continuing Pakatan's electoral fraud nonsense, the almost dead moderate kongsi concept, Umno's indifference, Malays' general ignorance and their politicians' habitual  fratricide, etc.

Let's say, with all those stuff, I'm harder hearted now.

Well, never mind, I know that life has got to go on, but for now I just want to close my eyes and listen to George Harrison....


  1. When one door closes another one will open. Just have strong faith. Things always work out in the end, hard as that is to believe. No matter what happens, it's just a job. Not the end of the world, and with your talent, you will do fine. Take care.

  2. Buy yourself a nice and good quality headphone, a Hi-Fi portable music player with flac music collections. Immerse yourself in music and read a good book.

  3. thers this story about the stupid Malays during one DAP elections rally.The speakers all spoke in Malay hantam UMNO, evil, corrupt all the ABU things, offcourse in broken Malay..the odd Malays there clapped and shouted in agreement but when the other speakers turn to speak in Chinese,,Mandarin, Hakka, Khek, teocheo lah whatever, the stupid Malays didn't understand a bit..and they spoke about how to hantam and throw out the Malays from too much power , the Sultan, the King even question on the need to have Halal Certificate and halal outlets,also gomen spend too much on building masjid . They said once in power give more their people to sell pork. The Chinese all clapped, were so excited but the stupid Malays, not knowing or understand a bit also clapped in support....

    1. Anon 15.51 - simply not believable. If you really saw this, then record it on your phone/whatever and file a police report. If you didn't have these, sure enough recordings on youtube, etc, for you to use. Just stirring trouble and trying to inflame tension with rumor and lies. Sad person you.

    2. Stirring trouble and inflame tensions with rumours and lies is the name of the DAP/Pakatan game. That's why they got almost 90% of the Chinese votes becos these people believe in their lies, their stirring trouble speeches, in their inflame tension wirh rumours and lies style.It happened week in and week out during their need to make police report lah has happened and continue to happen until this country is wrecked!!!! I am just reporting and u shouldn't be sad about it

    3. DAP does not understand that UMNO is the moderate one. Tak apalah let's cuba try test tengok ... tak puas hati kita tukar:)

      The ball is in the UMNO bangsawan leadership court

  4. Annie,

    Your words "Umno's indifference" struck me like lightning. You are correct. Umno is indeed being indifference shruggin its shoulders turning its cheeks from the majority Malays who voted its leaders in. Only a handful of Umno's leaders hear and listen to the grassroots voice. Najib is cold and his advisers are a heart of stone kind of people.

    Like you, I am greatly saddened with the current situation we are in . Wither are the Malays..

    1. I will start poisoning people to abandon UMNO until and unless UMNO bangsawan leadership reacts.

      Supporting UMNO is actually hurting the Malays struggle for economic equality.


  5. Anon 15:51

    Dah nasib Melayu ,nak buat macam mana ,selalu tertipu dalam senyuman dan kegahirahan.
    Dalam senyuman Melayu diperbodohkan .
    Dalam kegahirahan maruah tergadai.
    Dalam ketaksoban bangsa telerai.
    Dalam kealpaan negara tergadai.
    Melayu mudah lupa.

    1. Betullah boss lama aku cakap. Kawan cina dia cakap. Cina tak payah buat apa, there will come a time when melayu sendiri akan bagi kat cina dengan rela hati. This was in 2000.

      Clairvoyant Chinese.. that one.

  6. After hearing George Harrison's Guitar Gently Weep, I couldn't help thinking of this person whose life was cut short by cancer at 33. The world only found her 4 years after she died, when her Somewhere Over The Rainbow was almost by chance broadcasted by BBC.

    Find her at youtube by searching:

    'Eva Cassidy Danny Boy' and 'Eva Cassidy Somewhere Over The Rainbow'.

    One could almost feel her sadness and love of life.

  7. However you are feeling now, we, your readers know you have done good.
    You postings are being quoted by top UMNO bloggers.
    Write on Anne ...


  8. Keep Away from Politics!

    You are just not cut out to be involved in it.

  9. Just wondering, whether we will be ruled by the chinese minority as in Syria, where the sunni minority is being ruled by the minority shitte with helping hand from big brother Israel.

    See the similarity with Temasek here!

  10. Weeping by the willows, the world still turns between dark and light,
    i wish i did not have to go beyond my window out tomorrow for my daily bread
    true happiness where are you my friend?

  11. mmh reading harian metro?