Monday 17 June 2013

The big sticks of BN Chinese

I was actually quite amused when reading this report just now,

Gerakan acts against party saboteurs

The NST's subheading of the story is,

"WIELDING BIG STICK: 2 suspended, another sacked"

So, Gerakan acting president Datuk Chang Ko Youn's big stick is only that big, I guess.

Only one traitor sacked and two suspended.

And this coming from Chang, the guy who proposed for Umno to be dissolved so that BN can form a single party with a constitution akin to his Gerakan.

Personally, I think more than half of Gerakan members need to be sacked for being traitors.

How many of the Gerakan members voted for the opposition?

Yes, I think more than half of them. Otherwise the Chinese tsunami wouldn't be that bad.

The same goes with MCA.

Well, I would love to hear what MCA got to say about cleaning up their party this time around.

DS Dr Chua Soi Lek should come out with something about MCA members who get all sorts of things because they are members of a BN component party, but when its election time they voted for DAP and its allies as they feel that voting for the enemies would better serves the interests of their community.

For instance, in the Chinese-majority Bakri parliamentary constituency near Muar, Johor, there are more members of MCA, Umno, MIC and other BN component parties than members of the DAP and other opposition parties, combined with those voters on the fence.

Based on that, BN should had not lose in Bakri.

Yet, DAP won there in GE13 and also back then in 2008.

To find out who among the BN component party members who voted for the DAP candidate there, a simple check on the outcome of the peti undi should reveal where BN actually did badly.

I would very much like to bet all my money on the areas where BN lose being at those where most MCA members reside....of couse along with where most DAP members in Bakri stay.

I was actually told that the treachery among MCA members during GE13 was to the extent where a party CEC member was detected telling the Chinese community in Kuantan to vote against the local BN candidates. 

Okay, let us not even mention yet about the MCA's backstabbing newspaper, the Star. 

I'm sure Dr Chua would like to wield his own big stick after the MCA's election post-mortem has been completed.

So, let's wait and see if Dr Chua's stick is any bigger than Chang's of Gerakan.


  1. .. with friends like MCA and Gerakan members, who needs enemies?

    .. dia orang ni memang backstabbers and muka tak tahu malu. Racists to the core!

  2. Gerakan only 2 traitor? sheesh. They must be demanted. What the **** they been doing all this time. Playing checkers and shout Aji all the time huh. Aiyaa. Keep dreaming winning GE#14 lah this gerakan. Aiyooo

    And for MCA? No by words yet but at lease they ask for opinions on their next move. Silent speak louder then word hmmm, I wish...sheesh

    :C sarah

  3. the Chinese should all dump mca, gerakan etc and stand united under dap!!then it is easy for Umno to fight ONE common enemy.

    it's hard to have moles within you, you know...

    1. It's one tricky suggestion cos' the Malays also has their fair share of "melayu bangsat" who supported PKR or DAP.

      But this election has "unmasked" the true nature of the Chinese. For a start I not only will boycott the "barangan cina", NO invitation too for them in the coming Hari Raya OPEN HOUSE. You just cannot be the same person. Friends and neighbors like that....fuck them all!

    2. if it is an open house, there is no need for invitation. they will come anyway. you need a big stick of your own.

    3. Like how they came in an event attended by Tan Sri Michelle Yeo organised by BN in Penang? shameless species! lepas makan kemudian tikam belakang? kalau tahu ini nak jadi patut kasi mereka semua makan julap. Biar semua berak berak.


  4. 97% of Gerakan members shud be sacked for voting against BN in the GE13

    97% chinese voted to take over the politics of Malaysia

    and yet...those bastards cannot win hahaHA

    go eat shit bangsa bangsat!

    1. Just the way that i will put it...heh3


  5. There was a suggestion that MCA be dissolved and renamed as CAP..Chinese Action Party. In the past the Chinese only thought that The MCA as an association only to organize games and gathering and solve petty misdemeanor. Also the association to complain for lost of wives, girlfriend, daughters virginity and also of Ah Long and harassment of Chinese pirated VCD peddlers
    This CAP logo should be close or almost like the Rocket logo..maybe 5 scud like missiles/rocket in unison to attack the Malay supremacy of Malaysia so that combined with ultra rascist DAP, the battle to UBAH and Change the country would be a reality

  6. MCA/Gerakan/MIC/SUPP/PPP all need to do a deep clean - dead wood in the leadership, improved policies and agendas, clean out the membership (not just traitors, but the "non-existent" members that do nothing but turn up for a free meal every now and then). Some of these bodies do need to merge to become stronger, but maybe as a stronger component of BN rather than a direct BN membership only.

  7. With almost 95% of the Chinese don't believe in the 1 Malaysia ideology as evidenced in last GE. The Chinese of Malaysia must make hay when the sun shines so to speak by combining their strength to presuure the existing weak govt even more so
    The Gerakan , The MCA , the DAP and all Chinese parties and pressure groups like the Dong Zong , the Hua Zong, even the Ding Dongs should now merged to form a very potent and strong Chinese Party. The membership is only opened to people of the Chinese race. Those who converted to Islam cannot be a member nut adopted like Zairil Johari, can becos they can be a good window dressing.
    The party will fight to the last drop to maintain the Chineseness or the Chinese Consciuosness to all Chinese the moment they are born either from the plush pte hospitals or from the not so good government hospitals
    The Chineseness will pervade in the society and whoever against them will be annihilated by their many Chinese newspapers, not forgetting the Star who beleievd that spewing hatred , jealousies and worry to the race is an on going mission.
    The Chinese party will fight among others that firecrackers to be legal, Mandarin oranges are not subject to import duties, Chinese schools must have big field so that they can produce good world class Chinese football players for Malaysia

  8. Heh. If MCA have 1 million members, what happened to them during PRU13? And Gerakan?

    So obvious la ...

  9. Not only in the rubber gloves industries, in the wood working and furniture exports,The Chinese also said The Halal food industry the Chinese must sapu..Never mind the altar and the gods of kitchen must be there to watch the kitchen and the Chinese workers don't have to wash their backsides with water just wipe, no Halal Certificate must be given to them
    This is the kind of people that wants everything for themselves living in a multi racial country like Malaysia

  10. The Chinese should be ashamed of themselves for believing on one particular Melayu.I thought they were the smartest people on earth,but sorry to say they were conned by One MELAYU.

  11. elah Annie. u teaser... bila I baca BIG sticks buat berahi... susah nak dapat kat Msia ni. Kena import :)

  12. Is it about perennial wisdom and virtues that the Malaysian Chinese are fighting for. Haven't many of us embraced marketplace materialistic truisms like:
    (1) it's a big fish eat small fish world (2) life is no money no talk (3) do unto others (take advantage) before others do unto you (4) don't enjoy life now wait until die then enjoy what?

    If you return to true Chinese virtues you would very much appreciate the peaceful and moderate nation of Malaysia, even if there is always room for improvement anywhere upon the face of the earth. Really, Chinese civilization is still recovering from the marxist and maoist onslaught of the 20th century, and now must deal with global capitalism.

    Spiritual humanism for the present age:

    Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism in China:

    Noble deeds not noble birth bestows honour upon a man; education should culture a man in propriety to the will of Heaven, and cause him to act with compassion and justice towards one and all. He who does not want for his neighbour what he wishes for himself, has not a good heart. Make use of the transient worldly goods for the good of the soul in the eternal hereafter.

    Thanks for your audience.