Monday 3 June 2013

A real story of Sino-Malay friendship

I got this one from Wikipedia.

It's a real story of Sino-Malay friendship.

But, of course it's an old story and during a period when the Chinese were real Chinese and the Malays were real Malays, who honor each other and kept their promises to each other.

They were very unlike the hypocritical backstabbing racial chauvinists posing as anglophile liberal crap heads of this country these days.

This is the story -

Chinese military retaliation against Portugal [edit]
The Malay Malacca Sultanate was a tributary state and ally to Ming Dynasty China. When Portugal conquered Malacca in 1511, the Chinese responded with violent force against the Portuguese.
Following the attack, the Chinese refused to accept a Portuguese embassy.[4]
The Chinese Imperial Government imprisoned and executed multiple Portuguese diplomatic envoys after torturing them in Guangzhou. A Malaccan envoy had informed the Chinese of the Portuguese seizure of Malacca, to which the Chinese responded with hostility toward the Portuguese. The Malaccan envoy told the Chinese of the deception the Portuguese used, disguising plans for conquering territory as mere trading activities, and told his tale of deprivations at the hands of the Portuguese.[5] Malacca was under Chinese protection and the Portuguese invasion angered the Chinese.[6]
Due to the Malaccan Sultan lodging a complaint against the Portuguese invasion to the Chinese Emperor, the Portuguese were greeted with hostility from the Chinese when they arrived in China.[7] The Sultan's complaint caused "a great deal of trouble" to Portuguese in China.[8] The Chinese were very "unwelcoming" to the Portuguese.[9] The Malaccan Sultan, based in Bintan after fleeing Malacca, sent a message to the Chinese, which combined with Portuguese banditry and violent activity in China, led the Chinese authorities to execute 23 Portuguese and torture the rest of them in jails. After the Portuguese set up posts for trading in China and committed piratical activities and raids in China, the Chinese responded with the complete extermination of the Portuguese in Ningbo and Quanzhou[10] Pires, a Portuguese trade envoy, was among those who died in the Chinese dungeons.[11]

Chinese boycott and counterattacks [edit]

Chinese traders boycotted Malacca after it fell under Portuguese control, some Chinese in Java assisted in Muslim attempts to reconquer the city from Portugal using ships. The Java Chinese participation in retaking Malacca was recorded in "The Malay Annals of Semarang and Cerbon"[12] trading the Chinese did business with Malays and Javanese instead of the Portuguese.[13]


  1. Annieeeee...

    Terharunya saya baca! (sobs sobs. Where is this semangat setiakawan now? :'(


    1. ChinaDidntHelpMelaka3 June 2013 at 22:35

      The Melaka envoy did ask for China Emperor help. But none was forthcoming.

      So your version of violent reaction by the Chinese was wrong in that it was in response to Potuguese landing in China itself.
      The Chinese refused to help Melaka and send reinforcement. Understand the difference.
      But the warning by the Malays of Portuguese deception helped the Chinese made the right response to the Portuguese trip to China and Japan.

      Japan too keep the Portuguese missionaries at bay even hanging and crucifying catholics missionaries. That is why Japan is monolithic. Not that europeans christians didnt try. but Japan was too strong for them.

    2. EDIT Wikipedia


    3. AA, it's still there. Maybe under seige.

      Pl check what I wrote Sarah.

  2. * Malacca was UNDER the Chinese protection.*

    Depends on how you wanna read history. Its more a case of better the devil you know! Dont be so naive. Sultan of Malacca cepat2 gi mengadu TAKUT (dejavu in our history) kena belasah dari Emperor Cina should they dare welcome the newcomers :)

    Aiya you also dunno your Chinese History mah. They considered everyone else BARBARIANS. They dont not fancy contact with ANY kind of foreigners yellow, white, brown. Because the Sultan of Malacca kowtow cepat2 and showed incapable of defending itself read subordination read * under protection*.

  3. like you mention annie in those days when malay were real malay and chinese were real chinese..nowdays both malay and chinese dont live in their own culture anymore...they become too westernize capitalist at heart and mind..only malay and chinese by name even that starting to change.

  4. Once upon a time chinese and malay can work together. Now 600 years later, different scenerio, we hate each other. Why oh why we living like this.....

    :) sarah

    1. I'm Chinese. Among the Chinese, there are definitely those who are racist. However, among the Malays, there are also those who are racist. But fortunately, the in betweens are in the majority.

      In my business, I need both Chinese and Malay associates, as the industry I'm in is dominated by these two races. By working together with respect, consideration and good laughs, the result we get is literally 1+1>2. Synergy!

      A Chinese guy and a Malay woman, a couple whom I know very well, once told me that in their eyes, they don't see the other person's race at all. But busy bodies would every now and then 'advice' them of their differences.

    2. Malay women are more condescending. Now reverse that- the nyonyas will always try to pull things to their side and Ive seen the wives of this dungu dayus Melayu taking their mix kids to church even. Depan2 the hubby ..wah so nice and angelic wan. Also know this one expecting and was craving for bakuteh - which she did go and have. Lame hubby never suspected a thing. Guess what you dont know wont hurt you and all is honky dory. Same could be said if the guy was a Chinese but its sporadic bcos Mom usually rules in the house.

    3. Yes, you need both.

      The chinese sell, malay buys. Chinese tipu and make incredible profit, malay get lousy product/service, shit.

      If malay want to sell too, chinese ganged up and killed the malay.

      Its time that chinese sell, malay don't buy.

    4. I'm anon 23:47.

      The business I'm in was started about a year ago, after years of r+d. At first, we did meet some Malays who didn't want to co-operate with us. But there were those who did.

      Now, as words of the benefits of our co-operation spread, we're getting more interest from Malays via the Malays already working with us. Like snowballing. Already, we're now gearing up for higher sale.

      The reason is simple: our Malay associates could see how much more they can make by co-operating with us.

      Incidentally, our Malay associates' customers are mainly Chinese - who gave them the highest profit.

      How do you think those who at first declined to co-operate with us feel now?

      But our door of friendship is always open.

      Don't retreat to underneath the coconut shell. Be pragmatic, not dogmatic, and think Synergy. Be determined to play a greater part in the economy as own boss.

    5. Yeah, you still use the malay. How much are you msking as compared to what the malays get? They get pittance. The chinese will use malays involvement to circumvent government regulations, et al.

      As in any MLM, it's the chinese who get all the cream.

      malays will never get to the top.

    6. But this is an example in the business kind of sense. What abt real friendship?


    7. I have Malay people working for me, then with me (ie from employee became associates), for over 15 years. They joined at salaries of around 700pm. Now, their income is around 10-15k pm. I also have Malay friends whom I could talk about anything under the sun. Even sensitive things.

      That's why whilst people who know me superficially think I'm DAP or MCA or Gerakan, those who know me well know that I don't vote at all, because the election results in my area have been a forgone conclusion for years.

      Our new business is high technology based (not MLM). On an individual basis, of course we earn more than our associates. But when the business matures, we figure total Malay interest may well be about 70% of the co.

      Recently, we took on a junior associate, a Malay in his 30's, who left his unappreciative Malay boss. We think this guy will do well, for himself and us.

      So, who is taking advantage of whom?

      Don't tell me true friendship cannot develop from initial business relationship? Business relation provides the area of common interest, rather like hobbies, except economically productive.

      Be more open minded lah!

    8. Never believe what you said. Just like I never believe DAPsters.

      Just change four tyres, found a malay tyre shop in section 7 Shah Alam. I am pleased that I gave him a few thousand ringgits worth of sales which otherwise would have gone to cina sepet.

      Time to ubah..

    9. Been in service business for a while. I have never ever encounter a chinaman who sincerely want to help the malays, not matter how helpful of how friendly they are, at the back of their mind, they always want to fleece the malays at every opportunity.

    10. I'm sorry but business is business. Friendship is a different case. And you don't marry someone out of mere business. Ke ada jgk? Anon 15:29, can you move away from "business" and look at it from an everyday situation. Your interactions with Malay and Indian neighbours. Your interactions with Malay and Indian colleagues. Do you talk about football? About life? About the future? Do you hang around at the mamak stall with your Malay and Indian friends after work? I'm talking abt where is the spirit of being a "Malaysian" regardless of race, social status and gender?


  5. Those were upper class chinese with high integrity.

    The chinese we have now were descendents of working class.

  6. No lah its a delusion- actually once upon a time, somebody was even more dumber and submissive -kowtow all the time give tribute here and there. We are smaller and not so many what to do. Also, the plebiean natives couldn't complain or it will be menderhaka and there goes your ass/neck . Malays of yore were known for their hospitality and sharing what little they have with strangers (this trait never died). Little did they knew who they were dealing with. The other somebody, on the other hand,was used to centuries of warring,starvation and expansionism, thus, a more aggressive scheming attitude towards life. This is why the relationship worked. Then the other somebody grew up and opened their eyes and saw what they see. This is what happened. Some continue to sleep though.

  7. i dont know if this kind of story is still relevant these days..
    in Indo, even they speak 1 language, have quite the same kind of names, but still CHINESE are chinese..Malay are Malay...
    they still live SEPARATELY..
    Jakarta Barat = all chinese
    Jakarta Selatan = all Malay


  8. Ustaz Ann Wan Seng talks about Laksmana Cheng Ho's Islamic legacy in Jawa ...

  9. Whatever it is we Malays regretted the fact that we were so good and accommodating to the Chinese. When over 90% voted for DAP style politics last elections we now know that the Chinese were not sincere in living harmoniously with us. You all prefer the craggy and ugly Lim Kit Siang than a moderate BN/MCA style of co existence. Well they also misread that PAS. They are zealots that actually not sincere with the Chinese and plse don't you think Anwar Ibrahim is sincere in wanting to help you people too.
    If the "strings of history "could be adjusted, we would prefer a n Indonesian, Thai or even Brunei style of treating the immigrant citizenship and no integration if you don't accept and embrace the country's main populace

    1. hahah... even my foreign friends asked us - why, why, on earth didn't you guys do like the Indonesians and Thais? They came over for a visit and witnessed for themselves just how polarized we are as a society. Amazed at a group of people born and bred here couldn't speak the national language or speak it very badly. And wow...even their own vernacular school!! How nice.Not to mention businesses are mainly Chinese dominated and noted the BMWS and Mercs were mainly driven by Chinese. A Malaysian Apek had badmouth the country to them and they had expected to see the Apeks as beggars living in squatters, cleaning toilets sort of thing..Well,its just the way of this ungrateful kind.Complaint3x,never satisfied, always negative towards the host, nothing we do is ever good enough for them and forever GREEDY.

  10. Now they want to UBAH..ubah what??Ubah the whole society's structure and its constitution change the agongs and the Sultans. reduce the Malays to just being a Major rank in the army, that's it UBAH the way everyone lived
    Yes theres a lot of devils in UMNO just like devils in Communist China, in Taiwan etc but as a country we are a success so far, tourist come and millions wants to stay and overstay
    UBAH what??The DAP and Anwar Ibrahim cant even organize their own party elections(Anwar once threw UMNO ballot boxes over Penang bridge!!!)
    The forever ungrateful Chinese bastard esp of DAP is playing the Malay sentiment and its very dangerous indeed

    1. They want to ubah Malaysia jd negara Kristian lah. Aiyooo...and agong they want to kick aside. That's what they want to do. They are malicious, I tell you.