Saturday 8 June 2013

Brainwash the Chinese, dupe the Malays

It was concluded that less than 10 per cent of Chinese in this country supported BN in GE13.

Among this less then 10 per cent is Chuah Bee Kim, a Johor Baru-based journalist.

I concluded that, based on her reports and blog postings during the election.

Here is one of her article which I reproduced in this blog,
Chuah Bee Kim writes about Ghani

What makes Miss Chuah's support for BN unique was that she is a totally an apolitical person. I conclude that based on what I read in her blog prior to the campaigning period of GE13.

I believe that she decided to support BN because she saw the good things done by BN and in particular the good self of the former Johor Menteri Besar.

When it turned out that the overwhelming majority of Chinese voters turned their back at BN, Miss Chuah had written in her blog that there are still others like her who appreciate the moderate ways propagated by BN which had enabled the country to progress over the past half century.

One of her recent postings which caught my attention was an article about a unique Chinese family,
Life as a Chinese Muslim convert

However, among the comments received at that posting was this sarcastic remark from one whom I believe is a DAP cybertrooper,
What a nice story and I wish their family well. Maybe you could follow up this story with the story of a family that coverts to another faith from Islam. The tolerance that society shows them as they take away their children and lock them up indefinitely and even threaten them with the death penalty unless they come back to their senses. Or maybe a story of how a grieving family has the body of their loved relative taken from them for an Islamic burial where they were unaware that they had converted. Yes, Islam in Malaysia is all about tolerance and respect for other races and faiths.

I concluded that it was a comment by a DAP cybertrooper because I had received similar ones which condemned my mother who is also a Muslim convert,

R u muslim ? How do u think chinese feeling while being treated as 2nd citizen since born in here. . If social contract is de facto fair and impartial . It will not cause Chinese rebellion to against UMNO -BN . Secondly thing is , Malay historic facts are doubtful .Could u tell me , the historical time-line (Tamadun) in this land .Tanah Melayu never constituted before British colonial .In the meantime, Malay must appreciate us on the other hand , because of China , Malay -Melaka -sultane is safe from Siam . If not , Malay will be so cocky nowadays. .. Annie , ur mum is religious traitor ,her soul will burn in hell .
Fuck u mum asshole .. convert to most evil religion . u son of bitch ..

Miss Chuah is a Chinese and devout Buddhist. She made that clear in her blog postings. That was what made her writings about the goodness of the Chinese Muslim family a big offense among the DAP people such as that commenter.

For them the Chinese must not be portrayed as sharing any genuine similarity with the Malays, especially in faith and be happy about it.

For the DAP, the Chinese must be perpetually convinced that they were being prosecuted by the Malay Muslim majority and that they are suffering hardship all these while because of policies of the Malay-led BN government.

That was what had been drummed up by DAP cybertroopers over the past five years leading to GE13. It was a successful campaign by them resulting in the overwhelming support of the Chinese community for their party.

And this tactic of brainwashing the Chinese community will continue as it's the only way the DAP could maintain their new found grip of influence over the Chinese community.

The other issues brought about by DAP and its allies were actually just to obscure this most insidious tactic of racial incitement by them.

As for the overtures made by the DAP to their Malay muslim allies, those were in reality merely window dressings.

They know of the Malays' weakness for any token gestures such as this

Seriously, do you all think those makcik-makcik and adik-adik posing with the tudung clad Hannah Yeoh for the picture really think that she is mendekati Islam?

The answer is actually YES.

They really believe that Hannah the evangelist will indeed one day embrace Islam and be one of them simply because she wear baju kurung and tudung for the occasion.

If they are voters in Subang Jaya, they would had indeed voted for her.

It's the same thing which made Pas spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat declared that Lim Guan Eng being akin to Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz.

It's also the same thing that happened to the Singaporean Malays here,

A simple act of wearing a songkok is sometime enough to fool them.

Yes, Malays can be that gullible.

A lot of them nowadays genuinely believe that DAP and its allies really care for them as Malays and Muslims.

Unfortunately, they will only realize their gullibility when it is too late for them to do anything about it.

Till then, the story of brainwashing the Chinese and duping the Malays continues.


  1. Annie,
    I tell you its the communist insurgency years all over again...brainwashing AND INDOCTRINATION, remember? Chinese youths were sowed with hatred for the government in the guise of class warfare. but the intention is the same: to subvert the duly-elected govt. same difference meh?

  2. Nasib baik juga Melayu dengan Cina di Malaysia. Kalau jadi macam india dengan african di Kenya, Zimbabwe etc ... dah kena tetak dah pendatang. A friend of mine, an Indian from Uganda told horror stories about his family being butchered by Ugandans.

    We are blessed. Cina rajin, melayu accomodative - cina maki macam mana pun melayu rileks je ... win - win for all :)) Kalau tak ada cina, tak maju lah pulak Malaysia ni ...

    Harap kita dapat kekalkan walaupun sekarang ni macam ada masalah sikit ...

    1. Anon 15:50

      "Kalau tak ada Cina , tak maju pulak Malaysia ni" , what make you think in such way ?, how about ' kalau tak ada Cina , Melayu lebih berdaya maju' ,kerana tiada batu penghalang bagi Melayu untuk maju .

      Cuba bayangkan ?.

    2. Betul Tebing Tinggi. Orang Melayu suka sangat pandang rendah pada bangsa sendiri. Kalau diri sendiri yang pemalas jangan sangka semua orang Melayu pun pemalas.

      Berjuta orang Melayu yang bijak pandai dan rajin berkerja yang dihalang oleh orang Cina sebab Cina suka bodek boss dan suka beri rasuah untuk dapat projek. Melayu yg bijak dan beriman mana mau beri rasuah dan nak bodek boss?

    3. Consider Malaysia to be populated 100% by Malays.

      Will it be 'developed' like most Malay Reservation lands in the country?

      How will the economy look like? What will the main sources of national income be?

      Will Malaysia look more like Saudi Arabia?

      Will Bumi discounts / NEP benefits still mean anything?

  3. Salaam Annie,

    Ya Allah, Nik Aziz actually said that Lim Guan Eng is like Khalifah Umar? That Janus-faced, racist Lim Guan Eng? Khalifah Umar? Is he crazy? Tak sama langsung! They don't even compare with each other! Nik Aziz ni ok ke tak? Well, I'm not surprised since Mat Sabu also mentioned something like "I would rather eat pork with Lim Guan Eng than eat chicken with Najib". Just because of money and politics, these people could even sell Islam. I'm disgusted.

    Btw Annie, plz tell your mommy that since she has now converted to Islam, she is a Malay. So there's no point in her supporting DAP. If she cares about the future of Islam in this country, tell her that voting for DAP is detrimental to Islam. It's no longer about political parties anymore. It's about protecting Islam. I suggest you and your family listen to the talk by Mohamed Razali Abdul Rahman (YouTube) about DAP's vile plans against Islam, Muslims and Malays in this country.

    1. My mother will always be a Chinese, the same as my father will always be a Malay. Converting to Islam doesn't change one's race.

    2. Annie dear,

      Plz check again the definition of "Malay". You don't seem to know wht is the meaning of it.

  4. Absolute nonsense. Islam reached China much earlier than Melaka. Chinese Muslims existed since before admiral Zheng He.

    Just because a person embraces Islam, does not make him/her Malay. We can still be Chinese and Muslim at the same time, this is typical Katak bawah tempurung.

    Only in Malaysia , do we have this idiotic equation.

    Respect all cultures and religions. Don't assume that all Muslim want to be categorised as Malay, I have friends who proudly maintain their Indian, Chinese , Pakistani heritage.

    1. And didn't you know that Islam reaches Tanah Melayu way before Melaka?
      So please read before you post idiotic commentary also. Kata dulang paku serpih!

    2. Do you know that Admiral Cheng Ho was a Muslim? In his travel record, he had performed haj 3 times

    3. I used to talk with a Chinese Muslim online, he told me how wonderful he's being a Muslim I accepted. The only thing I can't accept is he claimed to be a Chinese. I told him how could you be a Chinese if you erase your Chinese culture and speak malay language as your first choice, dress up baju melayu and change her daughter ethnic Chinese to malay. He told me this is call assimilation but I said this is not assimilation but adopting. He is mad I told him since you make your choice to become like a malay why you still need to be so mad. He told me he sidelined by the malay and Chinese. I asked him do you know why all of them sidelined you because you born a Chinese professed Islam not wrong but you despise your own ethnic and choose to be someone else ethnic making yourselves like a feel

  5. At last, someone with an ounce of sense in his brain:

    Pahang MB: Top Umno posts should not be uncontested

    Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob has disagreed with calls for Umno's top positions to be left uncontested in the coming party elections. He said Umno was a democratic party and if it wanted to remain relevant to youths and the educated, it must not be exclusive.

  6. How I wish the tongkangs that brought the Apeks to this land wrecked and sunk, drowned all the potential breeders bfore it got to this land.

    1. You cannot be a Muslim then because a true Muslim will not wish evil on others.

  7. I don't get it. Why so angry?

    If someone wanna convert to be Islam, that's their choice ain't it? Why do some equate conversion into Islam as an affront to their race? Does Islam make them less human?

    As for converting out of Islam, based on the experience of a family member who converted due to marriage, he had no issues converting when he divorced his wife. He did lose custody of the kids & was asked to undergo 6 months of counselling but for everything, there's a price to pay. Its not as if anyone held a gun to his head forcing him to marry a Muslim back then.

    As for the kids' custody, I don't see a problem at all with the syariah court giving custody to the Muslim parent. After all, they need guidance religious wise thus it makes sense for a country that professes Islam as the official religion awarding custody to the Muslim parent. Lets not pretend it doesn't happen in Christianity. The priest expressly mentions that kids have to be baptised Christians before the matrimony is solemnized.

    At the end of it, its all about respect. I was born Catholic with relatives professing Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity etc. But we get along well because we respect each other.

    How can the Chinese expect to be respected when they refuse to respect others & act all high & mighty?


  8. Religion will never change you of who you are. if you're a malay, indian or chinese, you still malay, indian and chinese regardless of what your relegion your in.

    I have a friend who convert to islam but maintain his relationship with his parents who is Buddhism. When he decided to convert a lot of us think that he want to convert because he wanted to married a muslim. But after a few years, he still single.

    On hari raya, he taking two days leaves but on CNY he taking a week for family holiday. He still maintaining a few chinese customes but a truely convert in another stand.

    Once he told me that his parent prefer him to be a muslim rather than kristian. When i ask him why, he said becouse his brother who convert to kristian now renounce their family.

    he still maintaining that he is a Chinese first and muslim second (I can hear someone crying wolf saying he's wrong but that what he maintain).

    His experiance also clearly show me that if you're basicly good hearted persons, no matter what relegion you in, you will always be a good person.

    :D sarah

  9. There's something hidden spinning in every human heart;
    If in innocence you glimpsed its ancient light, a heavenly symphony you would hear.

    Give thanks to God, Annie; your mum and dad gave you the blessed Prophet's mantle to discover!

  10. those people are prolly christians/evangelist or etc. Most chinese who practice buddhism wont do such thing.

  11. Mean and bad Buddhists also have. I mix with a lot of Buddhists, I know. But then, who are we to say they are mean and bad? Maybe to them, we are the ones who are bad, evil, ignorant, etc.

    I know you are so passionate because you genuinely care about the future of the Malays, BN and the country. And u probably don't hate the Chinese, just utterly totally disappointed with what happened in Gelang Patah.

    Cool down and stay rational. One cannot fight hate with hate. I wish u good health... please stay away from the cigarettes! U can picture the cigarettes as DAPsters or LKS or Chinese - whatever works -and you'll never want to have anything to do with them.

    And have a blessed and wonderful day, Annie.

  12. Just read your 'my only love story' posted 22/3/13.

    Couldn't help sending you unsolicited advice, which is:

    Be resolute in making yourself a mile more attractive and desirable than when he left you. Let him regret till his last breath.

  13. Enough of this nonsense about one race being superior to another. The muslims here should based his/her comments by referring to the AlQuran.

    I detest DAPsters and all their allies (mulsims included) because either they are kafir or behaving like one. That goes to BN/UMNO too!

    O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). Al-Hujurat 49:13

  14. Spot on girl ... spot on!!!