Thursday 13 June 2013

It is Anwar's drama as usual.

I'm citing this story from the pro-Pakatan Star because it's written by Sira Habibu, who is the only journalist in that publication whom I know is not a pro-Pakatan, and she is being bad mouthed behind her back by her colleagues because of that.

PKR backs down from Parliament opening boycott threat


PETALING JAYA: PKR will not boycott the opening ceremony of the 13th Parliament sitting after all.
The party's political bureau made a unanimous decision Wednesday night not to boycott the sitting scheduled on June 24.
PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin confirmed that the decision was unanimous.
She claimed that PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's earlier suggestion to boycott the sitting in protest of alleged electoral fraud was spun.
"His statement was spun. We are not going to boycott," she said when contacted.
Zuraida had earlier said the Wanita wing did not agree to the boycott as they needed to be present at Parliament to effectively represent the electorate.
Anwar, who is also the Opposition leader, was quoted in media saying PKR should perhaps look into boycotting the sitting in protest of alleged electoral fraud.
DAP and PAS leaders did not agree to the suggestion.

So, wanting to boycott the parliament sitting is just drama as usual isn't it?
The thing is, everyone knows that when DS Anwar Ibrahim made such a threat, it's just theatrics to get public attention for himself.
The guy has been using it since his student activist days.
Back then, he kicked start his political activism by talking about people dying of starvation in Baling, Kedah where no such things actually happened.
He is also the one who started the movement which push the Malays to become more Arabic during the 70s.
Then when it served his interest, he switched to join Umno and raise all the way through the ranks by hook or by crook to become the number two man until he was kicked out. 
Anyone who thinks that Anwar's raise through Umno back then was because he is a good man must indeed be gullible. Remember the drama when he said he did not want to contest against the then number two, the late Tun Ghaffar Baba, but later on turned around because he said the 'desakan' (groundswell) in Umno "forced" him to contest the post?
Then after he was kicked out of Umno, there was all that Reformasi drama. Some of Anwar's followers are still shouting that slogan during their rallies these days which actually made me laugh as they were usually drowned out by the DAP's shouts of Ubah! These Anwar's supporters were yet to realize that their idol is now just a tool of DAP who need a Malay stooge to gain power in Putrajaya.
Post-2008, there were other Anwar's dramas, the famous being the Sept 16 BN MP crossover bluff.
Now, it's this parliament boycott and Black 505 protest thing over Anwar's absurd claim of electoral fraud. He is making this country seem like some third world banana republic. And his protest is only for seats where Pakatan lose, and not the whole GE13 package. 
The hilarious part of this ongoing drama is that Pas and DAP people who know that this is just the usual Anwar the drama king's nonsense have to play along with it. It makes them collectively look like stupid sore losers.
However, it's not a total loss for Anwar, the Malays love all these dramas. For them, going to these rallies where they can shout and scream at imaginary enemies, is good and cheap entertainment. It is like going to a football match. Otherwise their life would be so boring.
And how about all those Chinese protesters from DAP? 
Well, they are with a real cause indeed as they got a lot to gain from these rallies and protests. 
They feel that they can actually end what for them is a crappy Malay rule and once and for all become the true masters of this country. Something like in Singapore.
Of course with Anwar at the their puppet drama king to fool the gullible majority Malay crowd. 


  1. You are right Annie. Remember? Even during his days in prison, DSAI was worried that the people may have forgotten him. Thus came the fanfare about "arsenic poisoning", "back pain" etc etc

    Let me tell you. If those PR MPs really boycott the Parliament, get themselves disqualified and force a by-election, I believe a good chunk of them will be booted out. I believe by now, those supporting PR out of the idealism of "UBAH" should realized that they have been taken for a good ride.


  2. Not surprised at all! Typical drama queen!

  3. Anwar also makes another drama when he said PR will nominate former Federal Court judge Abdul Kadir Sulaiman as its candidate for speaker in the Dewan Rakyat "who is independent, non-partisan and is qualified to serve".

    If PR is so concerned with independent, non-partisan and qualified Speaker, why don't PR first shows the example by nominating independent and non-partisan Speakers for DUNs of Selangor, Penang and Kelantan.

    The Speakers for those states now are ADUNs from PR.

    So why PR wants independent and non-partisan Speaker for Dewan Rakyat only but not for DUNs of Selangor, Penang and Kelantan?

  4. Don't forget his major drama about people poisoning him with arsenic, and how he is a target for assassination that he had to seek refuge at the Turkish embassy? His "assassins" must be using a low-grade arsenic la coz he is still alive and very well, with a very active sex life to boot ...!

  5. Anwar the Diva that what a friends inform me about him or Drama Queen as I address him. And if I hear about him the word I always utter is, here we go again...

    :S sarah

  6. A pedigree stooge spends his whole life fooling, back-biting, hallucinating, terrorizing, slandering, lechering, sodomizing, scheming, and fantasizing himself as the PM of Malaysia. Every narcissist needs some fabulous doctoring ... hehehe