Saturday 22 June 2013

Black Eye 505 for Anwar

I was busy running around attending to a very important personal matter today.

No time to check what's happening the whole day.

Very late in the afternoon, a journalist friend called and updated me on what happened at Padang Merbok where the Blackout 505 rally took place.

My friend who is pro-Pakatan but works for a pro-BN newspaper sounded very dejected. She just got back from covering the rally.

"It was a big let-down," she said.

"It's boring and only about 5,000 people turned out."

I then checked the websites to verify what my friend said.

The pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini estimated the crowd at its maximum of about 30,000.

I called back my friend and asked her to double check her figure with that of the one quoted by Malaysiakini.

"Malaysiakini is exaggerating. I know because I was there," she said, sounding annoyed.

Then there is this report by the pro-Pakatan Free Malaysia Today at the end of the rally,

Black 505 rally loses steam, crowds leave early

The report also estimated the crowd at 30,000, but the writers of the article clearly sounded disappointed by what they witnessed.

I suspect the FMT writers had double-checked with their colleagues at fellow pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini and they then agreed on mutually quoting that figure for the sake of consistency. Journalists from both sides are known to do that.

Anyway, even if 30,000 people had indeed turned up, it was still a far cry from the estimated 200,000 or 300,000 expected by the organizers.

Another notable thing about the rally is the lack of participation by the Chinese.

Yes, there were some among the crowd but it was nothing like during the rallies before GE13 or immediately after that.

The Chinese seems to be backing off this time. The only notable DAP leader present to give a speech at Padang Merbok was Lim Kit Siang.

I think Helen's analysis on the Chinese lack of enthusiasm for this rally is the best explanation of what had happened,

#Black 505 petang ini: Kaum Cina menjauhi perhimpunan

I believe that the failure of this rally will mark the turning point for BN to regain their lost ground.

Finally, I believe I am now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope DS Najib Razak and his team (stupid advisors and consultants excluded) will seize the opportunity and use it as a foothold to launch their push towards GE14 five years from now.

The Pakatan onslaught was proven stoppable today.

It's clear now that the general public, with the exceptions of the Malay lunatics of PKR and Pas are getting tired of Anwar and his drama.

Yes, even the Chinese DAP are tired of him.

Note on another matter:

For the record, I'm with Helen over her disagreement with Bujai and Stop the Lies. I totally support her when she wrote,

Melayu lurus bendul ditunggang Cina licik

Macam si Bujai dan blognya Just Read itu diperperguna dan diperkudakan oleh Scissorati untuk mencapai matlamat gergaji dua mata sembunyi bangkai gajah mereka.
Alahai orang Melayu.
Satu hari nanti bila bangun dari mimpi, waktu tu barulah akan sedar diri telah ditipu hidup-hidup oleh si licik evangelista lidah bercabang (komen ini ditujukan kepada Bujai).
Harap-harap Bujai jangan lagi dok telan bulat-bulat maklumat serongyang disalurkan kepada anda. Boleh percaya ke apa yang diberitahu kamu oleh evangelis Scissorati?
Takkan tak berupaya buat penyelidikan dahulu. Semak sama ada maklumat yang senang-senang aje kamu luahkan semula itu dalam blog nada tu sahih atau tipu.
Dan kalau berani, cuba bersemuka dengan Encik Gunasegaram yang kamu fitnah itu dan tanya terus pada dia!
Baca apa yang The Unspinners cakap tentang Lalang aka Bos Nombor 1 The J’star itu:
Walaupun kita tahu apa yang Chun Wai buat di belakang-belakang dalam dunia siber …


  1. 'Yes, even the Chinese DAP are tired of him.'

    Are the Chinese tired of him? Really?
    Or they purposely stayed away because Melayu PAS dah masuk perangkap?

  2. I think that explain why a lot of chinese in Jusco Seremban 2, NS. I went there to buy somethings and found a lot of them over there.

    :D sarah

  3. I was busy buying carpets. What 505 rally again?

  4. Boring...really?

    Some idiot organizes gatherings and rallies to bring down the government and wreck the country and pro Pakatan people show up there just because they thought it would be exciting?

    I hope your friend is due for more interesting times.

  5. The Chinese as they claimed are the biggest 'tax's payer' that develop this country ,to be in Padang Merbok is a dirty jobs , so let the Malay do it's since that's only the Malay can contribute .
    Lebih baik dan cerdik jadi penghasut sahaja .

    1. The biggest tax payer???? Let me put it this way, i known for the fact that a few of friends who declare their income tax as individual because these was a way to reduce the tax. Furthermore, if you declare as individual, you can minus twice of everythings especially if a husband and wife have a "substaintial" income. And some even have company without workers ( except the husband and wife, know what I means hmmm) that further reduce the tax. Biggest, yes. But is it the real amount, hmmm I wonder.

      :)) sarah

  6. .. Cina in Malaysia are never the "demo" kind. They are the "baling batu sembunyi tangan" kind. They dare not put their lives at stake but are happy if others put their lives at stake for them. Even then, they are not grateful to those people but think that those people are idiots for doing so.

    .. Cina in Malaysia are devious that's why they threw their support with the devious PR. The latest rally may not get their participation, but let us not be fooled, they are 100% behind PR conniving ways. They just prefer the kampung PAS supporters to do the dirty work on their behalf.

    .. Cina in Malaysia can't be trusted. Their tokongs are LKS and LGE, need I say more?

    .. "The Pakatan onslaught was proven stoppable today.". That maybe so but we have to thank "the haze" and Husam's syahid speech. Everybody knows Cina takut mati. Die?? And leave all the wealth behind?? Never! My Cina acquaintance was involved in an accident once, he told us later that during the accident all he can think of is the EPF money that he recently got that he hasn't spend yet!

    1. Cinas the world over come from the same genes.

      That's why when some couldn't even get exposure on RTM or TV3, they make it big in Hong Kong, Taiwan and/or China.

      In business and profession, many Malaysian Cinas found work and success in Singapore. A very good eg is Olivia Lum, a poor orphan from Kampar, who went on to build one of the top water treatment cos in the world. In ringgit terms, she passed her billion mark years ago. By providing Newater, her co Hyflux took the first step towards water self sufficiency for Singapore.

      However, it must be noted that Cinas are all over the world, and their racial characteristics change, in response to the social and political environment. Do you know that the PM of Thailand and the President of the Philipines are both of Chinese stock?

      As for Malays, they can be exceptional eg Nazir TZ, when they benchmark themselves against the world's best.

      But most Malays prefer the comforts and familiarity of home and are generally inward looking.

  7. aku benci menyampah dengan si Cina..kurap dan harammenjadah bangsa yang kuat berpura2 mana dapat Stanley ThaiSupermax dan bini dia tu bawak sample rubber gloves brand orang lain beg besar berat tak malu tumpang dgn menteri punyer check in baggage allowance. Ikut merata tempat pakai nama Menteri .Lepas tu ada orang US nak beli..dia dapat susu getah subsidi..sekarang kaya raya sokong DAP dan Anuar terang2. Agaknya kira dia kalau Anuar jadi PM penyakit AIDS akan melambung naik jadi bisness gloves dan kondom dia akan juga mendadak naik
    Cina bangsat. Bila Melayu buat kerja kawin selamba aje bawak satu keluarga makan dgn bawak servant sekali.Makan free tapi bila part dia buat muka selamba aje..jemput Cina aje pasal dia kata ada babi, kita tak boleh makan.Itu lah bangsa tak tahu adab ni


  8. It’s not a Pakatan thing for some Padang Merbok campers

    By Muzliza Mustafa
    June 22, 2013

    Nurainie Haziqah (left) with friends - Mohd Kamil, Arif Imran and Hamdi Fahmi - will be camping at Padang Merbok until Monday.From appearances, these were young but hardy believers in Pakatan Rakyat making a stand long after the Black 505 rally leaders and thousands of supporters had gone home. Not quite. Political loyalties were not what had driven some 200 students and youths to set up camp at Padang Merbok in Kuala Lumpur today with the attention of staying put until Monday.

    Change is what they are after, even if there was risk in pitching tents at the site, an action unlikely to go down well with City Hall. "We have been ignored for far too long," was a common refrain among them.

    The Malaysian Insider spoke to a few of them who said they are fed-up with the government paying them lip service.

    International Islamic University law student Mohd Kamil Abdul Munim, 23, insisted they were not breaking any laws.

    "Erecting a tent is not an offence. It is not a permanent structure," he said. "We are here for a reason. We are unhappy with the election results."

    He wants the world to know what is happening in Malaysia. He also wants to put pressure on the government to make the changes the students are seeking.

    Mohd Kamil said the youth today are not like before. "We are more knowledgeable. We cannot be fooled any longer," he said.

    He was there with three other friends, undergraduates Nurainie Haziqah, 23, Arif Imran, 23, and Hamdi Fahmi, 22.

    "Our parents are aware that we are here," said Nurainie, a final year law student at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).

    "My mother was worried but my dad gave me the freedom to choose my own path. He only told me to be careful.

    "We don't expect to see changes in the next two days but we hope it will open the eyes of the government."

    Nurainie stressed that they were not there to help Pakatan Rakyat take over Putrajaya.

    "What we want are reforms and it must start with the government admitting there was election fraud," she said, adding that only then can the country move forward.

    Nurainie added that the government knows the people are unhappy but it is choosing to ignore the issues.

    Her views were shared by Arif and Hamdi who said that their stand had nothing to do with Pakatan Rakyat or Umno.

    "It is the system. It was put in place to protect the ruling party and that has to change."

    The students have erected about 40 tents at Padang Merbok and plan to stay there until Monday when the new Parliament convenes for the first time.

    1. Who are these 'knowledgeable' morons insisting the govt to admit that there was election fraud?

      Prove it firstla! Perangai macam orang tak berpendidikan.

      Otherwise, I must insist that they admit that they are MORONS. Now, how does that sound?

    2. These students are fighting for whose cause...u have not seen the real world yet...u r actually seeking to gain political mileage to launch political anwar did...what r these students complaining abt..if they r not happy with BN meaning they r ready to compete in real shield no bumi quotas etc..sorry to say la...come n enter the corporate world..see whether u r ready to weather d storm dat awaits u..g blajar la dik dpt deans list..improve u cud speak n write decently..jgn sok x dpt keje blame govt lg...change comes from within

  9. A damn good lessons for the Malay Dungus in PKR and PAS.It was a payback time for the Chinese when The Rear Admiral conned them during PRU 13,and they did the same to RA in Blackout 505.Backstabbing is a norm in PR,and how are the rakyat want to trust them to rule the country.Stop this nonsense if you want support better than PRU 13 for the next GE 14.It is not once bitten twice shy,but it will be thrice bitten with lots and lots of shy for voting PR.

  10. Is Pakatan "stoppable"? Absolutely. But what is their real target - BN or the EC (I'll draw a distinction between the two even if their supporters do not)? If the redistricting exercise to be completed later this year gives greater weight to urban centres in the state and federal elections, it is likely that BN's percentage majority will erode further in GE14, regardless of who leads BN at that time, simply because there is opposition strength in urban areas. It will be interesting to see if Najib also backs the shift to increase the urban weighting.

  11. The Chinese didn't come out because of the haze. They know it's unhealthy and they might get respiratory problems. But the Malays have been made stupid by Anwar. Sampai camping pulak tu di Padang Merbok. So, tunggulah.
    Lepas ni ramailah yang akan pergi ke klinik kerana batuk2. Padan muka.
    Anwar senang lenang, angkat sumpah 24 Jun jadi wakil rakyat, jadi ketua pembangkang dan collect allowance hujung bulan. Pencacainya masuk hospital.
    Anak2 kecil yang dibawa oleh emak-bapak bodoh tu, mungkin juga akan mengalami masaalah pernafasan. Kena pergi hospital kerajaan kerana free. Kalau mati bebudak tu meraonglah kamu. Anwar tak kesah. Dia tak kenal pun kamu.

    1. The traditional Malay tok gurus (therefore all Malay people) have been made stupid by the PAS fitnah against them labelling them as people who innovate religion. The PAS leadership is against "Sufism and the Sciences of the Heart", but every moment they are screaming Hudud, huduD punishment! Then they exchange sweet secrets with the conspirator of alien attacks on Lahad Datu, none other than the sodomizer chronic lecherer Anwar! .... now listen up people: PAS want to make evil Anwar the Perdana Menteri of Malaysia ... then they can implement hudud retribution .... and guess who they will have to sentence to flogging first of all .... OK, ok, Ok ... free BERSIH t-shirts for the right guess oh people!

  12. On the health hazards of the haze, please check this out, if you don't believe it. Someone sent me this sms:

    "When indoors, pls make sure that u keep all windows shut at all times n bathroom doors too. Wat u breathe in gets lodged deep in ur lungs n can't get out. It's the PM 2.5 particulate matter that's dangerous. When outdoors, make sure u cover your nose."

    From someone who is doing PhD in biochem , he said that:

    "These particulates (in the haze) are too tiny and they will bypass the hairy and mucous nose to lodge into the lungs. As these particulates are non-water solvent, they will stay in the lungs, will cause cells to mutate and potentially cancer cells can develop from there. So do take care and keep your children and elderly folks indoors. And wear N95 masks even though it's a short walk from home to car and office."

    Please take care everybody!

  13. If it does rain, and the rain is from cloud seeding, please avoid kena rain water. I received a message from someone saying that the rainwater will be harmful to the skin.

    Also check out

    Just want everyone to be well.