Friday 28 June 2013

Bitching about annoying people

It is way past midnight and I still can't sleep.

So, now I decided to bitch to while away the time until I'm sufficiently sleepy enough to knock off.

I'm purposely not wearing my glasses while writing this so that I can become drowsy faster.

Ok, the subject of my bitching is the top five most annoying people after GE13.

I'm starting from the bottom going up to the top of the most annoying.

5. Most members of Umno's war room and consultants who despite their abject failure and sordid money making schemes such as publishing manifesto booklets and bankrolling stupid cybertroopers teams are still running the show and behaving as if they had not done anything wrong. I'm avoiding these people as I believe I may not be able to stop myself from kicking them in the groin if I see their face.

4. Some Menteri Besar and their lackeys who are devoid of talent but were where they are now just simply because they were being endorsed by the palaces of their states. A precedent seems to have been set on this after the 2008 general election. These people are now feeling that they are untouchables and not answerable to their party and the people who elected them into office.

3. DAP-supporting Chinese who are still bitching that they were being discriminated and oppressed after that Chinese tsunami stunt they pulled at GE13. The latest example is the Jonker Walk issue in Malacca. Honestly, I don't think Datuk Idris Haron who looks a bit like a Japanese villain in a Chinese 1970s movie really give a shit about the protests of the Chinese over the issue.

After all, the Chinese are still going to vote DAP en-bloc in the next general election. Well, what the heck, all these past five years while all efforts were being made to please their community, most Chinese had insisted that the Malays of Umno are bad people. Now, may as well they be real bad people. Bagi semua puas hati. Nothing to lose, what. At least can see the Chinese sakit hati sikit. Hari itu they all sudah buat kita sakit hati, ini kali lah, kita pun buat mereka sakit hati juga. What? We are being childish and racist? So, what? You all not childish and racist first ka?

2. Malays who think that they are too good to be Malays. I think I had covered these bunch of pretentious Malay pricks in my previous postings. Liberal, upper middle class and think that being pro-opposition is being trendy. More like shallow  perasan piece of shit to me....sorry for the foul language. I simply had ran out of polite words to describe these type of Malays. Oh ya, also don't forget about the Arab wannabes. "Ana pasal Melayu ni tak nak ambik tau, sebab dekat kubur nanti malaikat tak tanya pun kita ni orang Melayu." Ya lah, korang je la yang nanti masuk syurga.

1. Anwar Ibrahim, the drama king....or is he a drama queen? Huh...whatever lah....

Eh, I'm really sleepy already. It's already past 2am.

Shit....I forgot to put Guan Eng somewhere up there. Well, maybe at number 3....but he should be in his own category.... time lah....sleepy....tomorrow need to wake up and go to work....

Knocking off.....


  1. Ha ha ha ... "forgot to put Guan Eng somewhere" ... very funny, indeed ;-)

    1. Hidup Melayu!!28 June 2013 at 18:19

      We modern malays have many to think about. The palaces was the traditional pirates who enslave the Malays. Then we got independence and democracy where every one is equal.

      Or so we thought. Now we have the UMNO Kesultanan where the leaders again behave like previous rulers being on best terms with migrants for their own economic gain.

      Until they lose in 2008, UMNO leaders begin to think they were bangsawan or bangsa di atas awan.

      In 1948, the Raja-Raja Melayu cried at the railway stations when the Malay masses stopped them from signing their rights to the British.

      Flash forward, 2013, again it was the Malay masses which prevented UMNO from being buried by the migrants.

      Najib, Muhyidin etc should be crying. They dont deserve to continue to rule just like the Rajas, but the Malay masses are always practical.

      Then the wannabes Arabs have always been there. Just like the wannabees Mat Salleh. But the Arabs themselves are embarassed at ugly PAS Hadi.. Arabs dont like poor Muslims ma...

      Then we have the Chinese and Indian aliens who bribed their ways with the any Malay powers to rob the country.

      But at least we can talk to each other. Slowly we will think how to best to advance the Malay cause.

      For the UMNO victory has meant business of robbing the Malays as usual by the robber barons who are still oblivious to us. Azeez Rahim, no SPM now chairman of Malay trust fund tabung haji.

      Watch out for the continuous attempt to steal from Petronas.
      Hidup Melayu!!

    2. Well said hidup Melayu! Bilalah agaknya Melayu boleh ketawa?

  2. hahaha.....nice posting despite ur sleepiness.
    looks like u just bash almost every category of people ....good :)

    1. Yah! bagi sama dia demi keadilan rakyat jelata .... tapi jangan lupa jaga diri sendiri!
      Training dengan siapa ya pendekar?

  3. Yeah lah...penat dan fedup sangat dgn ni semua. Tak kuasa layan lagi.Home is not what it used to be. Nak migrate jauh2.

  4. Annie, gua suka lah you baloon habisan Dan " kaw-kaw" orang di atas. You punya list lengkap walaupun pendek. Frankly, I really enjoyed your blog, sebab your writing ikut mood. Ada variation. Tapi mood ngantuk atas best giler beb!!!

  5. Annie, don't strain your eyes!

  6. Hahahaha. Good list Annie. But uncomplete lah but I think it forgiven coz you feel zzzzzz and all but hahahaha

    :D sarah

  7. .. excellent post! I particularly like your number 2 & 3. Dua-dua group jenis yang tak sedar diri. Luckily there are still many upper middle class Melayu yang tak lupa diri. So don't write us off yet!

    .. since we, the upper middle class Melayu don't really need "help" from the Govt, BN need to tackle us differently. All we need is a strong Melayu-led govt that we can be proud of (like Tun M's time). No flip-flop half past six policies. To h3ll with what the Cina wants. BN govt have bent backwards for so many years for that kiasu community. So enough is enough!

    1. Hello, not all Chinese are DAP supporters and I think it's nuts to try to just define every person of one race as having the same wants. I don't understand why you and Annie etc are so peeved just because the Chinese and others exercised their democratic right to vote for whomever they wanted. What about in the earlier elections 2004 and I think 1998 or 1999 (can't remember which year Tun M talked about) when they voted almost exclusively for BN?

      I am not a Chinese but the reason why I went out and voted for a PKR MP (a female some more) is that I was just pissed off at the way the incumbent government think that it is their God/Allah given right to rule in perpetuity. I was sick and tired of being taken for granted and of all the excesses in public spending and inefficiencies in the way the Government does the simplest of things. Does this mean I do not love the country? - No. If you look at pro-UMNO Blogs now many of them are harping against the Government on the same things as well. So I think sending them a message of my displeasure was perfectly justified.

      On the whole I agree with people like Helen Ang who has stated that the Chinese and urban folk were being systematically brainwashed with a lot of negative views by the DAPsters and their Red Bean Army over the last 4 to 5 years (and maybe even before). Anyway, there is no need to keep on Cina bashing. The Chinese will survive with or without Government aid, as they have always done. It is not so easy to just shut down vernacular schools as this will mean changing the Constitution. The country will go on being run inefficiently with the biggest losers being the poor and lower middle class (and these are in the majority Malays).

      There has to be a check and balance in the system. OK, our Opposition may not be the greatest bunch of people but then neither are many of our Government MPs.

      It embarrases me sometimes that we just cannot discuss issues without bringing personal vindictiveness into the discussion.

      I am sorry for my rant and this is not meant to hit at you in particular but at all the commentors who do need to grow up. The world today is bigger than just our little kampung of Malaysia. Wait till the TPPA is signed, you can say good bye to special privilages then. Everyone will suffer.

    2. .... you can say good bye to special privileges then. Everyone will suffer....

      Saya sorang Bumiputra Melayu, kalau bole tolong list down kat sini, teringin sangat nak rasa sikit Bumi priveleges yang diheboh2kan tak renti2.

      Senang ke nak dapat, macam mana nak apply?

    3. Unknown 12:20

      You forget one thing ,a good government does defends on a good and responsible opposition ,but hear in Malaysia we had opposition who take matters to the streets and ceramah politik not debating it in dewan rakyat as for what they being elected for, the government of the day just do what they fill right ,because the opposition just scream not debating it.
      It,s good that you had voted for PKR ,thus adding the numbers of screamers in the Dewan Rakyat.

    4. Watch This Space28 June 2013 at 18:25

      You are just one of those who realised something is wrong. But your analysis is full of shit.

      The Cina is the main cause of poverty in Malaysia.

      The Cina migrant is everything. Gambling, rainforest destructing, factories, land clearing, everything they do is unethical and on a big scale.

      There are crooks economic and real crooks in the UMNO governemt that everyone agree. But who are they?

      There are unseen hands putting Indians everywhere, Tabung Haji, MAHB, SC, Monopoly, Finance, Kahzanah etc. Najib surround himself with Indians like Palanivel, Ali Hamsa, Srigar you can see in NST everyday.

      Some body is robbing us big time. Giving powers to the DAP Chinese wont help but make it worse. Because they will invite 100 million communist chinese just like Singapore.

      So keep reading these blogs.. everything will be explained haha..

    5. i agree with Watch This Space on his evaluations of the Chinese and Indians. If there are only Malays in this country, Msia would be a much more peaceful and beautiful country. We don't need progress if our country is being raped and manipulated

    6. HAHAHAHA..... "We don't need progress if our country is being raped and manipulated"

      No need to worry, this is already being done by BN/UMNO itself - p[lease go read OutSyedTheBox and Another Brick In the Wall for details. I'm too lazy to list here

    7. Wtf? Chineses are the roost to poverty???Hello???Are you freakin serious??Without the chineses, Malaysia will be an underdeveloped kampung area.The hardworking chineses are the ones who brought malaysia OUT of stone-age! Check the news, dude!!! There are so many skilled chineses that couldn't contribute to Malaysia due to the government's racism!! Most of the skilled chineses are going overseas. that's because even the other countries know how to treasure them, unlike the malays. Which other countries in their right mind will recuit lazy Malays for their country's sake? Of course, this isn't directed to all of them.Some of them are hardworking too though, but that is a really RARE case...

  8. Annie,

    Rocky's Commentators Labelled you as A Drama Queen. What do you have to say about that?

    You need to gain some spiritual asset or woe betide the day when everything comes crashing down (seems like you are getting into that process)

    The Cure is Obvious! You need to Join the Opposition and you will find your flagging health revitalised and your libido enhanced!

    Doc Opp

  9. Hi annie, you say it as it should be said. There should be an open forum for the likes of anons like me to say something to UMNO straight in the face. WAKE UP and BUCK UP or sayonara at PRU14.

  10. agreed with Anonymous June 28 2013 07.15 yes we the upper middle class will continue to support if the government of the day listens to the people. remove those who are corrupt or seen corrupt. get the MACC to investigate.

  11. Azeez.Rahim is to be made chairman of Tabung Haji. Apa punya giler dah. Isa Samad buat FGV macam bapak dia punya. Giler babi. Musa Hitam sikit hari dulu berlagak macam dia yang majukan Sime Darby. Same2 like JJ when he headed TNB. That Pak Arab celup Syed Hamid thinks SPAD was created for his retirement plans.

    Not all politicians have business acumeng and those who have may not possess the willpower to resist the temptation of making money for themselves.

    - Cina Kecik

    This group of people is the worse. They think we owe them a living.

    1. gani could be dangerous too cause alot of our state asset changed hand either to foreigner or the elit chinese. sime darby watch for your assets.

    2. Gani Chinese baruah28 June 2013 at 18:28

      I am not surprised. That is why the Chinese head honcho lim Kit Siang love Gani.

      He gave everything to the Chinese. What has Malays got to show for his rule?

      Sime DArby is in for another robbing!

  12. Hahaha
    I agree with everything you wrote up there.
    "... Liberal, upper middle class and think that being pro-opposition is being trendy. "..
    This is very true. There are some stupid Malays, they think that they are so cool because they support DAP/PKR.

    1. agreed, many upper class middle class thinks it's hip to support the opposition and look down on Malays who support the govt. They are so scared of the opposition saying of 'remain stupid, vote Umno' . So kononnya pandailah yg sokong opposition tu!

  13. I totally agree with Number 2. I read somewhere that the Malays are the only race that are ashamed of themselves. That's totally true. We would rather be Arabs, Koreans, Americans, Chinese than be a Malay. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does talking in Arabic somehow makes you more pious?

    1. No, honestly i don't think so ... merely being able to speak and understand Arabic does not make you a holy cow. But a Malay mukmin who understands his heritage should be able to appreciate wise & loving counsel from such as this habib sheikh from Hadramaut:

      Striving against pride and arrogance:

    2. Saffzero,

      Are you ashamed of being a Malay? I'm definitely not. I am proud to say that I am an ultra Malay who despises Chinese DAPigs. My late dad was half-Chinese but he was an anti-Chinese. He even advised my siblings and I to make sure when we buy a house, our nextdoor neighbors were not Chinese. And we have followed his advice to a t. Now that I am married to a foreigner and live in his country, when we wanted to buy a house 7 years ago, I asked my husband to find out who our neighbors were. Our neighborhood is 85% Whites and 15% Blacks and I love it as there is not a single Chinkie around!

  14. Drama Queen Annie cannot sleep and start bitching again....kah..kah..kah...

    1. She can be my queen anytime, any day!

    2. Anon 13:51 sounds like smelly red bean!!

    3. Yup, this bugger is definitely a RBA! Could smell the stinkiness!

  15. What about Teresa Kok?
    Amoy 2nd generation asal Negara Tongsan. Voters 50K dia pasti majority Cina. Isssh kalau keluarga dia kekal duk di Negara Asal, macam2 Amoy ni boleh berbakti kepada Bangsa dan Agama dia kat sana tetapi


    keluarga migrate tinggal diNegara ini dimana Majoriti Bumiputra dan Islam. Kut lain pula arah tuju perjuangan dia untuk berbakti kepada Negara ini; bila keluar saja dari kawasan sesak dengan bangsa Cina, kegemaran dia asyik duk bidas apa saja empunya kaum Bumiputra Tanah Pusaka ini!!!

  16. Annie... the best... bravo!!!

  17. To Unknown,
    No one is questioning the democratic right of the Chinese. The reason why many, especially the Malays, are livid with the Chinese is because of their double-face and bermuka-muka attitude. They warmly welcomed Najib and his overtures, demonstrated their support openly and pocketed everything presented by the government. But at the polls, they stabbed Najib in the back. This is the worst kind of behaviour, pretending to be your friends but in reality, they are actually your enemies. Betrayal is the most unkind act because it stabs right into the heart.

    1. True, everywhere Najib went before PRU13, he was welcomed with open arms by the Chinese. Why because got free makan, free entertainment etc and Najib was gullible. He never saw Guan Eng's video saying to the Chinese to take what BN gives but to vote for opposition. To the Chinese maybe it was okay to do such things, but Malays are taught to be grateful. Najib should realise that he is surrounded by useless advisors who were and are out to sabotage him. Imagine putting Najib's face on t-shirts. Najib should know that Muslims are sensitive to such things and to the others it just struck as being arrogant. The money spent on banners, shirts, t-shirts, buntings, flags were really wasteful. Umno should do an overhaul because how long the Malays are going to tolerate their antics if they don't change. Most Malays reject Anwar Ibrahim and also DAP, that's why most malays voted for Umno, hoping for some miracles to happen within Umno.

    2. "everywhere Najib went before PRU13, he was welcomed with open arms by the Chinese."

      Really? Not in my constituency. Anyway, as part of his strategy shouldn't he have already established what Lim Guan Eng said? BTW - in the 2008 elections Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz said the same thing to the Malays - Take the $ but vote for the opposition and that's what the people did. So boo hoo hoo, poor Najib. Even Tun Daim has commented on BN's and Najib's failed strategy.

      Najib shouldn't have given so much to the Chinese since most people (maybe except for you lot) were aware that the Chinese (and the Urban folk) were against BN. Maybe then we would have all felt better about the outcome? Discount the orang Cina lah and get on with life. That's why I agree with the BBC call because this will enhance Malay/Bumi business.

  18. Annie, the DPM has said the following and I think that this is the most matured comment I have seen on GE13 todate from anyone (he doesn't talk about race but the real issue which is the Urban Voters):

    KUALA LUMPUR: BARISAN Nasional must prepare for the next general election now by addressing the needs of urban voters and the younger generation, said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.
    He said these voters had conveyed "their message" through the 13th General Election, and it was up to BN to win their trust before the next general election.
    "Five years is not a long time. For BN to win the people's confidence, we have to start preparing for GE14 now.
    "We need to find out why many urban voters did not vote for us. Is it because we had failed to fulfil their needs?"
    Muhyiddin said this at a thanksgiving and appreciation ceremony for the Federal Territories BN machinery in Taman Kejiranan Air Panas, Jalan Semarak here yesterday.
    He said based on feedback, the issues in urban areas had affected various races and these needed prompt attention.
    "Their message was conveyed to us through their vote. We need to pay attention to solving these matters."
    Muhyiddin, who is FT BN chief, said a similar "message" was conveyed by young voters, who demanded a change in BN.
    "It is something that we had never thought about.
    "They talked about BN's structure and policies, and they were concerned about inclusiveness.
    "It is important for us to be concerned as they are talking about social justice and such matters.
    "These are issues that we need to tackle.
    "What is more important is our response to gain their confidence."

    Read more: 'Urban, young voters key to winning next election' - General - New Straits Times