Wednesday 5 June 2013

Life goes on while the nonsense continues

It's exactly a month today since GE13.

BN has won, yet Pakatan said it was via electoral fraud.

DS Anwar Ibrahim and his gang were planning to take us on another five-year-long roller coaster political nightmare of street demonstrations and hate mongering.

DS Najib Razak on his part seems to be trying to play it cool.

I'm bracing for more of these nonsense.

On a more personal level, I'm trying to reorganize my life.

My career is in a state of uncertainty. I'm not really sure if I still have my job in a few weeks times.

The irony was that I'm currently helping others to find employment opportunities.

They are my friends among people of former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman who had been displaced following the take over of their office by the new administration in Kota Iskandar.

There are however not that many of them.

Datuk Ghani didn't run a big outfit of advisers, strategists and consultants. He didn't even appoint a new political secretary after Dr Gunawan Mahmood passed away in September 2010.

In my opinion, the small team which assisted Datuk Ghani did well in the face of the Chinese Tsunami of GE13.

They worked hard and were loyal to their boss, without expecting more than their salary. They are good people.

Johor BN retained 21 of the State's 26 parliamentary seats. Of those lost, four were Chinese majority constituencies (Gelang Patah, Kulai, Bakri, Kluang) and another mixed (Batu Pahat). It could has been 22, but the Umno's war room in KL overruled the Johor's recommendation not to field incumbent Batu Pahat MP Puad Zarkashi. That was how Batu Pahat was lost.

The Datuk Ghani's team had forecasted up to 16 of the 56 State seats to fell to Pakatan. These were Chinese majority seats. It turned out that 18 were lost. What were not expected was Umno's failure to capture Sungai Abong and Maharani from Pas. It's the Muar factor - too many "smart" Malays stabbing each other in the back.

Still, Johor BN retained it's two third majority in the State legislature. Johor MCA still has four parliament seats, which is more than half of the seven the party won nationwide. The almost dead Gerakan also has one parliament seat to show off in Johor.

For the record, the new team led by DS Mohd Khaled Nordin, the new Johor MB defended Pasir Gudang with the result of a reduced majority of less than 1,000 votes, lose the Johor Jaya state seat and only retain Permas where Khaled is based. Well, good luck to them in defending the entire Johor in GE14.

As far as I know, all senior members of the Datuk Ghani's team had left Kota Iskandar. As I had mentioned earlier, I'm trying to help some of them who are still without a job.

Those left at their posts in Kota Iskandar are a small group of junior officers. Their fate is still unknown. Hopefully everything will turn out well for them. The last that I heard was that senior members of the JCS are trying to help them.

As for Datuk Ghani, I hope he will also get a new job soon. He is still healthy and shouldn't be too laid back. Maybe he should become a farmer. I wish I could be one when I'm done with my current job.

I wish I can grow tomatoes and keep a heard of goats.


  1. Ha ha Annie. You're too funny! Don't worry, things will work out, very often unexpectedly. Don't forget to ask for help from God.

    Why not plant a few flowers or vegetables in pots around your home? It'll brighten up your life for sure not to mention giving you serenity as well.

    1. How about a BN discount membership?

      Those who agree to join will have to sign a written declaration that they support BN, and their membership will be entered into their Mykards. With that, they'll get monthly credit to their bank accounts at 10% of all purchases - with 20% discount for purchase from certified Bumi vendors.

      Of course, they must be grateful and always vote BN in the GEs. If found that they did not, a penalty of 3 times the discount received will be immediately charged against their EPF account.

      This scheme will encourage loyalty to the government, with emphasis on promoting Bumi business.

    2. Anonymous 6 June 2013 09:06, are you smitten with some incurable mental disease?

  2. When in doubt, let go of everythings and lets it rest for a while. Give it some times. Than look at it from different angles. Sure enough you will find somethings to make it come your way.

    :D sarah

    p/s : to lighten your mind

  3. Now we know that 90% or so of the immigrants race out there whom the Malays under Tunku was kind enough to give them citizenship without paying a sen. They could keep their schools, their newspapers, their Tok Kong, their burial sites, which very often lies in the most hilly part of many towns. They are free to do whatever business they like and they control. They make factories and extract timber without due regard to pollution and their environment, They obtained loans from local banks and Govt incentives.
    These people refused to be integrated with the mainstream community. can hardly speak good Bahasa after all these years. Most of them are professionals, Most of the Bursa companies are all under them
    YET these people claim that living here is utter suppression, utter repression, no security, no freedom. Plse ask LIM KIT SIANG to deny all these.There is no democracy here,the elections were not fair and full of fraud. They wanted to UBAH .We know what in their dirty hearts now. They pour scorn even openly puked at our Raja, our establishment with no shame openly now as though UBAH they managed . They purposely don't know Rukun Negara.The friendship they show us were all superficial.
    Now as we move on on life after the GE we know what kind of people they are.

    1. you think the brits will give you independence if the nons are not given citizenship? Go figure... would be nice if we are still under British rule.

    2. Anon 17:49

      Bloody arsehorse.

      As if we don't know that you and your people are planning that with the regular invitations of Israeli representatives and other foreign figures to Malaysia. Over my dead body if you want to turn this country into a Christian state, arsehorse. What? You think so highly of yourself? You think you're so great, is it? You kiss the Brits' ass too much. You're a butt lover.

    3. Anon 2041: wow so witty of you.

      Kalau takde isi, sila lah diam dan berambus,

      Remember Najib's link with APCO. Duh........

    4. Anon 22:07

      You lah diam and berambus! How can I be quiet if you have a vile agenda against this country? You shouldn't be here at all!

      APCO APCO APCO. That's the argument you can come up with, is it? Well obviously if you want to meet the American President, you need to use lobbies (in the US, the Jews control the lobbies). You can't just go and meet Obama without any lobbies. That's the procedure. That APCO argument is a joke even to IMF. Sure, anything from Anwar is a joke.

      While DAP on the other hand makes a deal with Israel to give Port Dickson to them for an army base if they win in the next election. That's even worse! Do you know what Israel is capable of? Yeah sure. You make a pact with them now, they'll treat you nicely. They'll give you money with a condition if they find you useful. If they no longer find you useful, they will discard you like junk. Mark my words. Embed this in your head.

  4. Khaled is raising tax for foreign house buyers.
    Is'nt that laudable.
    Next to re-introduce toll for the EDL, to Singapore bound and incoming vehicles, while exempting motocycles.
    Remember the last time MRCB wanted to charge toll , protest was made by MCA.
    This led the to a buy over of the highway by Khazanah and toll was abolished.


  5. If your friends are prepared to travel, why not see if BN or BN-associated entities need them in Selangor or Penang to rebuild. There must be a need for good people there that can quietly rebuild confidence in BN. BN in Kedah has big plans too.
    If its not sacrilege to suggest it, how about following up with the Penang State Government - they must have a need to better connect with the Malay community in the State (I know that many people might spit on this idea - but if they want to help people first and not politic like you say, this might be an option).