Friday 14 June 2013

And then there are those brainless Malay racist idiots

For me, among the biggest problems for Malays to be united is the existence of purely racist idiots among those claiming to be fighting for the cause.

Here is an example of one of them writing at the established blog Unspinners

Duit pajakan Pasar Seni untuk majukan Cina!!!

Does the writer really need to add this bit of crap at the end of the posting,

Sial punya Nurjazlan si mak Cina. Kalau ada darah Cina dalam badan, mesti nak jahanamkan Cina! Tok Mat dah sedar sebelum dia mati kerana dia tahu perangai anaknya sendiri.

Nurjazlan mak Cina. Inikan pula Omar Ong yang mak bapak dia Cina!!!

What does the parents of Nurjazlan and Omar Ong got anything to do with whatever alleged screwed up those two had done?

Does insulting their Chinese parents helps the cause?

Not unlike those two, my mother is a Chinese, and a DAP supporter at that. But what does that got anything to do with me being what I am? I still love my mother despite whatever she is and nothing can change that.

Maybe the idiotic Malay racist who wrote that posting didn't realize that the Malay unity achieved by Umno in the fight against the Malayan Union got nothing to do with insulting anyone's parents.

Datuk Onn Jaafar didn't go about insulting the parents of some Mat Salleh to galvanize the Malays against Malayan Union which could had enslaved them all forever. He definitely didn't insult the Chinese parents of anyone to unite the Malays for the first time since the fall of Malacca to a colonial power half a millennia ago.

Oh, he also didn't pull out a keris to scare off/pissed off anyone like what his grandchild did.

What he did is being honest and sincere in wanting the Malays to secure their future on this land once called Tanah Melayu. He was honest and sincere in not wanting the Malays to be enslaved again in their own country.

Those who want to unite the Malays must be honest and sincere about it...and of course must not be acting like some brainless racist idiots.

I have seen too many Malay bastards who claim that they were memperjuangkan hak Melayu but in actual fact were only memperjuangkan perut masing-masing.

"Kerajaan mesti memperuntukkan kuota untuk kontraktor bumiputera," they said, but once they got the contract, they sold it off to some Chinese company in exchange for a small percentage of the returns from the project.

"Kontraktor bumiputera tempatan perlu diberi peluang mengambil bahagian dalam project Rapid di Pengerang," they said, but none of them came forward to present a list of local bumiputera contractors capable of handling the works at the project site.

"Datuk Ghani had betrayed the Malays by selling off land in Iskandar Malaysia to the Chinese and causing the Malays to be sidelined by the development there," they said, but in actual fact they were condemning the former Johor Menteri Besar because the man refused to give them land at a much cheaper that they can sell it off later for a tidy profit to Chinese business interests....well, I suggest they try again with the new Johor MB.

Honestly, I wish the Chinese had accepted the Malay moderate leaders such as Datuk Ghani during the GE13 so that I don't have to preach Malay unity and associate myself with idiots such as the one who wrote that posting at the Unspinners.

But I guess it's too late for that now.


  1. Life Of Annie blogger,
    I think your wrong here. The Unspinners is a very powerful blog and among the biggest supporters of Malay agenda.

    You have to choose either to support the Unspinners or support the DAP. Unspinners is a bona fide full blooded UMNO. Alternatively you can support DAP.

    Or be like me and wish that everybody fights and support the eventual winner

  2. Dulu punya zaman ada segelintir orang putih brainless juga mendakwa orang Afro tak pandai langsung ... jangan marahlah Che Annie, dunia ramai orang bodoh, kalau tidak Nabi tak datang untuk selamatkan orang biasa daripada kecaman Si Jahil bigot atau daripada Si Brahmin kasta dewa ... tiap-tiap kaum ada ahli chauvinistnya percayalah. Tak apalah eh nah dengar ini dari
    The Spinners! ....

    Lepas itu tonton ini ... thinking for the brainless ones ... huh what?

  3. Idiots galore. They are everywhere. DAP got their idiots, Malays idiots are even worst sebab tak sekolah kot.

    And you thought you are a Malay racist lady :))) PAS racist even worst. I remember when Tunku Abdul Rahman passed away and the next day was declared a holiday, PAS youth were celebrating ... the kafir had died ?!? Say what ?!?

    Don't know la how Malaysia ni. Whatever it is, I blame Najib. He is more concerned on businesses nowadays.

  4. Sir Wenger,

    "You have to choose either to support the Unspinners or support the DAP. "

    How about taking an independent middle-ground in between?

  5. Dyana Sofya - Why? Why? Why?

  6. Annie,

    You still has not got it? The Chinese Tsunami as mentioned by Najib and later by many Malay bloggers and NGO's were all true. The Chinese voters has betrayed....tikam belakang after Najib even has "kowtowed" them.

    What you see is a reflection of the Malays wake-up call that the Chinese cannot be trusted. The Malays are really hurt and angry now than ever. What do you expect them to react....they are not Najib you know? The anger can also be felt by your southern malay neighbors who felt Najib should be tough like LKY.

    I just hope that the anger is just anger and not to escalate to something else. Just imagine if the Malays were all quiet and pretended as if nothing has happened? what do you think the RBA or DAP will do? Not only they pijak the kepala they will even spit on you. And then came PERKASA........

    1. Fine, I'm angry too. Just read my previous postings after May 5. But what the hell could be achieved by insulting people's parents? Could Malay unity be achieved by us behaving like some uncouth brainless idiots?

    2. For a start Annie you could ask him personally. Malays are tolerant. He may even apologise to you personally and to the others too. And when he does...

    3. Does it surprise that Chinese actually like Malays to participate in business?

      Then more Malays will experience the ups and the downs, the failures and successes, the heartaches and the jubilations - that are integral of the business experience.

      Most important, the Malays will become less ideological, more pragmatic, and more self reliant - and proud of one's own achievements. And the concept of blaming the Chinese for all sorts of things will be greatly reduced.

  7. Annie...I agree with you that article shown at unspinners is a lil bit too extreme....I was also very angry with the outcome of recent GE when the chinese whole hearted-ly went and voted against BN....and I couldn't stop bitching abt d chinese and I even got so upset each time I bump into any chinese..and because of what happen I deleted a few of my chinese friends on FB list..but then I hv forgotten my eldest sister who my parents adopted since birth is also a chinese...then I calmed down a point is some was just deeply hurt with the actions of the chinese these days despite us tolerating so much...hence u get these continous remarks insults abt chinese...I love my sister so very much.. and I agree with u this needs to stop..but to end this dap etc has to stop to and stop potraying themselves as radical chinese...or else u will continue to see them bitching..cos malays are just too damn angry nw..once bitten 10 times we dis cas dis isn't the first time we got bitten by d chinese too many damn times

  8. Annie to the Malays there are no shades of Grey. Chauvinists are like that and UMNO is a Chauvinist Party. Take note of that. UMNO is no lesser than Other CULT Party and like most cults it has been hijacked by those intending to use it for their personal cause.

    So Annie, Listen to your Mother...She did not grow old without seeing enough of the world.

    A Globalised Malay

    1. Well said.

      I see the die hard dinosaur ultras in Umno are now trying to tikam belakang Najib, while they accuse the Chinese of tikam-belakang. The fools don't realise they, with their rethoric, are the ones who brought about the loss of 53% (including opposition and third party) of the votes in the last months GE.

    2. the chinese are not that innocence especially the this case the loss of 53% is because of DAP rasict strategy work either the chinese buy it or they just feel that supporting dap can change malaysia the way they wanted..well even that cant beat BN because you guys dont get the malay support..i'm not an umno person but if i have to choose between the DAPSTER & the ultra melayu..surely the one with the belacan smell in them will get my vote.

  9. .. frankly I never respect people who use swear words or foul languages. It shows bad breeding no matter how successful or smart you are.

    .. don't these people know that they can use normal words to put forth their anger? I guess they have limited vocabulary!

    .. whatever it is, let us Malays not fight with each other. Perjuangan belum selesai Cik Annie oi!

    1. Kelakuan biadap ini menunjukkan mentaliti yg cetek. Apa nak buat? Org bodoh seperti ini yg membawa malu kepada bangsa .

  10. ntah2x yg komen tu spesis RBA yg menyamar sbgi anon..senang je nak buat mcm tu

  11. Annie,

    My late dad was half-Chinese but it doesn't stop me for hating the Chinese before and even more so after GE 13 when they voted for DAP en bloc. I despise DAP, a Chinese chauvinistic party, all its leaders and all its supporters and sorry to say, your mother included. Now I live in the US in a neighborhood of 85% Whites and 15% Blacks and I love it. Do you know why? Not a single Chinkie around! I hate these mata sepet so much that any movies which have Chinese stars in it, I refuse to watch including Kungfu movies which my American husband loves! So you cannot blame Unspinners for being ultra Malay racists! After all they are fighting for the Malays and have more followers than other blogs including yours. Ask this question to your Chinese mother "Apa lagi Cina mahu?"

    1. The rise of China has not only transformed the global landscape of the financial industry, but it has also changed an American banker’s nationality.

      Some in Hong Kong’s financial community were surprised by an e-mail from one of the most veteran investment bankers in the city on Tuesday night. Marshall Nicholson, a managing director in charge of investment banking in Hong Kong for China International Capital Corporation (CICC) told his colleagues and friends that he had officially renounced his United States citizenship and would soon receive a HKSAR passport.

      “I am very proud to say I have become Chinese,” said Nicholson in the e-mail, which was seen by the South China Morning Post and spread quickly in the local banking world on Tuesday night.

    2. I suppose whether you like the Chinese or not may to some extent depend on whether you are economically on the way up.

      Saverin, an American and Facebook co-founder and billionaire, has recently made Singapore home. And before him, Jim Rogers, one of America's richest and most famous investors, arrived with his white wife and 2 young daughters - whom he wants to be able to speak Mandarin like a Chinese, and also think like one. They now go to a LOCAL, not INTERNATIONAL, school.

      Singapore, as you know, is Chinese controlled. It was kicked out of Malaysia in 1965 but has now become the richest country in the world according to the IMF.

    3. Anon 9.45

      You that NAIVE? U really think those rich mat salehs are in LOVE with the Chingks in Spore. Its all about money, how to make more and stay far far away from heavy taxes. Would be nice to do so in a western setting not some boondocks.

    4. Anon 20:24

      Why didn't it occur to them to want to stay near you, learn your language, etc?

    5. Money is power. Similarly, the mat saleh were loved in the past because of money. No wonder, your Me-Layu and if you are not one, your race is never loved.

    6. to the anonymous commenter who claimed to be living in the US, I hope that you still have your home and white husband now that China is the US' number 1 creditor.

      The chingkys would obviously step on you like the dirt under their shoes the fact that you are inferior.

  12. Knowing that the KL Central Market has been leased to a Chinese co made my blood boil!

    I suggest that we petition all our Malay MPs to direct KLCC to lease to 100% Malay owned businesses ONLY. No Ali Baba. It will showcase to the world the best of Malay businesses.

    The rent Petronas gets maybe less. But it can easily afford.

    Isn't the oil pumped out from the ground BUMI?


  13. I fully agree with the last but one paragraph of this Annie post.

    I'm Chinese, and I know that there are lots of problems with our country.

    But I'm strongly not in favour of using political and social upheaval to change the government.

    I'm infact quite satisfied with Najib's progress despite all the obstacles thrown in his way, especially by members of his own party.

    I'm an apolitical (I didn't vote in GE13). Leading up to GE13, every time I was in a group, I sought answers to 2 questions, and found that:

    a) About 75% of all Chinese I know (mainly Pakatan supporters) said that they'll vote Najib for president if Malaysia's system of government is like America's. And,

    b) About 50-55% will vote BN if they could see that Najib indeed controls UMNO.

    So I disagree with the last paragraph of Annie's post, as I think there's hope.

    Because the great majority of the Chinese, while they want Ubah, they won't fight in the streets.

    If they see that Najib is able to improve the economy and governance by GE14, they'll think: why risk it?

    Like it or not, the Chinese play an important role in this country. If they all leave, affirmative actions like Bumi discounts will be valueless. The whole country will become poorer.

    It may be of interest for some to know that there are lots of economic opportunities for Malaysian Chinese outside Malaysia. Working outside the country or doing international business is a common occurrence - you'll find it in over 60% of all families.

    1. Tq for confirming the wants of the Chinese that "a) About 75% of all Chinese I know (mainly Pakatan supporters) said that they'll vote Najib for president if Malaysia's system of government is like America's." - shows the Chinese TRUE color! Kaum Cina never want Malaysia as it is. Never accepted YDPA and the Malay Rulers. Never accepted themselves as the subjects of the YDPA and the Malay Rulers.

      What else do we Malays need for proof. Everything's been proven true.

      Bye bye kaum Cina.

    2. The 75% support shows how personally popular Najib is among the Chinese because he is seen as capable, modern and moderate.

      In this context, 'the American System of Government' implies direct election, ie Najib doesn't have to get the support of his party as in Malaysia's 'Westminster Style' of government.

      The Chinese accept the Sultans and the Agong. Infact, I know for a fact that the Selangor Sultan is seen by Selangor Chinese to be modern, wise and influential - rather like the Thai King or UK's Queen.

      Infact, some still wonder why was their original powers under the constitution reduced in 1983.

      Care to explain?

    3. Bye bye kaum Cina? good !!! bye bye kaum Cina from Malaysia will definitely "Bye Bye Kaum Melayu dari Dunia"

  14. wow . saya ok je dgn org cina , dgn org india , its all about mentality nothing to do with our races =)

  15. I agree with you, hands down!!!! I hope someday something will be done to stop all this:)


  17. HI BITCH,

    Ignorant & racist people exists in every race...JUST LIKE YOU!! Don't generalize a whole race just because you're pissed at a few political leaders in this country who happens to be Malays. It makes you look like an idiot. Just like you and all other racist bastards on this blog.

  18. I wonder why all our Malays friends are still at day and night dreaming and until today, they still don't relies that these top asshole people are using them as a scrap goat and controlling their life as a slaves and yet they are still supporting these asshole so call BN.

    Don't they relies that all the top asshole people are using them and to control them so that they are always and remain always as a slaves to BN. Don't they see that.