Thursday 13 June 2013

Errr....are you serious about this Datuk Najib? (Updated)


Apparently there has been a mistake in relation to the story about the plan to make it compulsory for bloggers to reveal their identity.

The story had been taken off from the NST's website just now. I wonder what the screwed up is all about.


I just saw this NST front page headline

Blog, portal owners must reveal identities

And here are the important bits as far as I'm concerned,

Najib said the government would study the proposal for blog and news portal owners to provide information about their identities in their websites.
“No more anonymous writers, as is practised now. This is to ensure that information presented isn’t considered libel (fitnah), which can jeopardise unity. It is also to ensure that writers are responsible and accountable for what they write.”
He said the authorities would take action against owners of blogs and portals who failed to do so.

Hmmm....I suspect that the Prime Minister had been advised by his clever advisers again on this matter.

This time to crack down on anonymous blog owners.

I'm blaming this on all those pro-Umno bloggers who keep attacking the PM's advisers of included.

Looks like I may have to migrate to Thailand soon if I want to keep this blog going as it is now.


  1. Don't worry, this is only for Pro PR bloggers. Pro UMNO bloggers will be spared.

  2. I would have thought that the government has more important issues to deal with. Still, if we are to find out about all of Annie's vital statistics, shouldn't the same laws apply to those that comment (like me!)? I'm sure that if it does happen, the same blogs will continue to exist, but will just be hosted in another country.

  3. Just go with the flow lah Annie. Wait and see. By the way nice picture Annie.... try to get on their good side hmmmm hahaha

    :D sarah

  4. i kinda think this is more damaging to pro-BN bloggers than to Pro-PR.
    better enforce this 'real identity' thing on Facebook - there's too many fake accounts!