Tuesday 4 June 2013

Stop emboldening law breakers

The Pakatan people have apparently not given up hope on taking over Putrajaya despite them losing the GE13.

Their leader, DS Anwar Ibrahim had announced that a massive rally will be organized in Kuala Lumpur on June 15.

Anwar had been going around the country since the end of GE13 to get support for his claims that the election was won by BN courtesy of electoral fraud.

It should be noted that Anwar and his supporters, including the DAP and Pas leadership were only claiming fraud in constituencies where they lose, and not where they won.

It's quite clear now that no amounts of persuasion that the election was conducted in a free and fair manner could sway them and their followers.

Even Yang DiPertuan Agong's advice for them on the matter was rebuffed. The King was even insulted and vilified in the social media when he suggested for all quarters to accept the results of the election and respect the country's democratic process.

There is now no doubt that the Pakatan's rally will proceed as planned.

It may even be the start of a new series of rallies aimed at toppling the rightfully elected BN government.

How things will develop, I believe depend on the authorities' action.

Is it going to be the soft or hard approach?

Prior to last year, the authorities had not tolerated such nonsense. They replied to acts of public disorder by deploying the FRUs and water cannons. The rallies turned into riots and were given wide coverage by the foreign press and pro-Pakatan media networks.

The authorities were then portrayed as being authoritarian and undemocratic.

The government, trying hard to project a moderate image, then shifted to the soft strategy by abolishing the ISA and relaxing the laws including those governing public gatherings in the hope of winning the perception war.

The first soft approach towards Pakatan-organised rally was the anti-Lynas protest in Kuantan in February last year. Even a few days before the rally, the police had issued a statement that they will not use force to break up the rally. It resulted in a massive turn-out. The most significant aspect of it, was that the rally was dominated by Chinese protesters. It was the biggest Chinese dominated protest in the country since 1969.

The authorities' soft approach continued after that and the turn-out at the Pakatan's rallies became bigger and most significantly there were more Chinese among them.

Prior to that, all Pakatan rallies were dominated by Malays, particularly the hard core supporters of Pas who were always on the front line braving the FRU's tear gas and water cannons. It is jihad for them.

All Pakatan rallies after the anti-Lynas protest were relatively without incident as the authorities were bending backwards to avoid antagonizing the protesters.

Even during the Bersih 3.0 rally in April last year when violence did occurr, it was the Pakatan supporters who started it after they broke the police barriers at Dataran Merdeka.

Again, it should be noted that those involved in the violence were mostly Malays.

The Chinese protesters were mostly far from the flash points, gathering at Petaling Street or Jalan Bukit Bintang.

It should also be remembered that no serious action were taken against those who assaulted the policemen and civilians during the riotings. The authorities were trying very hard to show themselves as being tolerant and lenient.

Personally, I believe this soft approach by the authorities have only embolden the Pakatan people.

They feel that they can get away with anything now. They don't feel that it was wrong to break the law.

They don't feel that it was wrong to utter all those inflammatory and seditious statements to whip up the people's anger towards the government.

Everything is okay for them as long as they could get the desired number of people going to the streets with them.

I believe it is now the time for the authorities to act decisively to stop them.

Those who break the law must face the consequences.

The time of being soft and accommodating is over.

If the authorities continue to bend backward to please these law breakers, then without doubt, we will have to go through another five years of political nightmare.


  1. Dear Annie,
    I just read TDM'S latest post. It almost brought tears. I wish all malays esp. the UMNO leaders and members really digest what he said. He was spot on...and I just miss him being our leader again.
    As for what approach to seek in dealing with Pakatan's clowns and lawbreakers, only five words -JUST PUT THEM IN JAIL...The police can start with their leaders. It is not the time to win the war of perception or to look 'good' to foreign reporters. Its time to take firm actions, BOLD AND BRAVE!

    1. Free Khir Toyo!!4 June 2013 at 18:28

      TDM should be in jail instead of Khir Toyo. Khir toyo is stupid but that is not a crime. Why is SPRM and AG prosecuting Khir Toyo on a charge which the public think is ridiculous and difficult to understand. Everyone try to get the best price when you negotiate to buy property. Just because the seller thinks he must sell that doesnt mean Khir Toyo is to blame. That just means the seller has devious reasons to sell. Or he want to curry favour but that is not Khir problem. And the amount is ridiculously small..

      And here we have TDM with billions of assets in his sons names when he was PM and not one investigation.

      Free Khir Toyo, SPRM shoul stop persecuting UMNO MBs. what about the 4000 hektar to Ngah and Ngeh? Now that cause losses to public and public is concerned...

    2. Khir Toyo deserves what he's getting. He could only pay RM3.5m therefore he asked The house owner to demolish the house so the value goes down enabling him to purchase it. The loss for the house owner is compensated by him getting lots of projects in Selangor. dont forget Khir is the MB of selangor and the house owner is a contractor. Win win situation for them until both men got caught and one of them sold out the other.

    3. Dear 'free khir toyo",

      Stay focus, please. Khir Toyo issue is not that much relevant here. If we want to talk about his issue and others alike, it is endless so in another post and time ok? Yes, there are many selective prosecutions, life is not fair esp. for those in politic.
      As for TDM, I said it again and again, like all other leaders around the world, he is not perfect. But please use your rational judgment, then you know that despite what you think about him, he has done much good for Malaysia esp. the Malays. Dont you see the 'chaos' after his time? "Mudah lupa" Malays need a leader like him who wake us up in time of too much day dreaming!!!
      Last point, well, being stupid should be considered a crime if you are a leader, be it MB, ahli parlimen etc.

    4. Wh TDM saids is very true. UMNO is a sinking ship, no matter how much pleading TDM make, it will not change a bit. The numerous clans in the party is too busy making hays while the sun shine.

      All malays should abandon UMNO and its illegitimate sibling PKR and join the only party fighting for a cause instead of a desire, PAS.

  2. bunch of jokers.
    they dont even have one cogent case on electoral fraud and all they do is rally, bluffing, rhetorical speech and rally. Arent these people tired of these shits.
    well, let's just see how good is Zahid on dealing with this. i hope no more AMARAN AMARAN like the previous one.


  3. Yes...yes...yes....It's time. For PDRM, No more mr nice guy please. Just do your job. Fed up with these guys who think they own Malaysia.

    :( sarah

    1. Not Fit to Govern4 June 2013 at 18:31

      Dear Sarah its not about being a nice guy. Its about knowing how to govern. You need to go to war in the old days. So the tough guy rule. what is happening is that civil servants like Pak Lah and the rest dont know how to be tough because they are cissy.

      One day the Chinese DAP will use violence and then these leaders will run away..hehe

  4. Govt. should make more sports centers where young people can take up some sports of some kind. Offer many activities in them with a small fee.Make them accessible to all whenever possible even in the kampungs. Too much religion and gentel kote leads to this. See what happens when young energetic people do not have a place to release that high voltage charge. They do not realize that they are being USED by the older leaders of the party. Also our budak2 not so smart, critical thinking is not practiced nor teach in our schools. We were brought up to be safe with the herd and if that herd is more fun and creates havoc- looks like *fun* kan. BN boring cannot tunjuk the hero/stuntman I can be :)

    1. Actually these happen in seremban. Read http://sarahtdssbn.blogspot.com/2013/06/apa-ada-di-seremban-kompleks-belia-dan.html
      But truth to be told, the majority who used these facilities was malay and indian. So, the mat rempit at Ampangan area was reduce. Still no more than a trinkle of chinese youth use it, eventhough you only have to pay RM30 to use the futsal court.

      ;) sarah


  6. Bring in the tanks.


  7. If Lynas was the basis for strong protest, than Let us start a protest against kilang haram in this country. Who owned them? yes, many owned by the Chinese ! Law breaker . Please go around the state ( in Selangor and Johor) and you"ll find them. Source of pollution and health related problem in our town. Please guy, be a Mat skodeng for kilang haram and you'll be geram. So, if they used Lynas to protest , Jom Jadi Mat Skodeng on kilang Haram and protest ~ especially who owned it!

  8. I get what the police are trying to do. They are trying to avoid any sort of physical confrontation with the pakatan goons and rely on the courts to take action against the organizers. Dont forget Anwar n rest of pakatan leaders have instilled so much hatred in their supporters mind and any act by the police can instantly triggered some sort of violence and chaos. The best thing to do is to capture their leaders. All this is such a waste of time when police have better things to take care off.

  9. According to former dap insider, anwar Ibrahim will only b pm for 2 years. He will then be sacked for misbehavior bcoz it is true that he is corrupted. Then karpal Singh will b our first non Muslim pm. From this point on, no Malays can be pm or hold important positions in the govt. the sultan will be kicked out like garbage. The Malays will be like Palestinians, kicked out of their own country. Christianity will b our official religion. English will b our official language. Malays will be spat on.

    1. Oh gosh! with 34 seats, they can do all this?

    2. Anon 8:47

      Shut up red bean troll. I know that this is your main agenda. U want to christianize this country. Let me tell u something. Over my dead body! Shut up! Stop denying! I'm sick of u ppl! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

  10. Anon 23:53

    I agree with u. Jgn bg muka langsung. Mmg dorg menggugat sekuriti negara.


  11. Orang Cina sudah berani menghina Rasulullah SAW


    Apa Najib dan KONsultant dia nak buat sekarang?

  12. we need ISA back

  13. Law and order are for people's well being. Why do people break the law and put everybody else in danger?