Friday 21 June 2013

Overconfident gays (Updated)


Okay, I had tried to make it seems that the 505 Blackout rally tomorrow is not a big deal.

I had tried to make it seems like just a joke.

But words that I heard throughout today indicated that both sides, the Pakatan people and the authorities are not going to back off.

I believe PM DS Najib Razak is done with the soft approach when it comes to people who break the laws and think they can get away with it.

After all, Najib can't afford to be seen as soft and weak any more.

The law must be upheld.

Tomorrow, Anwar and his people will be pushing it to the limit and the authorities will have no choice but to stop their nonsense now.

If they are not stopped now, laws of this country will not mean anything anymore.

Malaysia will then burns.


I'm taking a break from politics for a while. Tired of the nonsense.

Today's posting is instead about irritating gays.

Honestly, I don't really care about people's sexual preferences.

But, please don't behave like this,

Just copulate quietly, can or not? Why need to make so much noise. This is Malaysia la.

Remember this,

Oh, I heard that some gays of the loud type will be joining others in some sorts of an illegal rally in KL tomorrow. They will be led by an overconfident gay....but not the type portrayed in the video.

Well, I can't be bothered. Hope the police will do the right thing with them. Maybe they could be charged for extremely irritating behavior in public place....if there is such an offense.

Ok, that's all for today.


  1. jim carrey is dead hilarious.. haha

  2. My guess is the police will treat 505 with restraint.

    Do you know that in a space of 2 months, the Ringgit:USD exchange rate has fallen from 2.94 to as low as 3.24 yesterday?


    From 2010 to 2012, our monthly balance of trade (ie how much we export less how much we import) ranged from about 6 to 14 billion a month. But our April 2013 figure dropped to just 943 million. And it looks like the worse is still to come.

    Thus the government's new fiscal committee, to be chaired by PM.

    Now, bear in mind that not all participants in the 505 rally are diehards. Many are just people who are without jobs or suffering financial strain. Then there are those who are idealistic, but on the other side of the spectrum from most supporters of this blog, people who are economically productive.

    Also, the world will be watching.

    I believe PM knows that to keep the good ship Malaysia afloat amidst the current international financial storm that we cannot run away from, it will be paramount to get the country to work together.

    Restraint and common sense will pursuade the great majority of the current 505 supporters to back away from 'going all the way' - thus maintaining social stability.

    These are difficult times for Malaysia. But PM's pragmatic, moderate, inclusive and forward looking actions are already beginning to convince people that he's the man for this very tough job.

  3. By the turnout today..... I don't think there's much to worry about. A lot of my friends who are hardcore PAS supporters are just sick and tired with DSAI's antics.

    Guess they finally smartened up. Better late than never i say.

  4. Probably all people of true faith in God's covenant with Adam and Eve want to avoid social antagonisms of this kind . . .