Sunday 30 June 2013

Squeezing the Chinese a bit

A friend called just now to tell me that she was stuck in a traffic jam somewhere heading towards Dataran Pahlawan in downtown Malacca city.

Well, I had previously advised her not to drive there on weekends as the traffic would be very bad.

Tourists just love Malacca, especially after the former chief minister DS Mohd Ali Rustam went all out to woo them during his tenure.

On weekends, Singaporeans go to Malacca by the thousands to enjoy the charms of the old Straits Settlement ambiance which their little island had mostly lost to development.

And of course one of Malacca City attractions is the pre-war shop houses and buildings around Jonker Walk.

I used to walk there with someone and have a very pleasant memory of the place.

Now, as for the recent brouhaha over the opening up of the Jonker Walk to traffic, I fail to see it as diminishing the charm of the place.

Obviously the number of tourists going to Malacca is not diminishing because of it based on the moaning and groaning of my friend who was stuck in the traffic jam today.

The general population of Malacca, especially the Malays also don't seem to be complaining much over the issue. Life seems to be going on as usual for them.

The ones who are bitching non-stop over the past week were of course the mostly Chinese street traders of Jonker Walk and their supporters from DAP.

Bear in mind that DAP had led a protest when Ali Rustam unveiled the plan to let the traders set up business there in 2000.

The place has since become famous for those who want to buy fake branded items and other such stuff similar to Petaling Street in KL.

Now, that DAP has become the undisputed saviour of the Chinese, the party and their supporters are going all out to support the traders instead and making it known to all and sundry that the evil Malays of Umno are punishing the Chinese for not voting them. 

The other Chinese leaders from MCA and Gerakan had joined the chorus in an obvious attempt of trying to portray themselves as heroes of the community too.

The new Malacca chief minister Datuk Idris Haron had insisted that the move to let traffic once more pass the Jonker Walk was actually to ease traffic congestion.

Well, for once I'm in agreement with the Chinese heroes wannabes of DAP,MCA, Gerakan and others. I agree with them that Idris was just bullshitting everyone.

Idris, I think is really squeezing the Chinese a bit to show them that he is the boss. The message is probably for the Chinese not piss him off as he has no qualm about making life difficult for them.

Idris know he got nothing much to lose as far as the Chinese electorates were concerned as he is one of those who believe that members of the community are going to vote DAP en-bloc again in the next general election.

Under normal circumstances, I would not endorse what he did, but after the Chinese tsunami of GE13, I think he got no choice but to do what he did.

It cannot be business as usual after people who convinced you that they are your friends stabbed you in the back as what had happened to nice Malay leaders such as Ali Rustam and his Johor counterpart Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

No matter how disagreeable it was, at least Idris is squeezing the Chinese with just the right amount of force over the Jonker Walk issue. It was not too hard and not too soft. Just enough to remind them that we can have a harmonious and prosperous co-existence if we want to or we can throw all that into the Malacca river and see who are to lose more over such folly.

Meanwhile, there are other Malay leaders who claim to be Chinese friends but are actually plotting to squeeze them even worse once they got the power to rule the country.

Well, at least one of them is already known of having the habit of squeezing Chinese....the wrong way.

What? Wrong guy is it? Really? Well, what ever lah....


  1. "The other Chinese leader from MCA and Gerekan has joined chorus "

    For the Chinese ,blood is always ticker then water, every sepet will join in if they feel that they are been unjustly attend to . The same goes to the Indian ,any Indian issue we will see the whole Indian will jump in .

    Malay blood was never been thick and will never be ,there will always be divided on any issue related to them even on their religion ..

    1. Strategic Security2 July 2013 at 17:12

      The strategic aim of the Malays pre PRU14 must be to reduce the Chinese votes. If the Chinese wins control, they will bring in milions of Chinese cousins from mainland China just like the Chinese Government of Singapore has done.

      Just obey the laws. If the Chinese dont like the laws of the land they can move on to where they can do what they like.

      That poor chinese girl in the video, choke on the hiv semen rushing to puke in the toilet..

      Why the DAP Chinese condone this man for screwing this china abused woman is simply unbelievable.

      Instead of protecting the Chinese woman, they promote this man some more..

  2. lagi-lagi cina punya pasal....go get a life Annie.

    tak sangka Annie pon suka Anwar's blue..hehehe

    1. Assuming you have so much in life, living so full of life, then what are you doing here, harassing the owner of the blog who did not invite you to her blog in the first place. She writes as she pleases and she do so without fear or favour.
      Now you can do the same and stop strolling blogs that makes you feel bad about your self.
      By the way do you even have a name to begin with?

    2. brother islam1st...make love not war, PEACE !!

  3. tebing tinggi, I disagree about Chinese ... "blood thicker than water." Chinese can kill Chinese over minor matter or money or power or inheritance. Actually Malays are more united. Can ask any Chinese they will agree on this.

    as for Anynymous on ... "go get a life Annie".... I've been following Annie's blog. She give me impression she got an interesting life with many fans and secret admirers.

    1. kah..kah..kah... so Anon 15:08 is Annie secret admirer lah...wait until you see Annie !!

  4. .. I will vote for any leader that have the guts to stop all kongsi gelap activities - selling pirated stuff, money laundering, Ah Long, prostitution, drugs

    .. next, I will support any leader that can unite our education system and making sure that all Malaysians can speak passable Bahasa Malaysia (not bahasa pasar)

    .. next, I will suport a leader that ensure all signboards, advertisements, public ceramah to be conducted in a language that can be understood by all Malaysians, which is BM and BI

    .. whenever I went overseas it was normal when I couldn't understand the shows and adverts in their local TV since it was conducted in their national language but nowadays I find it ludicrous that I'm experiencing the same in my own country!

    .. Cina in this country had it so good for so long and yet they still claimed to be oppressed. Maybe it is time we squeeze them a bit.

    1. i agree with u.
      cina deserves wat they are getting after ge13.
      black 505 means just that...backstabbers at work.
      lets squeeze them more...:)
      truth ....cant even look at their faces now.

  5. Kenapa Cina terasa pulak, overly sensitive... actually they have been doing all these to the Bumiputras and Indians since their Tongkang landed on this Tanah Melayu.

    I think the Bumiputras and Indians should intensify the "lantak kau le" attitude towards the Chinese so they can taste a little bit of the medicine that they had been giving out all these years.

    My friend was laughing when she told me after GE13 her natural smiles now become an expensive commodity when giving to any Chinese. And her neighbour a Chinese, ask her anything without finishing their sentence she will instantly reply "tak tau!". She shares a common fence with them and today without shame, when she feels like it, she will just throw her litter across the fence to their side (they had been doing that for years and to preserve goodwill, she never complains, just swallow)

    Kita kena bagi balik apa yang mereka beri kpd kita selama ini. Mungkin kesedaran akan datang yang selama ini kaum lain begitu bertoleransi dengan kerenah2/pernagai kiasu pelik yang mereka praktis diNegara ini.

    Baru2 ini seorang warga India slapped the towkey's wife. As he and family was stepping into the shop she shouted something loudly to her Chinese shop assistance, without knowing that the Indian fella is fluent in cantonese and Mandarin. She was denying loudly. The Indian fella threw some items on the cash counter and dared her to call the police, he's wait until they arrive so she can make a report in his presence. She refused... know what she shouted?


    1. Ye ke? Bodoh punya cina! This is why we have to learn mandarin!

    2. don't spread lies, will you.

    3. Anon 16:47

      I was there, a huge commotion (loud) attraced a huge crowd. The Indian fella was all hyped and pissed off, very very angry and kept daring the Chinese Ahso to "Panggil polis sekarang"!. Kurang ajar punya Cina" he kept shouting and stood by the door waiting for the Ahso to call the Police.

      Her cheeks luka kena cincin Indian fella. It was an hour affair... Indian fella insisted she call the police... Yet the Ahso kept saying (wajah like a dog with tails between its leg)... saya tatak ciakap apa apa pun, saya tatak ciakap apa pun.... lu mesti salah dengar" The Indian fella kept asking her to repeat in Cantonese for all to hear..

      Imagine kena lempang dan luka pipi yet dared not even call the police eventhough the Indian fella volunteered to wait......

    4. wow, what a lousy story teller we have here !!

  6. Anwar's amorous liaisons and power-broking politics that just keeps going on and on, has greatly caused people to become cynical about what it means to be religious ... recall that Si Berahi is the father of "Liberal Islam" in this entire region. O people! check yourselves against that which corrupts hearts. Never forget our Lord is "Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim". Allah says in a hadith qudsi:
    "My entire universe of creation cannot contain Me but in the heart of the truly faithful I am."

    Al-Fatihah: The Cure for Humanity

  7. Served them right,what the hell people in UMNO to worry about,without the Chinabengs votes,BN can still win the elections.They are too arrogant and ungrateful,5 years is quite a long time and there are going to be lots of govt actions that normally will be in their favour will turn sour.One good by reducing the price of automobiles,most of 2nd hand car dealers are controlled by Chinabengs and they are complaining now,and more to come.Betrayal of ones trust will welcome disaster.

    1. Annie's fans should send memorandum to Najib send all Malaysian Chinese balik tongsan !! from there on Annie and fans can eat,sleep and make love peacefully.

  8. for Johor may we suggest that the annual Chingay be cancelled. No more parading the Toa Pe Kong, the father of all the idols around town with all the buraha and the noise. Mind you the tonne of rubbish carelessly strewn along the way makes you wonder what a dirty and irresponsible people these Chingay goers were. Also the 3 days road closure and the hundreds of Malay and Indian policemen keeping the events smoothly ,all the Rela, PVR, MBJB and the pollutants from the huge incense.The noise makes us difficult to sleep too for 3 evenings Its like China but even in China its not like that.
    So may I suggest the Chingay be held only around Lim Kang Hoo's backyard ie Danga bay

    1. Malaysia chinese should ban from leaving their house without the permission of Anon 18:47 !!

      ...or better still, ban all malaysia chinese from driving car, only Naik Bus allowed.

    2. Not allowed on public transport... they talk so loud... public nuisance! Don't know if they are fighting or merely chatting!

    3. Do you know why BCL and such things won't work? I quote from my favorite blogger SyedOutSyedTheBox below:

      "Once we renovated the bathroom. The contractor I called took about two months to complete the job. The kitchen area near the bathroom was a mess for two months. My wife was at her wits end. The guy I hired kept disappearing to his kampong. Although I paid him cash advances he did not pay his workers and he also did not buy the materials from the hardware shop (cement, bricks etc). I ended up supplying lunch for the workers so that at least they could work.

      When we want to make renovations in our shop, I call my Chinese contractor. He charges top dollar but the work gets done and it is good. And he works overnite (until 4 am in the morning) because we have to open the shop for business by 10 am.

      An elderly friend sent his old car to the workshop for some repair. The car did not come back for three months. The mechanic had to balik kampong, jatuh sakit, cuti and all kinds of excuses. If you take the car to the Chinaman mechanic, he will tell you almost exactly what time he will get it done, then he will call you and say ‘Boss, kereta sudah siap. Saya tutup pukul tujuh malam. Tolong mari ambil kereta’.

      Both are equally competent in their technical skills. What makes the difference? The difference is in the the attitude.

      Read further here

  9. Hit them where it hurts the most. Nothing to lose. Boikot bisnes cina, sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit....

    1. bukit cina...hehehehe, bodohnya anon 20:44

  10. The MCA be dissolved and renamed the Chinese Action Party, so we have CAP and DAP to fight for Chinese Consciousness, Chinese Kiasuness, Chinese this and that. The CAP will now fight tooth and nails, aggressively and at most times very ugly, with that Ultra Chinese kiasu party DAP(now without old hag Kit Siang as he has kicked the bucket becos of too much ugliness and jealousies towards the UMNO in his blood)) to get Chinese support and Chinese this and that other than as usual, to protect the Chinese from Ah Longs and of daughters missing from home to Geylang Spore. CAP will have new logo a five pronged Rocket with the tips touching in the middle
    CAP shall be aligned with both UMNO and PKR (now without Anuar at the helm as he just died of aids)So that CAP can benefit from whatever happened

  11. And in the end, Idris had to gostan. He realised it is not worth cutting off his own nose to spite his face.

  12. I like the part where a Pakatan Rakyat leader do the other type of squeezing to the Chinese. No maam.He was not squeezing, more like screwing to me..many styles too.

    1. Like??? Low sex drive yeah. Desperate? Suka bende2 lepeh dan kering yeah. itu belum tau camna punya bau pulak tu.

  13. hahahaha ...itu jonker street buka atau tutup pun cina tetap undi PR ..pegilah mampos ..tutup aje ...ada kesah ..buat apa saja yang patut jangan peduli mereka ...

  14. Here is must do list b4 GE14:
    1.Close down Jonker Street-Traffic jams, selling contrabands..
    2.Close down Petaling street - as above.
    3.Ban all Chinggay festival processions - public nuisance.
    4.Dissallow incence burnings - air pollutions (why Singapork can, we can't).
    5.Close down all eating places outside Chinese coffeeshops/restaurants with stalls and seating areas obstructing pavements and roads.
    6. Close down all Tua Peh Kong temples in residential houses and those not on private land.

    Siapa nak tambah boleh tambah. Apa nak jadi..jadi lah.

    All you RBA commentors...


    1. This blog is really good for letting off steam caused by pent up fustration!

  15. Muhasabah diri..check balik...apakah persepsi pertama kita bila melihat orang...baik ? atau buruk ? Jika buruk, itu tanda hati masih kotor" - Kuliah Ustaz Mohd Nor (kitab Bimbingan Mukmin) ...