Saturday 1 June 2013

Oh, shit....

Woke up, checked this blog and a reader alerted me about it here,

More proof that UMNO is going kaput:

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno will set up a special laboratory to study in detail the proposal to turn the Barisan Nasional into a single party, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

The Umno president said Umno also had to gather feedback from its members before making a decision on it.

"Umno is a party that is close to the members any changes must be studied in minute detail to avoid the issue of non-acceptance," he told reporters after chairing a meeting of Umno's Supreme Council at the party's headquarters here on Friday.

The proposal to turn the Barisan into single party was forwarded by Gerakan acting president Datuk Chang Ko Youn.

Chang said efforts in this direction was needed because the general election showed urban and young voters no longer voted along racial lines.

Look like PAS is the only muslim party left.

I searched for the full story and found it here,

Umno will set up special lab to study proposal on single BN party - Najib

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno will set up a special laboratory to study in detail the proposal to turn the Barisan Nasional (BN) into a single party, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The Umno president said Umno also had to gather feedback from its members before making a decision on it.
Any changes, he said, must be based on acceptance by Umno members themselves.
"Umno is a party that his close to the members any changes must be studied in minute detail to avoid the issue of non-acceptance," he told reporters after chairing a meeting of Umno's Supreme Council (MT) at the party's headquarters here today. 
This is the first Umno MT meeting since the 13th General Election on May 5.
The proposal to turn the BN into single party was forwarded by Gerakan acting president Datuk Chang Ko Youn.
Chang said efforts in this direction was needed because the 13th GE showed urban and young voters no longer voted along racial lines.
Meanwhile, Najib also announced that Umno's disciplinary committee had received 99 complaints on internal sabotage during the 13th General Election (GE13).
Decisions on the complaints would be made by the committee, he said.
A total of 192 Umno members who contested as independents or joined the opposition during GE13 had earlier been given the immediate sack based on party policy. 
Under the policy which is spelt out in Clause 20.10 of Umno's constitution, sacked members cannot rejoin Umno forever.
Among those sacked were Wanita Umno vice-president Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim who stood as an independent candidate for the Kuala Kangsar parliamentary seat; Datuk Seri Mohd Shariff Omar (contested the Tasek Gelugor parliamentary and Sungai Dua state seat as and independent ) and Sepang Umno Youth chief Datuk Suhaimi Mohd Ghazali (contested the Sepang parliamentary seat as an independent). 
Meanwhile, BN secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said BN would be filing more than 50 election petitions on the GE13 results in the High Courts of the states involved soon. 
He said the coalition's lawyers were studying the cases including in 37 constituencies where the nomination of opposition candidates appeared to be doubtful in that election regulations were not followed.  -- BERNAMA

My previous responses to this crap of an idea were here,

Useless Gerakan should just shut up

Honestly, I just can't believe that Umno is even entertaining the Gerakan's bullshit.

I think this must be one of those "bright" ideas of all those Umno's consultants.

Blue ocean strategy la, thinking outside the box la, bla bla bla...

Datuk Najib, please just sack them la, and do things the original Umno's way.


....okay, I'm really tired.

On the verge of giving up.

Going back to sleep.


  1. Hi Annie...

    Vely good lah you.. Boleh bangun Subuh.

    On the serious note.. najib will not run Umno
    For long. He will step down before the next PRU. Why? Ask those close to Rosmah. Wait and see.

    Ok. see you in Taiwan , Annie. <3

  2. Assalamualaikum...najib suka tabur duit ditempat yg xder pekdah...umpama pandai xleh di ikot bodoh xleh di ajar....asyik mendabik dada xlebih n xkurang dgn dollah yg tido lena...jenis hanya tahu mengharap pertolongan org biler susah bila menang luper ddiri xubah mcm cina yg xkenang budi gak....cakap xserupa bikin.....najib legasi dollah yg terus merosakkan negara dgn huru hara yg masih dibiarkan berlaku....nak harap pd siapa...Allah ada....

    1. Aku setuju. Najib, letak jawatan lah. Once bitten twice shy.

    2. Najib letak jawatan is an Unlikely Notion. Rosmah's 100+ million budget for her Permata whatever has not been used up yet and she has asked for more. She needs more time like 4 years to spend it all.


  3. Dear PM,
    I am nobody from the economic or power corridors in Malaysia, I am not a member of any political party, and not fighting for anyone except the truth. I dont care to write or blogs about anything unless there is a dire situation that need my attention like 'single party Barisan'.

    I concur with Annie "PLEASE JUST UNITE THE MALAYS AND STOP ALL THESE NONSENSE". You can start by:
    1. Get rid of all your advisors since you took office until GE13.
    2. MUST really clean UMNO's house for a genuine consultants and supporters (from fence-sitters)to join in.
    3. STOP playing 'nice' to the likes of AI & LKS's efforts that create chaous and disunite Malaysian
    4. Its important to realize that IT IS ONLY by uniting MALAYS that Barisan will prosper. Failure to act decisively on this will lead UMNO to the same nasib like Gerakan/MCA.
    5. There is probably some genuine leaders in UMNO versus those who are there for I dont know what (they know who and what they are). Find a way to get rid of the latter. Be bold and brave, be a bit like TDM when dealing with difficult situation.
    6. You need more genuine and sincere consultants/supporters more than the 'oxbridge' kind. You need people who knows that loyalty and dignity worth more than millions RM projects, datukship and all the pangkat. You need people who really knows people esp. the average Malays and those in kampungs (loyal BN supporters). Urban Malays who are against BN are just the confused groups who were exposed to Pakatan nonsence and too much information on the internet.

    1. How about starting a movement to turn Perkasa into a political party?

      I know little about political wheeling and dealing. But the mood on this blog seems most reflective of Perkasa's noble aims.

      Also a task force is urgently needed to bring those Malays who have gone astray by supporting Pakatan especially DAPigs, back to the right path. Also should consider controlling the internet.

    2. Setuju sangat-sangat with one addition, Najib sendiri kena fire himself - performance now.

      Common sense yang dah tak common dikalangan pemimpin umno. apa yang susah sangatpun tak tahu.

    3. Calling all UMNO members and Malay ,if they really hold the principle of establishment of UMNO they must voted Najib out in the coming Perhimpunan Agong .
      No way the Malay could lead by him anymore.

    4. I dont know much about Perkasa...but maybe something like that but with more refreshing views. A movement consists of genuine voices who sincerely concerns about Malay unity and care for the country. A movement of Malay professionals in Malaysia and abroad (so we have inside-out and outside-in views) on the current issues. A movement with no political agenda, and only one mission - MALAY UNITY. We will bring fresh ideas and perspective of what it means to be united and what it means to live with dignity in our own land. If UMNO seems reluctant to really clean the house (it seems so till now), we will make them, be there to pick up the mess and bring Malaysia back to where it should be.
      I know there are so much 'brain' and 'spirit' out there who share the same concern but until now there is no movement worth joining force. Its time we show Malaysian that they deserve a lot better (academically, professionally and spiritualy) leaders/speakers to listen to than the like of Pakatan's clowns.

    5. Yaaa and Annie can join Perkasa as honorary member since she is not Malay

    6. Dear Annie,
      It seems like most of your readers have shown their supports to many of the issues your raised here. Many have expressed their concern and ideas on how to tackle Malay Unity issue in the wake of GE13 and what is happening now. I am not in Malaysia so my views are based on what I read, hear and own analysis.
      FYI, this is the only blog where I even bother to comment because of a dire situation for Malays now. I think we can agree to the fact that we are all againt corruptions and all evil regardless of doers, Malay or Chinese etc.
      To all Malay professionals abroad,
      We are blessed to have another 'home' beside Malaysia. But we must NOT ignore the fact that in many ways, our fellow brothers and sisters back home (even some leaders) need us. In a time of need like NOW, I wish that we could come together and be on the same page towards achieving MALAY UNITY.
      Annie, I also wish to hear your views on the issue and how we could achive it as you are on the ground. You are our eyes and ears, and we are counting on you!

    7. Anon 18:36

      Annie is a Malay even though a mix of Malay-Chinese.

      The definition of Malay:
      1. a Muslim
      2. speaks Malay
      3. practices the Malay culture

      Conclusion: Annie is a Malay. She fits all the criteria above.

  4. Time to vote Najib out. Still clueless. Pak Lah at least, melawan pun nampak nak exit. Mamat ni ... ish, ish.

    Hari ni NST, gambar Najib takde, gambar Rosmah, ada ... besar pulak tu. It shows how clueless, Najib is. Tak tahu ke 99% of melayu ada issue dengan Rosmah - rightly or wrongly. Cina, boleh bet 100% tak suka.

    1. Najib should advise rosmah to behave like tun dr siti hasmah when tun dr m was PM. I agree that she is not helping by being in the limelight. Please media let us have less of rosmah pictures in media.

    2. Mana Najid berani nak tegur Rosmah. Taku kena tidur dalam kandang kuda.

  5. Counting the last days of UMNO. The pribumi will have to fight on their own.

    These are changes that we expect:

    1. No more bangsa in MyKad
    2. No more discount for bumiputera when you buy properties
    3. Public sign boards will now be in 4 languages, english, mandarin and malay
    4. Education language will be mandatory in bahasa (who want bahasa as a commercial language, even here we blog in english)
    5..... many more, too long to list

    If UMNO malu sebagai parti melayu, melayu akan jadi pendatang di tanah air sendiri.

    1. The Perkasa Way is the ONLY Way!

    2. Takut backlash je. Imagine melayu terpaksa sokong PAS.

      Backwater once more di nusantara like 1000 years ago. Centers remain in Indonesia, Thailand. Duit semua letak Singapore.

    3. Yes, I voted for UMNO in GE13 because I saw them as the only party fighting for Islam and Malays. My families and close friends too.

      We were totally hoodwinked and betrayed

      We have now decided to join PAS. At least a section of them still fight for Islam.

      Muhammad Taib was right after all.

  6. I know Annie...

    I'm so depressed....


  7. Well Annie, what did you expect from a shell of a party with half-dead, demotivated party members? UMNO has been in denial since the 2008 elections and will continue to weaken until the life force is sucked out of it completely. A change of guard will do nothing if UMNO continues to berate Malaysians and demand to be respected. Respect is earned, which is why there was a massive urban swing against UMNO. Remember; Pakatan has locked in 5.6 million votes, there will be another 2.5 million new voters in GE14. Let's say Pakatan gets 2 million extra young votes making it 7.6 million. No amount of gerrymandering and dumb politicians will save UMNO-BN then. Banglas also not enough. Umno must UBAH for heaven's sake. If UMNO continues like lemmings falling over the cliff with no STRUCTURAL changes put in place, it's game over. Also there is no such as thing as Malay unity. It's a fallacy, a mirage. Just as there is no such thing as Indian or Chinese unity. People are as individual as they come. Look at the infighting within UMNO - where got unity lah? If UMNO persist in talking down to the Malays, UMNO will be wiped out GE14. And the so-called BCL campaign as fizzled out as I predicted. How to succeed when even the "great" MYDIN buys cheap from Chinese wholesalers? Pikir lah boys and girls, the Chinese controls the ENTIRE supply chain with a Malay front as a facade where convenient. By the way I am Bumi and I voted for Pakatan.

    1. @Anon 10:39

      Thank you for your stand. Yes, like you, I wonder why people in general don't understand that each of us is an individual. The Malays are not homogeneous and neither are the Chinese and Indians. This is why I do not buy the hysterical cries for all Malays to be united against everyone else. It should be all right thinking people who are united against the corrupt, greedy etc.

    2. Malays must resolve to participate in the business supply chain. Not as employees in glc's but as entrepeneurs. It will be easier said than done,though, but we must start somewhere.

      In particular, Malays must enter industries, ie, to be able to own and run factories. Leaving the comfort zone.

      Do you think this idea will get off the ground?

    3. Anon 14:04

      I understand why you're baffled by the "hysterical cries for all Malays to be united against everyone else". This has a lot to do with safeguarding the status of Islam in this country. Malay is the only race that is tied very closely to Islam. Malay and Islam are synonymous and hence the term Malay is very unique. To understand the situation further, you can also read up on the politics of Fiji. The situation is similar and there has been continuous discussion on who is a bumiputera. The Malays are the bumiputeras, meaning those who have been inhabiting Tanah Melayu since the ancient days in fact even before the coming of Islam (sort of like the Native Americans who were the original inhabitants of the North America). I know you would say that "but the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia today are the 2nd to 4th generations so they should now be bumiputeras right?". Well consider it this way, the rightful owner of the land (Malaysia) is based on who was here first. In the case of West Malaysia, the Malays were already there before the Chinese and Indians arrived while in the East Malaysia, the Dayaks, Kadazans, Ibans etc etc were already there also before the Chinese and Indians arrived.

      The logic is very simple. In the case of Fiji for instance, would you consider the Fijian natives to have the rightful ownership of the Fiji islands or the Indian immigrants? Having said that, the bumiputeras of Malaysia believe in "kongsi" (sharing) power. Which means that it is not true to say that the Chinese and Indians have been marginalized in this country or have been surpressed. The Chinese and Indians of Malaysia have been enjoying freedom to practice their religion, culture, speak their language, share economic wealth, send their children for education and in fact, even hold ministerial positions. Tell me which other countries in the world actually allows the minorities so much tolerance? If Malaysia oppresses the Chinese and Indians, the Chinese and Indians would not have been on the same LRT, or the same bus as the Malays. We're not like Myanmar where the majority Burmese denies the rights of the Rohingyans and Rakhines as citizens of Myanmar. I would say the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia are spoiled. Tak pernah hidup susah. Lepas merdeka je hidup senang, smpai sekarang.

      I think we are too caught up with Western ideals of globalization and democracy. Western democracy's idea of equality is not always just. I agree that we have to be united against the corrupt and greedy. But then again, tell me which country in this world which is corrupt-free? All governments in the world are corrupt. That cannot be helped. But at least the level of corruption in Malaysia is still relatively low compared to our neighbouring countries such as Indonesia and the Phillipines. Greedy politicians? There are greedy politicians everywhere. Not only in Malaysia. Sukarno was very greedy it angered the Indonesians. He was so greedy to the extent that the Indonesians were left in poverty. What about Malaysia? We are not living in poverty. We're ok and even could afford eating excessive food. Although there is poverty but the government is doing something to eradicate the problem. The percentage of poverty in Malaysia is probably about 5-10% max which is okay compared to the US. Trust me, our neighbouring countries even envy us for our prosperity and stability.

      My Taiwanese friend once told me that Malaysians are spoiled. We have never faced any hardships (I mean in case of Malaysia in post-1960s to the present day). I agree with her. Malaysians are spoiled brats.


  8. This is what I posted this morning:

    Post GE 13 elections, I realized (and I know I may not be the only one) who feels that DS Najib is committing a political suicide. Here are my reasons:

    1. I have from the very beginning did not agree to the reduction of car prices and hoped that they would remain the way they are. Traffic congestion is already very bad in Malaysia. It need not be added with more cars on the road.

    2. Before he signs the FTA and TPP, he should have been transparent about it with the rakyat and show us the ramifications of signing those documents. I'm not even loving the sound of it. And as CAP Pulau Pinang pointed out, we might be bankrupt and pay for higher medical fees in the future.

    3. Perhaps he is blind but those who keep on fanning him are traitors to him and the country. What is even more surprising is that this morning I was told that one of these so-called "petualang negara" will be given the title "Tan Sri". At this point, a part of me died.

    4. Woke up to this news today: "UMNO will set up special lab to study proposal on single BN party". (despite objections from many sections of the coalition parties)

    I hope DS Najib could read this and wake up from slumber.


    1. "UMNO will set up a lab"... don't worry AA and Annie, this is just typical Government and GLC talk, when they don't want to do anything about a situation. How do i know - I was from a GLC and whenever Management didn't want to move on something they would ask us to set up committees, labs etc to study the situation. The people in the Labs have difficulty agreeing among themselves and it all dies a natural death.

    2. Anon 14:07

      Really? Well I hope the dissolution of UMNO won't be a reality though...


  9. Do Najig give a damn about what bloggers said?

    Not a chance, he is too immersed in his own dream whilst his croonies too busy milking the country dry.

    Lets us all rebuilt the malay and Islamic agenda under PAS.

    Hidup Islam di Nusantara!!

  10. Sensible idea from our PM. Yes, study it by all means, keep our partners happy, then put it back on the shelf, no real harm done.

  11. Good one Annie.

  12. Suicidal move it will be, materialize, I hope not

  13. Laurence J. Peter is a former professor who published a satirical book based around his theory that "In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence" and that "In time, every post tends to be occupied by an employee who is incompetent to carry out its duties."

    This is true in UMNO today. Najib had reached his level. Having Rosmah as his wife speed up his rise.

  14. dear my love annie,

    the reason why najib is gunning for one barisan party is because he knows that the malays don't trust him anymore. they want to get rid of him in the next PAU UMNO election. then someone advise him that to stay as PM, he needs vote from the cina and india. whalla...came the idea of 1 BN where all races can vote for the presiden. screwed.

  15. Any idea who PM's. Advisors are?

    1. I know one but I dnt wnt to mention the name.


  16. Cadangan untuk tubuhkan satu parti BN dan dengan itu bermakna
    Umno akan dikuburkan adalah satu cadangan yg amat bahaya. Nanti yg dikejar tak dapat, yg dijinjing berciciran. Saya bimbang cdgn itu akan menghapuskan terus kuasa politik orang2 Melayu dinegara ini. Saya minta pemimpin2 umno, bila mesyuarat umno nanti disemua peringkat, cawangan, bahagian dan perwakilan umno, semua bangun bercakap menentang sacara terbuka cdgn tersebut. Tak payah nak baca bincang dalam makmal ke apa, buang masa saja. Elok bincang perkara lain yg lebih penting

    1. Betul. Saya setuju.


  17. At least someone in Putrajaya is not asleep.

    PONTIAN -- The proposal to turn the Barisan Nasional (BN) into a single party is inappropriate and difficult to implement as it is unable to represent the interest of all races in the country, said Umno information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan.

  18. If all ends fail, I'm stepping in. I'm going to get into politics myself and revitalise the party.

  19. Yesterday Mahathir said, "Nahi Nahi Nahi!". Najib need a special laboratory or a special lobotomy?

  20. I wonder if this is why we have voices saying that the pemilihan should be postponed.