Tuesday 25 June 2013

Sime Darby is in good hands

I read with not much emotion the announcement of Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman being appointed as the new Sime Darby chairman.

Ghani Othman is Sime Darby's new chairman

While it is nice to know that Datuk Ghani is being appreciated by the government for his long service as a Johor menteri besar and his personal sacrifices, including the unsuccessful attempt to stop the Chinese tsunami in Gelang Patah during the GE13, the appointment was not something which really took me by surprise.

Talks about Datuk Ghani assuming the post had actually started even weeks before GE13. Personally, I feel that it's only natural for the government to appoint someone with Datuk Ghani's experience of managing one of the most economically vibrant states in the country to helm such a conglomerate. His clean track record should be another factor which made him the most suitable candidate for the post.

Amidst all sorts of speculations about where Sime Darby will be heading following this appointment, I'm confident from what I know of Datuk Ghani, that he would accept the appointment as just another task which he needs to fulfill, the same as when he was assigned to look after Johor 18 years ago and also when he was asked by PM DS Najib Razak to try to stop the DAP's racialist campaigning by standing against Lim Kit Siang in the Chinese-majority Gelang Patah constituency less than two months ago.

And based on what I know of him, Datuk Ghani will do his best to do the job and accept it as an amanah from the rakyat.

The last that I checked, Datuk Ghani will be coming to Sime Darby on his own, and accompanied only by his long serving private secretary, the same way that he did when he became the Johor menteri besar many years ago. He is not the type who brings along an entire entourage wherever he goes. If there are any of his people from the previous Johor administration coming to join him, that will be later and depending on the needs.

No one in Sime Darby should fear for their job being taken over by Datuk Ghani's people as such thing would never happened. Only those who don't do their job well have to worry about such things. Anyway, Datuk Ghani doesn't have that many people, as I can actually count them with my fingers. It should also be noted that they are mostly low ranking officers who will not be much of a threat to anyone in the event that they are actually to be absorbed later into the Sime Darby's structure.

Meanwhile, Datuk Ghani's appointment to his new post was greeted with all sorts of reactions, with the most interesting for me from the political angle being this comment at Chuah Bee Kim's congratulatory posting for her former MB,
Congrats to Ghani


  /  June 24, 2013
This is the man during his stewardship of Johor State always and almost bend backwards to help the Chinese Community. The new land to the schools, the land titles extension, the allocation The status of the Chingay He asked the Majlis to help clear the tons of rubbish strewn and left haphazardly behind after the Annual chingay To pay back the mainly Chinese as well as other investors of Dana Johor even though they were paid dividends and also were told about the risk (The DJ was mostly subscribed by the Chinese).Help Chinese companies like Lim Kang Hoo gets thousand of acres of land in KT, helped many developers like KSL and JCChang gets green lane and fast approvals to their projects. He always had no qualms and no barriers to Chinese people who approached him, at home, in the office, on the road , in the stalls
Then when the ugly hag Kit Siang came from Ipoh , spews hatred and jealousies and sow the politics of hatred, the whole Chinese people en mass rejected the soft and accommodating approach of Ghani Othman and voted in Kit Siang with a clear and impressive majority
So we saw also to our utter dismay, the MCA was shredded. JB , Skudai, Senai, Kulai, Kluang Batu Pahat,Muar, all the major urban areas with impressive facilities made by Ghanis policy . Where in areas the Chinese voters were more than 45%, the Malays couldn’t stop the Tsunami and all the areas the seats went to Rocket and its cohort
What Ghani had done to accommodate, to nurture and to approach these Chinese people were all of no bloody good to them and only the Rocket and UBAh became their calling
How bloody ungrateful people these bunch of people are.

I guess, the hurt lingers for some people....and that includes me. I will try to heal myself but I don't think I will ever forget that night of May 5.

Well, Datuk Ghani, if you are reading this, all the best with your new job and take care of your health. Hope to see you again one of these days.


  1. Yes the hurt was/is still there. GE#13 kill a lot of moderate malay leader who willing to help others regardless the races. Ghani was one of them. What ever happen, after Ge#13 the chinese now has a power but at the wrong side of the blanket.

    :) sarah

  2. Assalamualaikum to all.

    I, personally want to wish congrats to datuk ghani for this appointment and hope he will lead sd to another level. Tahniah datuk!

  3. You think Anwar or even PAS are sincere about having to help the Chinese people that consistently and sincerefully when or if they gain power?ha ha ha don't be fooled

  4. Habislah Sime Darby. Semua bagi ka cina nanti.

  5. Ya rite...good luck SD !!

  6. Datuk Ghani better start praying hard for rain coz Sime Darby is one of the culprit sending HAZE back to semenanjung !!

    Annie you too also help pray for rain ok.

  7. gembiralah Annie, boleh dapat jawatan besar kat sime darby, kereta bmw satu biji buat annie.

    1. yang pakai bmw baru tu budak umur 29 tahun kerja pegawai khas la. kereta dia ada parking kat kota iskandar. tak percaya pegi check besok pagi. aku pakai proton je.

    2. Annie,

      28 years old kot since that guy was my senior in high school.haha

  8. dont be too quick to praise the man.
    johor losing properties to singaporeans during his tenor as MB.

  9. Sime darby? Ghani?

    -johorean ex-sime darby engineering.

  10. Sime Darby will be Sime Danga

    1. The happiest person over Ghani's appointment is Lim Kang Ho Ho Ho.

      p/s Dear Bakke, Santa Claus is coming to Sime Darby, slowly but surely!

  11. When I tried to access this blog via tm.net, it says temporarily down. When I used my maxis line, I can access. Why huh? Yesterday also same.

  12. habis lah....bole tukar nama ke *Semua di Bagi*!!

  13. Hope not another multi-million scandal will take place there. It is easy to blame the management for the losses but who give the idea, the blesssing and finally the approvals.

    Sime is one of the few successful malay conglomerate led and run by the malays. Let not this be another one to be handed over to Latok Limn as what had happened in Johor!

  14. waa... so much land, help and money poured into the cina people..

    then they rejected him.


  15. Actually, Datuk is a task-focused and target-oriented person and will deliver what is best for any institution that he is entrusted with. Has been like that since his varsity days.

    1. So what is his target at Sime?

      Give more land and asset to the chinese?

    2. Boleh caya ke?Cuma orang johor khususnya kat sekitar Danga, KT,JB tahu sangat bagaimana puak lim dikayakan, gic s'pore mendapat kuasa atas hakmilik tanah ditengah2 bandar jbu. orang melayu tolak tepi.semak berapa ramai koperat melayu yang betul2 diwujudkan di johor semasa pentadbiran beliau?

  16. Any decent person heading an istitution will place results and achievement as targets which brings added values to such places. Pl offer talent, knowledge, enterpreneurship, efforts, and other positive abilities to such person and you will be recognised but if all you have are outstretched hands than do not be offended if ignored.

  17. Please, enough of this talk of ungrateful Chinese. Any common sense will tell you that the voter has the democratic right to choose who they want to vote for, and if anything politicians should be grateful to their voters. Politicians are paid with ALL the people's money/taxes. They are responsible for looking after ALL the people irrespective if they vote for you or not. It is not "you tolong me I tolong you"
    Show more maturity. Malaysia will never progress with this petty racial mentality.

    1. Totally agree with anon 14:29.

      And I wanna add this :-

      The funny thing is the party with a mix of Malays,Chinese,Indians,Sikhs and Bumis from Sabah and Sarawak are accused of racists while the party with almost all Malay MPs are not..really cock and bull reasoning by these BN supporters.

      Anyway..BN politicians even if lose will get rewarded with highly paid salaries and positions.They are such a pampered lot..You need to feed them till the day they kaput...lol

    2. Anonymous26 June 2013 14:29

      Are you blind not to see how the chinese voted along racial lines?

      The chinese were never grateful to the malays forefathers who allowed them to be citizen of this country.

      Yes, we cannot reward our fallen heroes enough. How they sacrifice their prime for the good of all Malaysians, that chinapek never gave them any recognition.

      One day, the chinese will realise how foolhardy they are. Hope it was not too late!

    3. than tell the chinese dont be too cocky and arrogant..dont forget what some of this fanatical bunch of dapster supporter did..belum dapat kuasa sudah memandai tahan org lain yg nak mengundi..target dia mana2x manusia yg ade indian bangla looks..tu kalao dpt kuasa macam mana..and enough with the mix party bullshit..you think that make you unrasict..dapster policy is anti parliamentary monarchy..anti-bm..anti islam..and it's a fact most of this bunch hate malay..anything to do with malay..most of them gagap bile berbahasa kebangsaan duduk malaysia dah 3 generasi tpi masih gagap..you only like melau yg boleh digunakan utk kepentingan sendiri..so dont talk cock like you are so better..always with the anti malay attitude..malay lazy..malay that..kalo dia semua bagus..please if you can change and be less a hypocrite.

    4. Basically the Chinese voted along Opposition Lines. So did the Urbanites. All this bitchin isn't helping anyting. It just makes the bitchers feel bitter.

  18. But then are you two ignoring the fact that the dangerous racial approach, the so called 'PETTY RACIAL MENTALITY' very much happily used by the Emperor Lim Kit Siang are what making the present situation, which prompted its own domino effect, thus making you guys 'lamenting' about immaturity of the rest of the citizen?

    Are you going to accuse me of a guy living in the past, cannot get past racial sentiment, cannot become 1 Malaysia whatdemachalit and all that crap?

    We remember, and we will never forget. Life of Annie is making sure of that.

    Our future will diverge from now on. Come 2018, we may be defeated, but that will be the last time for us down on our knees. It will be hard path for all the defeated ones to rise back again, but rise we will...

  19. Actually I really pity you lot here.

    If you look around, the way sandiwara being unfurl make me sick to the core.

    The way Najib, Anwar and the rest of parliamentarians from both sides sharing jokes during photo session as if there were school buddies.

    The way defeated candidates were rewarded with cushy positions, so that they may continue to bleed the nation.

    The way PM's machinery, MRT, Khazanah included, continue to act as if the rakyat are still supporting them.

    And many more!!

    You lot are just pawn being used in the game.

  20. hoping to be roped into SD by singing praises to future chairman? hmm..dont think leela barrock will let that happen! tun musa was at awe with her pieces on him too..then!

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  22. Fact 1: The majority of the Chinese voted for DAP
    Fact 2: DAP is chauvinist and a Chinese party
    Fact 3: Chinese do not like to be associated with Malaysia,coz Malaysia is governed by UMNO-BN a Malay-dominated party.