Sunday 31 January 2016

Guide to be a likable woman

The house looks very nice now.

We worked very hard yesterday and this morning sweeping, moping and scrubbing it.

Wish can share some pictures of the house now but my mother already warned me against it.

"Can you not show off everything to the world? It's very irritating whenever you do that," she said.

Okay lah, I write about something else today.

Don't feel like writing politics....honestly, I'm losing interest.

Anyway, there's too many negative thoughts in my brain when it comes to politics.

I'm afraid, if I put in writings what are in my political mind, it will only sounds bad for the establishment which I have been supporting all these years.

So, I rather keep it to myself.

It's bad enough already that even now there are people who branded me with all sorts of not so nice labels.

After a bit of thinking, I decided that for today, I want to give a bit of advice to other women about how to be least to men la.

Not that I'm an expert but I think I have some common sense on the subject matter.

Hey, maybe we can have some fun discussing it.

Or maybe it can help some women who can't figure out why men shied away from them, do something about it...hahaha.

Let me put it in five simple points to make the whole thing easy to follow,

1. Be nice
All men like nice women. This goes without exception. Even when they said they prefer badass women, actually what they really meant was that they prefer nice women who occasionally behave like a badass just to spice things up a bit. End of the day, they still prefer women who are nice to them. That's why I tried my best to be nice...most of the time :-)

2. Don't be over bitchy
All women have a streak of bitchiness. It's women's nature. I have it too. But don't over do it. Exercise control, okay. Otherwise, what started as an ego thing may ends up being a habit. Men don't like a bitch. It's as simple as that. For instance, if we are jealous of another woman because she is more popular among men, don't la make it so obvious when badmouthing her. Men are scared (or repulsed) of women who display such behavior.

3. Try to be reasonably intelligent
Men actually like smart women. So try to be one. However, I need to caution the ladies that men also have very big ego. If you are smart, don't make the men feel stupid by trying to compete your knowledge with theirs all the time. They would not like you if you do that. Be moderate and diplomatic when you showcase your intelligence. Unless you are actually a hopelessly egoistical bitch who wants to win every argument even when you know that you are in the wrong. In that case you are doomed not to be liked by men.....and in fact women too, forever.

4. Have a pleasant appearance
Not all women are born beautiful, but we should make a reasonable effort to look good. If we are fat, try dieting and exercise. It will make us look better and improve our health too. Men like a healthy looking woman. Then there's the matter of what to wear. Invest a bit on reasonably priced clothes. Let's say you are a Chinese girl who is trying to win the heart of Malays or just Malay men by appearing in public in baju kurung. I suggest you buy a few and wear them alternately. Don't wear the same black and white baju kurung all the time as people will notice and think that you are either too stingy or just simply a bum. Also, do comb your hair and apply a bit of make up if that's not too much an effort for you.

5. Be hygienic
Men don't like smelly women. Really, I'm not exaggerating. Even if you look like a super model, men will not like you if you smell bad. Worse if you are....not so pretty. Here, perfume won't really help. Instead you should try to acquire hygienic habits. Please least in the morning and evening. Brush your teeth too. A mouth wash would be great. Bad breath is a major turn off, okay. After you do your business in the toilet....try not to just use the toilet paper. Wash a bit la if possible. It's so much better at reducing the possibility of you smelling like....err not so nice. Oh, in case you are an animal lover and let your pet such as a dog in the house, please be even more hygienic. Otherwise you may smell like your pet. That won't help you to be liked by men....or even women, I think.

Okay, I think that is quite a reasonable guide for a woman to be more likable to men.

Just basic stuff la that one.

I am trying to observe those five points myself.

Hope it helps you all ladies.

Well, need to get off now. I'm cooking dinner for this evening.

Maybe I will write about it later :-)


  1. re, if I put in writing what are in my political mind ,it will sound bad for the establishment which I have been supporting all these years.

    The establishment is at its very bad stage ,the worst ever due to it bad leadership . Nothing can be done anymore unless there is total leadership change or else the whole government have to change .
    It's better to prepare for the worst ,if UMNO leadership cannot be trusted anymore ,we have learn to adept ourselves to the new outcome ,after all Malays are famous for it's tolerance and acceptance .

    What say you Annie?.

  2. Or follow the almighty and wear hijab :)

  3. I think I just heard Krakatoa explode again!!!
    Oooo you going to kena, Annie.
    By the way, I googled and saw or read some previous articles and videos about a certain someone.
    Dunno if true but someone said when her phone got stolen, went on a racist rant against Indians and when Hindraf bising, became best friends.
    Then after writing and criticising Malay/Muslim issues, got called up for sedition charges, then about turn to now support Perkasa and kutuk opposition etc.
    I was surprised reading her previous articles about Malay/Muslim rights. Those Malay supporters of her now should read them.
    I used to defend her. lah.

    1. Baca tajuk jer, dah tahu:

      Anyone who can flip-flop like rubber deserves no respect.

      Her groupies must be really dumb.

      All 7 of them.

  4. Nice advice, guess most of the men might agreed on that five pointers..but Nausicaā about some five pointers pula for the guys..We mean some of the guys can actually use the 'reasonable advise' them self.Yes it's true a lots of cash can go a long way..Still some updates for the regular Joe's is much appreciated..come generous and be kind OK?.
    Well again I remembered this from Miyazaki 'Ponyo'-
    "I Love Ponyo whether she's a fish, a human,or something in between.."

  5. for me just smelling nice will do....hahahaha...

  6. 6. Try not to be obsessively jealous. For example, if other Chinese women have a better political career than you ever did (like Hannah Yeo), or are far better-looking than you (like KJ's press sec, Regina Lee):

    Jangan lah cemburu, Si Cina Montel.

    You end up coming across as a real loser, y'know?

    Or possibly, as a lesbian.

    Anyway, I hear that the effect of too much bitterness in the blood is that you become fat, lonely and start blogging REALLY, REALLY repetitively.

    Not good.

    Be like Annie, who can maintain a healthy balance and has time to even see a butterfly outside her house.

    That's much saner than sitting behind a laptop at 3 a.m., just re-typing same ol, same ol, venom.

    Boring lah...

  7. Aiyoh, I dun want to smell that person lah.... Eeeew

    Good pointers. Lol

    Btw, I dun know why 'some people' like to wear baju kurung all the time in front of the camera. My sis tells me if u wear the loose baju kurung, you will tend to overeat. Too forgiving on all the extra fat in the middle.

    Too bad Chinese girls nowadays dun wear the sexy cheong sam.

    1. aiyoo amoi in cheong sam!!!!amoi in baju kurung yummy kot...

  8. yang buncit cannot wear cheongsam, but those with no bulge will definitely pakai cheongsam. I would love to wear one but can't get it past the hips.

  9. She is more malay than malay now.
    Now whacking TDM, Mukhriz non stop.
    Ugly is understatement. She needs lots of mouth wash too.

    1. No, she's not "more malay than malay".

      Read how she used to whack the malays just a few years ago.

      I am beginning to believe the theory that she's a mole planted by the DAP to make people hate Umno.

      Good thing her readership is so low.

  10. lain orang, lain rasa...

    you, the girls....remember that if you smells like a fish...that means that, be it and dont try to do something that makes you smell like a chicken okey

    some guys, like girls that smells like a fish

    >james bond


    1. Yes intimate parts smell of fish, Sdr James
      and thats OK when too late the man is gone aroused(?)

      I think in our climate you need to bathe more often because retained sweat breeds bacteria, kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  11. Obviously these 5 traits are not present in Ms "No Retreat No Surrender" hence her apparent need to go berserk all. the. time.

  12. Politics do give many negative vibes nowadays.


  13. The way to a man's heart, remember(?) adinda Ms Annie
    is his stomach.

    6. Play mother: Be first to serve hot tea or cold drinks, and handy in the kitchen to conjure quick-recipe but filling food. Even Maggi can be sexed up when laced with half-raw vegetables and eggs, kan?

    Men are unconciously prospecting for a mother for their future offsprings, really! Wishing you more more opportunities in-sya-Allah with the right men.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Thanks for the advice Tuan Haji :)


    2. You're welcome, for the d'ua too adinda Ms Annie

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. You funny one-lah! First politics now advise to women to not be smelly! Really rofl!! Use water not only paper....hahaha!!