Saturday 30 January 2016

How they are losing the war

I'm tired but happy at the moment.

Hard at work the whole day helping clean up the house.

So, this is another brief one.

I once adviced that,

Of course Najib didn't read it.

But his media handlers probably did.

By the way things are going now, they probably didn't get the message from that posting.

Probably they are too shallow to get it.

They think anime is just for kids.

Too bad for them.

Ahmad Maslan, as IT director, just great that one....great joke.

Since they are so thick to understand my subtlety,  here, let me give it point blank what's needed for those who want to fight and win ;


which is so lacking in Umno's effort to win the cyberwar.

Well, not my problem anymore.

I'm out of it.

To the thinking people who read this blog, here is where I got my inspiration,

Ok. I need to go play mahjong now.



  1. Mahjong (Mah Jong) is a Chinese game of skill, strategy, and calculation. Researchers have developed a form of healing with Mahjong as they believe that playing the game is beneficial for individuals suffering from dementia, cognitive and memory difficulties.

    But other research work shows that this form of gambling can become addictive and contribute to stressful experiences, at the same time create anti-social behaviour.

    So, if its medicine to you, follow the doctor's prescription and be wary of your lower instincts.

  2. "Ahmad Maslan, as IT director, just great that one....great joke."

    My sources in Umno informed me that Mat thought that "IT" stands for "Ikan Tenggiri".

    Mat, Mat....

  3. Dear Annie

    I think they choose not to get it.

    Anyway just wondering if any of this is true.

    1. There is AP for citrus fruits. Lemons and oranges are definitely dearer these days.

    2. There is AP for mangoes. Difficult to get mangoes if you use that as an ingredient if you are in retail/business. A businessman friend confirmed this. More expensive too.

    3. There is AP for chicken. Consumers pay 20% more for chicken because of this.

    If the government want to reduce cost of living, start abolishing these APs that only enrich a few.

    Coming soon. AP for coffee beans.

  4. I do have a question for the Government on the recent budget revision.

    Why not reduce GST instead of asking the rakyat to reduce their EPF contribution? It is akin to asking the rakyat to spend future income. And if delved deeper, if you do opt for the 3% reduction, you end up paying more for income tax. Sneaky isn't it?

    1. Why not do away with subsidies? Full stop.

      Reduce government wastage & funds leakage. Is that so difficult to understand?

      And do away with "political donations". Why would self-respecting politicians and political parties need to look for donations from locals and foreigners?

    2. We have to follow and obey whatever umno say. They look after our ketuanan

  5. Annie.

    If you have any advise, you should deliver it to Rosmah Mansor. Najib is just a puppet PM. You can say this is fitnah but speak to businessmen.

    And Dato Kadir Jasin is right. People who are close to the couple are also the most two faced. Where do you think the stories of her excesses come from?

    1. The "10% principle" as applied by Bik Mama.

      I cannot understand what good it does. You have more than enough material things - far too much, in fact - yet you want more.

      When does it become too much?

    2. If u say Najib is just a mere puppet to Rosmah u are putting Rosmah too high and underestimate Najib's political skill.i have been following Najib's political moves for a very long time.Since he was part of Wawasan team during Anwar's day.He is very calculative.The way he toppled Nizar as the Menteri Besar of Perak.The way he approached Hadi and managed to tame that old man.Najib is a tough nut to crack

      Prof Kangkung

  6. I like "My neighbour Totoro."

    By the way, itu pompuan sudah amok lah. Hehehe. Any opportunity gasak you.

    1. The pompaun should spend more time exercising. Maybe a nice 10 km walk would reduce the extreme facial roundness? Though she may not shower afterwards...ewwwww!

  7. Annie,

    I am so glad you draw inspiration from Hayao Miyazaki.

    Hayao Miyazaki is not only a great animator but a great man, ideologically, philosophically, personally. :)

    I like "My Neighbour Totoro" and "Howl's Moving Castle" because I identify with Totoro and Howl :)

    Zahid Hamidi may like to have a Malaysian win a Nobel Prize in Literature but if we did have a Malaysian Miyazaki writing literature instead of producing cartoons, he would probably be ignored or considered un-Islamic or thrown in jail or all three :)

    Very likely, there will also be smelly sweaty myopic big-buttocked bloggers who will create fancy coloured charts and crunching out figures which explain why Zahid Hamidi was right to prosecute such a Malaysian Miyazaki.


    1. "...smelly sweaty myopic big-buttocked bloggers"

      Wow, that was poetic, sir : )

  8. "I love Ponyo whether she's a fish..a human..or something in between"..


  9. Olang selalu cekap ,itu Tun M lulu manyak powerful ,macam dictator ,tapi UMNO kena haram olih Mahkamah ,Tun M tatak bolih buat apa-apa maa aa .

    Wa manyak ingat Najib lagi manyak powerful maa aa .

    1. lufang, 6.51am, lu sula habis sembahyang ah?
      lu cinapek muallaf kan? lu silalu pakai manyak identity di sina sala. sikalang lu satu olang di stopthelies shj ah? manyak loneli hor, cinapek muallaf tua! LOL