Monday 25 January 2016


Saw this video just now and decided to share with you all.

I think it's nice.

This is the message which goes with the video,

Friends, even though we are different. This is a movie reflecting on fun moments with my Muslim Uyghur friend who studied in America for a school year. 

Fun fact: I'm a Christian who covers; she's a Muslim who doesn't.

"If possible, as far as it depends on you, you be at peace with ALL MEN." Romans 12:18

I have a friendship like that too.

My best friend in JB is a Christian.

Friendship is better than hate.


  1. "Friendship is better than hate."

    Yes, for sure.

    Now ISIS is threatening to step up attacks on Malaysia after we arrested seven of their members yesterday. Anything can happen in the next 3 to 6 months. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

    The world is bad enough already without making it worse. And the country, with no effective leadership, is in free fall.

  2. Annie(or whoever you are),
    Sorry my comment is not relevant to the above subject but its concern somethings from pronajib pemakan dedak blog. They talked alot about you at the back of cause this is their way, they accused your blog were protun that harbour DAP mindset.
    Well Annie I don't want to comment about their writing towards you because I am not interested in it but what concern me is the culture they believe in.This culture were the main reason why UMNO and BN are moving toward Shit hole ,this are the culture that maked UMNO so sick and rotten ,The culture "were money goes I follow ","money is King" and "pray for money".
    I not shy or afraid to tell you I am ProTun becuase I believe in people who have clear principal and people who have proof from what they have done.But I cannot accept people who proof to be corrupt and no moral value to be a leader this include moral we hold in our culture.Yes you can alleged that Tun M is corrupt this is free country you can said whatever you liked but as far as I know SPRM never ever conform that Billion of Ringgit were found in his personal account liked what they stated about Najib RM 2.6 b fortune even Najib admitted it .

    Yesterday I did enter to this pronajib blog actually before this I don't know much about this Protun and pronajib because I always followed blog that made me feel interest to read and easy to comment because some blog I find hard to comment and response.Whatever la ,about accusation that your blog harbour DAP mindset ,this accusation is mean to malay readers specifically,easy way to assassinate your blog towards malay reader where Najib only hope to survive in PRU 14.Well annie I dont think they can success because Najib images already became an icon of corruption locally and externally ,The more time Najib hold to the post the more people will hate in the end only left the pemakan dedak and goons. Annie or whoever you are please be sincere in our work than you will be long in what you involved and you will be happy on what you do ,you can't find this with the pemakan dedak aka Pronajib the donation .

    1. ProJib = Pro $$$$.

      So simple.

      They are like vultures feeding on a weak-willed, hopeless man who only knows how to buy, buy, buy,"loyalty". But, paid-for loyalty is not loyalty at all.

      Cash is King, so no Cash, no King.

      The Cash is money stolen from the rakyat, stolen via 1mdb, GLCs, TH, KWAP.

      But the pemakan dedak will keep eating the dedak, because they are also immoral, like the person who throws the dedak in the dirt.

      If he goes, they will switch sides again, or go out of business and have to find real jobs. What a shame.

  3. Agreed Ma'am..nice video..It makes me ponder by the meaning of friendships..As we grow older the criteria for friendship tend to be selfish in nature..maybe it tend to sway towards " what is it for me?.." or "what can I get from this?"..maybe when we think back during our more younger self..the immature less cynical person..the period of life when a simple "Hai!.".can get you great milage in friendship..A time when an extended hand of friendship is what it and taken at face value.Friendship like life is full of mysteries..some developed through childhood..some developed through hardship..some through mutual interest or cause..even criminal developed strong friendship through sense of honours.. How one put value into that friendship defined the maturity. Children has their own set of values so does adult..Somehow those value tends to get blurred along the way..what starts as a simple friendship might demand sacrifices that is to demanding in contrast to the effort we put in.Sometime we forfeited those friendship either by our own set of moral judgment or society..When push comes to we stand by those who we called friends? Real friendship is like bamboo they tends to sway but never breaks..


  4. Annie,

    You said no politics, so no politics.

    Continuing from where Encik Roslan left off, it doesn't matter one bit who or what your identity is. In fact, in a way, it makes your blog more interesting and exciting.

    If people can accept and even enjoy Superman, Batman or even Mrs Doubtfire, then why not just let you be. You are entitled to your alter-ego trip. Nothing fraudulent there. I don't think you gain anything financially or materially nor does anyone lose anything.

    It is funny the way some other bloggers out there are making a mountain out of a molehill on the issue of your identity.

    Especially venomous is that one particular blogger,(See, no mention of gender here) you-know-who, who seems fixated, nay, obsessive with you. The way you were run down by the said blogger may make one to come to the conclusion there is no love lost between the both of you. In fact, the language reserved for you by the blogger is on par with the language the blogger used for the ***sters. (See again, no politics.) Wonder if one can have a good night sleep with so much bile, so much hatred in one person.

    My take on this is to just ignore the said blogger. Sooner or later, the blogger will be jumping up and down inane rage.

    There, no politics and nothing political.