Monday, 25 January 2016

Being on Rocky's blogroll

Just lazing around on this final day of a long weekend.

Somehow, I feel like telling you all a bit about blogging.

For a bit of background, please click on this link,

There are not many bloggers who are stupid like me.

We are the ones who really believe in what we write and happy enough if people could consider our opinion. Nothing more than that.

Others make a living out of it. They are the clever ones.

Actually, in the beginning, I never expected this blog to be what it is now.

I thought no one will really care to read the thoughts and ramblings of a stupid girl.

Well, except maybe other girls as they may relate to it.

Much to my surprise, it turned out that quite a number of people like to read what I wrote.

It's nice to have an audience.

Still, I don't believe they would have read it if my blogging captain Rocky had not listed this blog on his blogroll.

I'm not really sure why he did it.

Honestly, I'm not very close to him.

Being on Rocky's blogroll and categorised as one of the "Other blogs that rock" gives a blog the recognition it needed to attract serious readers.

Many blogs became famous because of it.

Rocky has always been fair, even to bloggers who tend to disagree with him.

You can see quite a number of them on his blogroll.

I actually closely followed the template of Rocky's blog.

The ethics and methods of operating this blog are mostly based on his blog.

For instance, it was supposed to be a platform of free speech and expression.

I hardly censored comments unless they are either really seditious, extremely vulgar, very stupid and out of topic or could cause harm to innocent people.

For you all whose comments were spiked off by me, let me tell you that it was because one of the above reasons.

I even allowed very bad comments about myself through.

Told myself that I must be able to take it as much as I can dish it out.

If we want people to know us for our thoughts, we must be able to accept criticisms.

Otherwise, we would be just neurotic pussies.

I also hardly engaged in debates with commentators as I believe they have the right to express their opinions the same way I have the right to write what I like in my postings.

It's also would not be a fair debate because I have the advantage as I'm the moderator of this blog.

These were also the practices when I first contributed contents to the now not very active Big Cat blog about five years ago.

This is what I learned from those early days of reading Rocky's blog.

Some people had accused me of taking orders from Rocky in the past, but I guess now they know that it's not true.

Otherwise I would not be branded as these and that by some people.

I respect and will never go against Rocky due to the kindness that he extended to me but I don't simply follow my blogging captain all the time.

That's because he once told me that I must write my blog according to my sincere beliefs and try to write it from my heart.

Otherwise people will not bother to read it.

I'm doing exactly that.


  1. That's Ma'am is what friendship is all about.

  2. Yes Annie, it was thru Rocky that I came across your blog.

    I think he promoted you because you are very fair and balanced. Your fat friend has already labelled you as "Pro-Tun", which proves she cannot read - in your archives, there are MANY articles that have criticized some of Tun's actions.

    If I had to describe it, I would say you are "NEUTRAL". (Or I guess now, "disengaged", ha ha!)

    Anyway to me it's not about camps - where are the "pro-Malaysia" bloggers?

    Pro-Malaysia means you want to make a contribution to our many problems as a nation. We are overly oil-dependent, and we have not produced universities that can innovate and shift with global conditions to drive us into new fields. We have a growing ISIS problem. We have severe corruption in the highest places (at the very top, especially.) Too much race & religion politicking have made the country tired and pessimistic. The abuse of laws to kill dissent is bad, and is gonna get worse.

    We are moving backwards, fast.

    I think that's why people miss Tun's era. He was not perfect, for sure, but it was the last time I felt proud to be Malaysian.

    The best moment was the Thomas Cup 1992. I watched it at a mamak with people standing on cars and blocking off the whole road to get a view of the TV (no big-screen mamaks in 1992!)

    Good times....

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks Lai, will do what you said. Sorry but I don't even want that name in my blog anymore. Geli lah.

  4. I follow yr blog occasionally. there is this blogger whom I presume used 2 b part of yr circles of friends.
    she has implied that u r n imposter n was banished 2 d south bcos of ineffectiveness.

    u said that u hv 2 go south 2 look after family business.

    pls tell us d whole truth.

    wth regards 2 rocky's bru, in jest I asked him thru his blog whether he has received this mth/year's tranche.
    yet 2 receive a response.

    whatever we do truth n honesty r always d common denominator.

    1. I think I have answered that in my previous posts. Sorry, unlike some people, I don't really like to repeat myself over and over again. My advise to you, if you don't like a blog, just don't read it. Habis cerita.

  5. Neurotic pussy? Ah jib gor's favorite cat hehehe

  6. Just keep yr head sound up & yr heart straight .... & look forward to sweet seasons.