Tuesday 26 January 2016

Clearing up some nonsense

Left Kuantan after subuh and reached JB about 10am.

Was riding at normal speed with only a brief stop in Rompin to refuel.

Will only start working tomorrow and now just lepaking around.

It's raining here.

Had a short nap after shower and now feeling quite fresh.

Now I'm having tea at a cafe not far from where I'm staying.

Nothing much to do,  so I'm writing this post.

It's a bit of something which I need to clear up, I guess.

First, you all should watch this video at this link,


Normally, I would paste the video here for your convenience but for this one you have to find it yourself in YouTube.

I don't want to dirty my blog page with it.

For you all who are too lazy to do that, it's a video of someone badmouthing the BN government, the police and the 1Malaysia concept of PM DS Najib Razak.

The video was uploaded in September 2010.

At that time I was busy on the ground in Johor helping Umno preparing the defense of the state for the 13th general election.

You can verify this with the Johor Umno war room director at that time....if you can find him lah, as I'm not really sure where he is now.

About nine months after that video came out, the person featured in it came out with a blog which has since turned to be very pro-BN and anti-DAP.

I was actually surprised at that time because I was familiar with previous literary works of the person, especially those which were featured in Malaysiakini.

But then I decided to give the person the benefit of a doubt.

When I joined my two friends Ai and Tinsel to set up the BIGCAT blog, which story you can read here,

we voted on which blogs should be included in the blogroll.

Ai and myself voted to include that person's blog while Tinsel was against it.

Tinsel suspected that there was something fishy about that person.

But the decision was made on majority and the person's blog was included in the Big Cat's blogroll.

I remember that Ai, who was the leader of our team was quite fond of the person.

After Ai left the team just before the general election, Tinsel took over our blog while I set up this blog after asked to do so by Ai.

Tinsel, who became largely inactive as a blogger after the general election kept that person's blog in the blogroll until recently when she can't stand it anymore.

Myself on the other hand had included that person's blog in my blogroll since day one and was supportive of it.

You can check this blog's archive to verify that.

My problem with that person only started last month after I disagreed with the "either you are with us or against us" dogma which some tried to drum in among Umno people following the party's civil war.

My belief was that, those who were not willing to take sides, such as myself, should not be treated as enemy and be cut off from the party. Their votes are after all needed for the next general election.

After all, some of these people have been with Umno all their life.

I don't think it's appropriate for someone, such as that person, who had not that long ago been so anti-BN and probably anti-Umno too, now calling for the party to get rid of them just because they choose not to take sides in the civil war.

Since then I had checked with those who knew more about the current thinking of Umno leadership and it was confirmed that the "either you are with us or against us" dogma is indeed the party leadership's stand.

For me, that's the right of the Umno leadership but I can't agree with such thing.

I had then decided that I don't want to have anything to do with it and felt that it's better for me to quit writing politics.

I have been mostly writing about some small stuff since I moved to JB.

But the bad mouthing by that person continues, complete with all sorts of ridiculous accusations attached to it.

Honestly, I'm not really sure where all the hate came from.

I have had quarrels with DAP people in the past but not even they had ever attacked me like that person.

Again, you can check this blog's archive to verify it.

This is I think the first posting which I recorded of my quarrel with the DAP people,

It has always been the policy of this blog to exercise minimum censors as I believe in freedom of speech and expression.

That's why I let through most comments by the DAP people and even those who attacked me with vulgar words.

I think I have been fair even with those DAP people as I never used the term "red bean army" to describe them.

Check the blog archive if you don't believe me.

I refused to use that "red bean army" term as I know that many of those DAP people who attacked me were not paid cybertroopers.

But this particular person had accused me of colluding with those DAP people.

Well, what can I say? Let it be lah.

I know that some of you all find this whole thing quite entertaining.

This blog's stats counter had actually spiked up ever since it started.

Okay lah, I'm pleased to entertain you all.

I'm feeling like a clown, actually.

Whatever it is I hope this is going to be my last posting on this nonsense.

After this I will try to ignore it.

I need to do other things too.

Bad enough that my book project has to slow down now that I have to occasionally write politics again.

If I don't do that, all sorts of bullshit will fly again.

It's okay if the shit just hit me, but apparently there are others who have nothing to do with this nonsense were also affected such as my former boss as I highlighted in my last post.

Well, that's about it.

Sorry if this nonsense posting is a bit long.

Okay, need to meet some friends from Kota Iskandar in a short while.

Hopefully the rain will ease off soon and they can get here on time.


  1. Saya pun ada keraguan 'ketaatan' sebenar "that person terhadap perjuangan UMNO dan Orang Melayu.

    Saya tulis berikut dalam "that person' blog:-

    Mukhriz was the winning factor that enables BN to regain Kedah. That too was because Najib had, as he usually did, sort-of ‘mentally bribed’ the people of Kedah, with a promise that he would made Muhkriz MB if BN wins. But the one thing that people did not realized was that Najib had allocated Ayer Hitam, a PAS stronghold, for Mukhriz to contest. Many had the impression at that time, that it was a ploy to eliminate Mukhriz from Kedah’s political scene, altogether. Had Muhkriz lost, Najib cannot be blamed if he could not make Mukhriz as MB, since an MB must be an ADUN.
    To Najib’s surprise, Mukhriz had won with a 2446 majority, regaining 7 more seat lost in 2008, under former-MB, Mahadir Khalid. But now these scumbags of the ex-MB who once caused BN’s downfall wanted to pull the rug under Mukhriz’s feet and hijacked the ‘glory’ that they have once tasted and squandered, then lose it.
    Yes I agree: “Mukhriz has very little local support among Umno Kedah”.
    And that was probably due to Mukhriz’s kedekut’ attitude when it involved Rakyat’s MONEY. The first think that he said after becoming MB was that he will not be giving favours to relatives or his cronies. Was that the reason why he was not popular, therefore little support amongst Kedah UMNO?
    I’m perplexed as to why, nobody from Projib had ever talked about the interest, hence support from Rakyat. Whether or not, Mukhriz was popular with the Rakyat. Is it because, ‘Rakyat diDahulukan’, only during election?
    Wonder why the top policeman in Kedah, asked Kedahans to remain calm or ‘bertenang’ if Kedahan ‘love’ Ahmad Bashah’s Najib.

    "that person" Replied, Malu nak catit 2446 undi majority Mukhiz menang. Lepas tu perli bahawa saya banyak baca 'Annie dan SAA.'

    11. ?????? | January 23, 2016 at 10:41 pm

    re: “Najib had allocated Ayer Hitam, a PAS stronghold, for Mukhriz to contest”
    PAS won in 2008 with a 506 majority. 506 votes wasn’t an insurmountable hurdle.
    1999, PAS menang
    Abdul Ghani Ahmad (PAS) – 8,558 votes
    Abdul Rahman Ariffin (Umno) – 8,414 votes
    Majority: 144 votes
    2004, Umno menang
    Othman Aziz (Umno) 10,759 votes
    Abd Ghani Ahmad (PAS) 9,899 votes
    Majority: 860 votes
    2008, PAS menang
    Abdul Ghani Ahmad (PAS) 10,652 votes
    Othman Aziz (Umno) 10,146 votes
    Majority: 506 votes
    2013, Umno/Mukhriz menang
    re: “that it was a ploy to eliminate Mukhriz from Kedah’s political scene, altogether”
    Is there any reason for you to believe that Najib wanted to eliminate Mukhriz from Kedah’s political scene in 2013? Why?
    re: “To Najib’s surprise, Mukhriz had won with a 2446 majority”
    How do you know? Did you see his face in reaction?
    re: “But now these scumbags of the ex-MB who once caused BN’s downfall wanted to pull the rug under Mukhriz’s feet”
    Mukhriz was the parachute glamour candidate. It was those people you’re calling “scumbags” who did the groundwork with the grassroots. Isn’t your understanding being upside down?
    re: Yes I agree: “Mukhriz has very little local support among Umno Kedah”.
    Then the locals must have their reason for Mukhriz’s unpopularity in the party, no?
    re: “And that was probably due to Mukhriz’s kedekut’ attitude when it involved Rakyat’s MONEY.”
    That’s your side of the story. Why don’t you ask the PAS people for a more neutral view?
    re: “I’m perplexed as to why, nobody from Projib had ever talked about the interest, hence support from Rakyat.”
    14 out of 15 Kedah Umno division chiefs plus the deputy division chief of Jerlun are against Mukhriz. If they do not represent the interest of the rakyat, then who does? Annie and SAA?
    re: “Wonder why the top policeman in Kedah, asked Kedahans to remain calm or ‘bertenang’ if Kedahan ‘love’ Ahmad Bashah’s Najib.”
    Because the Protuns are fomenting hatred and anarchy?

    Saya malas nak layan kerana dia fitnah dan label penentang Najib sebagai ProTun. Nampak seolah-olah dia mahu melaga-lagakan penyokong UMNO.

    1. RD, next time please don't put anything from that blog here. I'm letting only this one through because you are a regular here. Thanks.

    2. Broken logic.

      Anti-najib = Protun.

      Anti-najib = Dapster.

      Her mall brain cannot handle anything complicated, lah.

      I pity her.

    3. Aiseh autine Annie, as a moderator you should let anything through as long as the content is not seditious, vulgar, racist etc. Just because hebis regular is not the right reason, as your personal feeling should segregate as you are also a moderator.
      So much for freedom of speech as you did say in your previous posts, hence walk the talk, or really sudah macam makcik lupa banyak kot? Result of celibacy?

    4. Versi Mukhriz sendiri mengaku keputusan bertanding di DUN Ayer Hitam adalah kehendaknya beliau sendiri. Najib pada mulanya kurang bersetuju dengan kata2 lebih kurang, "u gila ka?" kepada Mukhriz ketika Mukhriz memaklumkan cadangan bertanding di DUN Ayer Hitam. Perkara ini diceritakan oleh Mukhriz sendiri dalam pertemuan dengan perwakilan Umno di sebuah hotel di Putrajaya semasa dia menawarkan diri sebagai calon Naib Presiden. Sangkaan bahawa Mukhriz diletak di Ayer Hitam untuk membunuh karier politiknya boleh dipertikaikan. Ketika itu hubungan Najib dengan semua pihak khususnya Tin Mahathir masih baik dan tidak ada sebab Najib mahu menjejaskan karier politik Mukhriz.

      Ulasan ini bukanlah untuk membela sesiapa tetapi hanya untuk berkongsi fakta.

    5. Esok "last day as MB" konon.

      Takpe, tunggu jer, terima jer...

    6. OK Annie. No more "anything from "that person".
      My apologies.

    7. Maybe Mukhriz has what we would call true grit? Malaysia yang disayangi ....


  2. Annie, you are not the clown. The clown is our AG with his case close verdict. He decided to become the judge and jury so that he can clear his boss of any wrongdoing.

    1. Kronologi Derma 2.6 Billion

      Jawapan 1 : (Diam)
      Jawapan 2 : Akaun itu tidak wujud.
      Jawapan 3 : Ejaan nama Najib Razak oleh WSJ adalah silap.
      Jawapan 4 : Saya tak guna duit itu untuk kegunaan peribadi.
      Jawapan 5 : Penulisan Wall Street Journal adalah berunsur fitnah.
      Jawapan 6 : Saya akan saman WSJ pada hari Selasa.
      Jawapan 7 : Yahudi sedang menyerang Malaysia.
      Jawapan 8 : Adalah bodoh jika Najib Razak guna akaun sendiri untuk terima wang
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      Jawapan 20 : jangan ganggu pentadbiran Najib, zaman Tun sudah berlalu
      Jawapan 21 : Saya sudah berjumpa dengan keluarga penderma
      Jawapan 22 : Bank Negara tahu, saya tidak melakukan apa apa kesalahan
      Jawapan 23 : ada plurals penderma, bukan seorang penderma
      Jawapan 24 : Azalina uthman- ya kah?mungkin zahidi lebih tahu dari apa yang kami tak tahu
      Jawapan 25 : Saya telah membelanjakan kesemua RM 2.6B untuk kegunaan umno
      Jawapan 26 : Henti kan fitnah. Wang itu wang derma bukan rasuah. ( Issue fitnah kembali berkumandang)
      Jawapan 27 : Aishah RA juga di fitnah. Tapi sudi memafkan penfitnah. Aishah RA berjiwa besar.
      Jawapan 28 : SPRM jumpa penderma tunggal, bukan lebih dari seorang.
      Jawapan 29 : RM 2.03B telah di pulangkan kembali kepada keluarga diraja arab
      Jawapan 30 : Tiada kesalahan jenayah di lakukan oleh PM. Minta SPRM mengugurkan kertas siasatan dan kes di tutup kerana tiada fakta jelas dan tiada bukti.

      Sumber: nizam aqlan

  3. As I've said previously, she is the perfect Trojan Horse. She practices reverse psychology by highlighting all the 'evil' actions of the Chinese, Christians, etc. Much of this is exaggerated nonsense or repetitions of the same old stuff which are packaged to incite hatred and anger among the Malays/Muslims. This in turn makes her lunatic fringe followers come up with further seditious statements against the targets and this in turns makes the Christian, Chinese etc folk foolish enough to read her blog upset with the Malays/Government. Seriously, until today I don't understand why she is not investigated again under the Sedition Act.

    You are the better blogger Annie. Just be yourself.

    1. I guest she was also alarmed that Buddhism (Taoism), a faith she professed, is declining popularity among Chinese younger generation due to the influence of DAP's politicians propagating the more 'fashionable' western Evangelistic cult. Mainland China, too. That was why the government of Mainland China, demolished hundreds of unauthorized Crosses and Churches. After-all, China had been facing 'difficulties' from these menacing 'born-again' Evangelist in Hong Kong & Taiwan.

    2. Buddhism and Taoism coexist but they are not the same, rather, neither Buddhism or Taoism as practiced by ("traditional"?) Chinese does not require exclusivity of faith and can be practiced side by side. Much like how Shinto and Buddhism coexist in Japan. But I suppose you already know that...? But then I again I suppose some would rage that the Chinese will put ethnic solidarity above religious differences in order to explain why "95%" (the figure i see brandied about, which is far in excess of the % of practicing christians even in a certain person's hated township of SJ) of Chinese support the opposition

      I'd be hesitant to call Taiwan a significant source of evangelism, at least not solely, given it's also host to significantly activist Buddhist organizations.

    3. RD, China is Communist. All religions to them are taboo, even Islam.

  4. Catching on in years ... Still trying to change the world ma'am?


  5. Good ride on the blacktop Ma'am?..burning rubbers or just letting the goodtimes rolls on those wheels..? Well here something I pickup from the novel Godfather by Mario puzo..just want to put it on your blog comments section..."He claimed that there was no greater natural advantage in life than having an enemy overestimate your faults,unless it was to have a friend underestimate your virtues."-Don Corleone.."The Godfather"..

  6. Ok, ive watched the video. Malas nak dengar rambling tu. More diverted by the chap sitting on the person sitting on the speaker's left. He's wearing a face mask. Izzit to filter out smells?

  7. Kih kih kih.....anyone who changes sides like that is kompom looking for dedak in the dirt. Cluck cluck.

    RPK serupa jugak.

    But your fat friend in the video there looks like she ate about 2 dozen McD's meals (super-sized) every day along with just plain dedak.

    Maybe from a new restaurant called McDedak : )

    Either way, that's one chubby face.

    Hentam Hannah Yeo pulak for being fat. Perghhh...munafikkkk teruk.

  8. Ooohhh, you have stirred the hornet's nest! Bet you a certain someone now rolling on the floor, foaming at the mouth and will be up the whole furiously churning out poison against you!

    Anyway, I don't care whether you're female, male, animal, vegetable or mineral; I much prefer reading your blog now. Used to read avidly and comment in THAT blog but it has become repetitive and bullying.
    I agree THAT blogger is a Trojan horse, konon sympathetic to the Malay/Muslim segment but in actuality, whips up unsuspecting Malays/Muslims to make anti-MCA/Chinese/Christian comments to covertly boost DAP's support.

    Stay strong Annie.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks for commenting, but I don't allow that name in this blog anymore. Sorry.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks for your support Anon, but sorry, I think you are being too harsh on that person.

  11. is that the stench of the wet dog that I'm smelling ?

  12. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...

  13. Ubah haluan bukanlah sesuatu yang pelik dalam politik. Ia bukan saja berlaku dalam Umno, Dap, PKR dan MCA malah siapa sangka ubahan haluan terbesar dan terkini berlaku dalam Pas. Yang dilihat tak akan berlaku rupa rupanya berlaku dan dalam skala yang lebih besar pula.

    Kalau nak ubah haluan, biarkan. Tiada kuasa mampu menghalang. Haluan akan tetap juga berubah kerana keputusan akhir telah dibuat, alasan telah ada, yakni dengan alasan itu haluan akan diubah.

    Sebanyak mana alasan tersebut nampak remeh, bagi empunya diri, ia bukanlan alasan yang remeh dan kalau cuba diyakinkan betapa remehnya alasan berkenaan dan apa impak susulanya, ia akan hanya masuk satu telinga dan keluar menerusi telinga satu lagi.

    Sedar atau tidak, ubah haluan tidak menjadikan kera sumbang. Akan ada saja simpatisan atau kalau tidak berhati hati ada saja penangguk di air keruh yang berkata, kecil tapak tangan, nyiru kami tadahkan.

    Apabila nyiru yang ditadah bersangka baik, dapatannya juga adalah baik. Dan sebaliknya kalau bersangka buruk, dapatannya buruk jua.

    Sememangnya penyapu baru lebih produktif dan kompetitif namun kalau dilihat secara positif tak ada sebab untuk penyapu lama berfikiran negatif.

    Akhir kata, usah ditanya betul ke si polan sudah berubah haluan atau dot, dot; sebaliknya tanyalah diri sendiri terlebih dahulu: apakah aku ini nampak di tempat lama lagi atau nampak macam telah berubah tempat.


  14. Dalam mana mana organisasi akan ada dua kumpulan iaitu penyapu baru dan lama. Yang baru tidak semestinya rajin, keatif dan inovatif.

    Kalau ada baguslah. Kalau tidak begitu kenalah yang lama itu buat semuanya seolah olah ada yang baru pun macam tak ada saja lagaknya.

    Namun kalau yang baru itu rajin dan melakukan tugasan yang baik, terimalah ia seadanya. Dan kalau memberi idea, idea dari yang baru nampak lebih bernas, terimalah seadanya.

    Apabila penyapu baru serba serbinya tidak diterima seadanya, yang dibimbangkan ialah akan muncul kejian dan tuduhan yang tidak benar.

    Kalau tuduhan adalah benar dan organisasi hilang penyapu baru, organisasi tidak rugi tapi kalau ikhlas menyayangi organisasi sedangkan tuduhan dilemparkan tersasar dan kalau yang baru itu hilang, organisasi yang disayangi juga yang rugi.