Monday 25 January 2016

Annie will write politics again...just a bit, okay

This is irritating and tiresome, so I'm going to be brief about it.

Got a call from a friend who is a former colleague just now.

She was telling me that my former boss was very unhappy that there are people who are making up stories that he had banished me to Johor and banned me from writing about politics.

"It's not fair la. Boss said it made him sounds like a control freak," she said.

Well, boss, if you are reading this, I'm sorry for causing you the discomfort.

You have been very understanding about me quitting that day and for that I thank you.

I already wrote that I quit my job because I need to take care of some family matters and gave up being a stupid political blogger because I'm tired of it.

But unfortunately some people refused to leave me alone and continued to bitch their ass off about me.

Nothing I can do about it, okay.

There are other more ridiculous bullshit they said about me but I'm not going to even bother myself about it.

Real case of crazy stalkers, I think.

So, in order to ease the discomfort of my former boss, I'm going to write some political stuff again in this blog so that no one can accuse him of being a control freak, banning and banishing me.

But I'm sticking to my decision to be neutral.

I'm also not going to write politics everyday like some neurotic bitch hungry for sex.

Only if the issue is really worth my time to comment, okay.

See lah how it goes.

That's all.

I have a long ride back to JB tomorrow morning.

Need to sleep now.

Goodnight everyone.


  1. For the road ma'am.."We are so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are.." where are we?..on the road ma'am..on the road..Ride safe ma' safe..

  2. Rilek lah, Annie.

    Keep your stress levels down. And chill out.

    Otherwise, in 20 years time you'll end up as some bitter old spinster, posting three times a day and yet being removed from everyone's blogroll because, well, you write like a bitter old spinster.

    I'm sure your fate will be far better than that.

    Rilek and ride safe!

    1. Hi hi hi. I know who you are refering to.

      Posting 3 times a day and always about one woman. This is certainly a jealous grudge.

  3. Boss a control freak? Nah, that would make him bangang lagi jemuan...

  4. Good for you...kinda boring writing about food, flowers etc all the time. keep being yourself and you will be fine. just a line from a 1943 vintage with nothing better to do...

  5. Good keep it up (Kipidap) we support....

  6. Hi Annie,
    Politic is a long struggle, although many want change, surely we all will reach the change for the betterment of Malaysia.
    At the moment, we have very bad and corrupt leadership. What's the pulse in Johor? Will it fall to new Pakatan Coalition? Kedah is rocking now and possible have chance to fall.
    Enjoy yourself Annie and be happy

  7. Hi Annie, It is nice that you have decided to do your 'political blogging' again and I look forward to reading them. It is your personal blog and therefore your right to open up your thoughts just so that your readers know what they are!
    There were times I agree or disagree with your writings but that does not mean I do not respect you as a person. I find your blog interesting, with a touch of humour and I say, CARRY ON ANNIE!!