Saturday 16 January 2016

Lesson from a stupid attempt to be a racist

The past weeks were filled with stories of violence.

The latest were the attack in Jakarta and today's horror at Burkina Faso.

Honestly, I was not so sure where is Burkina Faso until I checked the world map.

Burkina Faso is in red

I think the news were all over the net, so there's no need for me to provide the links here.

Could the same bloodshed happened here?

Apparently it could.

Here is a story of terrorism in Malaysia today

Police foiled suicide bombing attempt in the country

Congratulations to the police for their success.

But how could this happened in Malaysia?

I think the answer must be due to racial and religious extremism.

Malaysia, being a truly multi-racial country is actually very much exposed to such extreme elements.

We are nonetheless lucky all these while because of our moderate ways.

Other then the communist insurgency and a few relatively minor racial clashes, we have been spared from an all out blood letting such that happened in other countries.

The May 13 incident in 1969 is relatively minor if compared to all those massacres and ethnic cleansing recorded throughout the world's history.

But still, the risk of one becoming an extremist is actually quite high among Malaysians.

Let me put myself as an example.

During the run up to the last general election in 2013, I was blogging in support of BN on the platform of moderation.

I was promoting a better understanding between especially the Chinese and Malay communities, so that moderate ways could be sustained for the betterment of the country.

It was in line with the campaign strategy of PM DS Najib Razak.

Then the Chinese tsunami happened on polling day of May 5.

I was angry and frustrated that the Chinese community actually succumbed to what to me was the opposition's tactics of racial incitement.

The election results devastated my belief that the Chinese would not turn their back on the moderate Malays who have been their friends, especially in keeping the Malay extremists at bay.

I did a series of postings to express my feeling at that time.

However, it was hard for me to sustain that anger for long.

This is a posting which I did less than two weeks after ranting and raving against the Chinese,

Guiltiness of being a racist 

You will probably laugh if you read the post, considering what happened to me recently.

Honestly, I felt guilty at that time for trying to turn myself into a racist.

Hard as I tried, it just didn't really work out.

Later on I even made fun of myself for being like that.

This is an example of it,

It's actually quite silly to hate the Chinese when being in love with one of them.

After a while I accepted the reality that I was just being stupid to be angry with the Chinese for the way they voted in the last general election.

It's just the reality of Malaysia's racialist politics.

I simply have to accept and deal with it without hating anyone.

Later on, I started to do postings such as this,

I was probably lucky because of my personal background which makes it hard for me to turn into a full blown extremist or racist.

But most other Malaysians may not be so fortunate.

It's easy to succumb to the easy but dangerous path of extremism, especially in these days of social media where any nut case with a computer may write something or another  to instigate and inflame racial and religious sentiments.

We simply can't afford to let such racists and extremists to take over the shaping of our mind-set in this country.

I hope the authorities could do something to stop irresponsible lunatics from continuing to fan hatred among Malaysians.

I believe it's the only way we can prevent those tragedies in other parts of the world from happening in our own  country.


  1. i dont know...
    I just hate the chinese more and more now.
    malaysian chinese are yahudis of asia.

    1. how do you feel about the islamic state butchers?

    2. You must be lost. You should be on Fat Ang's.

    3. Fucking Melayu got nothing better to do.
      That's why they become terrorist.
      For the record, I fucking hate Melayu back.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Sorry mdzfrs, can't let that one through. Otherwise people will accuse me of these and that.

    6. Ha ha, don't worry about the Plump Queen, Annie. Your blog, your territory. If some people have no life, then they can take it any way they want, but they should just stick to ranting in their own little corner. Kan?

    7. Many months ago,Ajib gladly asked amno to emulate Isis fighting spirit as he spoke at a division gathering. Bodoh

  2. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance...

    1. He's become what he can't be ... scared out of his wits he can only stop and stare

  3. With all the new legislations being tabled, what I worry is a false-flag incident...

    1. I think it's very strange that ku nan would make a public statement on "hotspots" that pdrm have to deny later. Very unwise. Will cause panic, reduce tourism, etc. Leave it to pdrm to make announcements, lah.

  4. to say that the chinese community succumb to dap racial incitement and therefore have turned against the malays is not quite correct,are the malays in pkr, pas and amanah not malays too?
    many factors contributed to the tsunami,
    the chinese community has been solidly behind the bn gomen previously until the advent of the social media that highlighted the shenanigans, abuse of power, corruptions, wastages and leakages that goes unpunished, no accountability and transparency, can our country sustain and withstand such abuses going forward, no they are not making enemies of the malays, it will be stupid and suicidal, they are just doing what they can for their country too

    1. You have a point there...the Chinese kept their eyes opened, so did a few Malays..most Malays kept their eyes closed or looked the other way..

    2. I believe you and I am with you Mucking Fuddled

    3. "You have a point there...the Chinese kept their eyes opened, so did a few Malays..most Malays kept their eyes closed or looked the other way."

      I don't quite agree. I think the malays also know what is happening, lah. You see merdeka center, the poll is showing only 31% malay support for najib geng.

      That is why najib is trying so hard to make friends with Pas......desperate!

  5. Signs a person of hell ;

    Signs a person of heaven ;
    2.Humble / obedient
    3.Polite / modest

    Pro gomen, and pro oppo persons (even the leader), which are more prominent characters on them.

    1. Zahid Hamidi terus masuk neraka ke? Kih kih your logic.

  6. In 1987 in the attempt to avoid political chaos including racial tensions, Ops Lalang was launched.Members from all parties were arrested.Many from the opposition. Notwithstanding,although downplayed by opposition and their supporters till this day,the fact remain that pro Govt /UMNO members were also arrested.Ibrahim Ali, Tajuddin Rahman , Fahmi Ibrahim and Ahmad Sebi among them. Prior to the arrests a planned UMNO mass gathering was called off.
    From then on, 1988 onwards, Malaysia survived without any major civil war/racial riots /terrorist attacks.


  7. To do something like Ops Lalang again wont do any good , what most needed now is a change of trusted and strong government .

    We have a strong leadership in 1987.

    1. Totally agree with you tebing tinggi. The response that was expected.
      Today POTA arrests ,sacking of Cabinet members , early retirements and reassignments of PAC members and public servants ,demonising and destroying past legacies all being done to prop up the present leadership.
      While real public issues being denied.Rising cost of living, economic downturn,racial disintegration.

    2. Tun's era was one that 90% of Malaysians want to return to. Not because it was perfect, but because he was sincere. And most were happier then.

  8. A question that needs to be answered that can make that purported change becomes a reality is that from which party inside Pakatan a PM in waiting will be picked. If the answer is not acceptable to the Majority race, most likely Putrajaya will not have a new administrator. So Pakatan must be aware the tsunami is no longer a factor to change the luck but who will be picked as the head of the admin will determine whether a dream becomes reality or will remain as another daydream.

    1. Pardon me sir, but no Dirty Old Man Rear Admirers (DOMRA) for us please!

    2. Cannot be Chinese lah. But cannot be Wan Azizah either, she is 100% useless. There will be an exodus from Umno before GE14, so it's best that the head of the UMNO Team B is the new PM. But Anwar Liwat has to let go of his ego and let it happen. Can he?

    Geronimo Miller
    January 15 at 9:38pm · Toronto, ON, Canada ·
    We are hard-working, we are smart, we contribute to every country( such as doctors, scientist, accountants, teachers etc.), we live in and we do not create troubles-so why are we being discriminated???
    This article dedicated to my Chinese Friends is a good Read for All.
    Subject: Being Chinese?
    The simple plain truth about the Chinese
    This Chinese-Australian professor has a funny but true explanation about the Chinese people. Why do Chinese people work so hard to succeed in life?
    Chinese people don't go about bombing, terrorizing others and causing religious hatred. We live peacefully with everyone on Earth.
    Here is the plain truth.
    #1. There are over 1 billion of us on this earth. We are like photostat copies of each other. You get rid of one, 5 magically appears (like ballot boxes). Yes, it is scary, especially for us. We acknowledge that we are replaceable, thus we are not particularly 'special'. If you think you are smart, there are a few thousand more people smarter than you. If you think you are strong, there are a few thousand people stronger than you.
    #2. We have been crawling all over this earth for far more centuries that most civilizations. Our DNA is designed for survival. We are like cockroaches. Put us anywhere on earth and we will make a colony and thrive. We survive on anything around us and make the best of it. Some keep migrating but others will stay and multiply.
    #3. NOBODY cares if we succeed as individuals or not. But our families take pride in knowing we have succeeded. Yes, some will fail. We take nothing for granted. We don't expect privileges to fall on our laps. No one owes us anything.
    #4. We know we have nothing to lose if we try to succeed. Thus, we have no fear trying. That is why Chinese are addicted to gambling. We thrive on taking risks. All or nothing.
    #5. From young we are taught to count every cent. What we take for granted like money management, I have found out recently, is not something other cultures practice at home with their children. It surprised me. But truth is not all societies or cultures teach their young this set of skills because it is rude to them. Yes, most of us can count because we are forced to and the logic of money is pounded into us from the beginning of time (when mama tells us how much she has spent on our milk and diapers)

  10. #6. We acknowledge life cycles. We accept that wealth in a family stays for three generations (urban myth?). Thus, every 4th generation will have to work from scratch. I.e. first generation earns the money from scratch, second generation spends the money on education, third generation gets spoiled and wastes all the inheritance. Then we are back to square one. Some families hang on to their wealth a little longer than most.
    #7. It is our culture to push our next generation to do better than the last. Be smarter. Be stronger. Be faster. Be more righteous. Be more pious. Be more innovative. Be more creative. Be richer. Be everything that you can be in this lifetime.
    #8. Our society judges us by our achievements... and we have no choice but to do something worthwhile because Chinese New Year comes around every year and Chinese relatives have no qualms about asking you straight in your face - how much are you making? When was your last promotion? How big is your office? What car do you drive? Where do you stay? You have boyfriend? You have girlfriend? When are you getting married? When are you having children? When is the next child? When you getting a boy? Got maid yet? Does your company send you overseas? etc etc etc. It NEVER ENDS... so, we can't stop chasing the illusive train - we are damned to a materialistic society. If you are not Chinese, consider yourself lucky!
    #9. We have been taught from young that if you have two hands, two feet, two eyes, and a mouth, what are you doing with it? "People with no hands can do better than you !"
    #10. Ironically, the Chinese also believe in giving back to save their wretched materialistic souls. Balance is needed. The more their children succeed in life, the more our parents will give back to society as gratitude for the good fortune bestowed on their children. Yes. That is true. And that is why our society progresses forward in all conditions.
    Nobody pities us.
    We accept that.
    No one owes us anything.
    We know that.
    There are too many of us for charity to reach all of us.
    We acknowledge that.
    But that does not stop us from making a better life.
    This lifetime.
    Opportunity is as we make of it.
    So, pardon us if we feel obliged to make a better place for ourselves in this country we call home.
    It is in our DNA to progress forward for a more comfortable life.
    But if history were to be our teacher, look around this globe.
    Every country has a Chinatown (seriously) but how many government/countries are 'taken' over by the Chinese people.
    Don't be afraid of us overwhelming your majority, we are not looking to conquer.
    If we have moved away from China and Chinese governed countries, we are NOT looking for another country to administer.
    Our representatives are only there to look after our collective welfare. They are duty bound.
    We prefer to blend in and enjoy the fruits of our labor.
    We enjoy the company of like minded people of all races.
    After all, we are only passing through a small period in the history of time... so, use our skills and we can all progress forward together.
    Chan-Lui Lee, Ph.D.
    Honorary Life Member & Past President, AFS

    And so we soldier on, bruised and battered, but never out.

  11. Ha ha, OK respect your views bro. No race is actually better than one another. Some Chinese are irritating, some Malays are irritating, some Indians, etc.

    I have learned not to let the few bad ones influence my views of the whole race. With this world in turmoil, it is better that Malaysians stick together. That's beyond politics.

    1. You are so right, bro. However, in a demoratic country, the who nation ought to shoulder the mistakes and ill-conceived policies of the elected government, especially if the foreign policies of the elected government destroy the lives, dignity and properties of others in distant land. I shall not name the superpower that is currently bringing havoc to so many in the Middle-East.

      As for the injustice felt by many Malaysians, has the ruling party ever bothered to sit down and reflect on why so many of certain particular ethnic races are so badly affected by the government's ill-advised policies which have seen the steady exodus of our young Malaysians who can contribute so much to helping build a better Malaysia. We can do it even better than Singapore if those incompetent politicians bow out of politics gracefully and allow younger generation of fair-minded Malaysians with great ideals and foresight to take over the nation's governing machinery !