Thursday 7 January 2016

Completely neutral and disengaged

Packed my stuff at the office yesterday.

Turned out that I don't have much.

Just a small box of stuff.

Will be driving down to JB tomorrow and pick up my bike later.

My father wants me to start there on Monday.

I actually gave a 24 hours resignation notice.

My boss was okay with it all, as he understood the urgency of matters I need to take care of in JB.

Somehow, I feel liberated that I'm leaving KL.

It's always been like that when ever I'm starting a new phase of my life.

Even though I'm not so fond of JB, I spent perhaps the happiest days of my life there.

I met my ex there, which is the best memory for me ever.

I hope to stay in JB as long as I can this time.

Recent events have convinced me that I needed a change of environment and my father's request for me to help things out in JB was a welcomed relief.

I also feel that I now need to disengage myself from politics.

It's because I'm not longer sure whether my political stand was still the right one.

When I first started blogging, I openly declared that I'm pro-establishment because I believe in it.

I never tried to pretend to be neutral or anything else.

I used to believe that BN will always be better than Pakatan.

This is mostly because I found that BN people are nicer than those who support Pakatan.

That's the effect of me mixing too much with people of former Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

Like their boss, I found those people to be good, honest and sincere.

Another thing that I like about being a pro-establishment blogger, I can criticise the establishment if I disagree with what it's doing.

This can't be said of those in Pakatan.

For instance, DAP never tolerate criticism by its members. Those who do so would be chopped off from the party.

As comparison, it has never been an Umno's culture to throw out its members for not showing enough love for the party leaders.

Now, I realised that things have changed.

In Umno now, those who hold power, via their people appear to promote the dogma of "either you are with us or against us", meaning those who are not "with us" would be chopped off for they would be deemed as "against us".

They sound almost exactly the same as the DAP people. actually.

"We don't take prisoner" so they said.

There  have been many other elements which made me realised that Umno has changed, but those absolutist slogans which seem to be promoted as the party's stand these days were what finally turned me off.

Even though I'm not a member, I supported Umno's struggles because of its ideals and the good example displayed by leaders such as Ghani and his people.

Now that the party is in the grip of people who are touting things such as "either you are with us or against us", I don't feel I want to have anything to do with it anymore.

I don't want to be part of a gang who goes around threatening people like that.

I supported the establishment because I thought I was doing good, not because I want to be a gangster.

I believe the core ideal of the party which is Malays unity for the betterment of Malays has finally died because of this new attitude as promoted by the bloggers of the party.

How can they talk about Malays unity while they go around threatening and kicking out Malays who love and support the party just because they disagreed with its leader?

I know that someone had tried to modify that "either you are with us or against us" dogma by categorising Umno people who disagree with the party leadership into certain groups to soften its effect, but I think it's too late now, at least as far as I'm concerned.

I have now seen the ugly arrogant face.

Told myself that if that's the new face of Umno, then I never want to be part of it anymore.

 That's why I want to disengage from politics.

It's never been a Malay culture in the first place to be arrogant and cruel.

A Malay leader does not go around killing innocent civilians just because they don't support him.

And this is Tanah Melayu, land of the Malays, not ancient China where the Emperor went around killing whole clans just because several members of them rebelled against him.

"Either you are with us or against us" is not the way of the Malays.

If Umno practises that, then as far as I'm concerned, that party is no longer a Malay party.

I don't want to support such a party.

From now on, if I want to continue blogging, I'll most probably write about things which can really help the people.

Things like clogged drains in the neighbourhood, how to fix a bike, being safe on the road etc.

I intend to stay away from politics as much as I can from now on.

Well, that's how I'm going to be once I'm back in JB.

Completely neutral.

Okay, have a good day everyone.



  1. u took ur time, but finally :D

  2. good bye Annie.May Allah bless you. Safe journey home.

  3. Morning annie
    I m really support ur choice..its will be better to be real people..gud luck..see u one day

  4. Best wishes Annie and good luck.

    Take care.

  5. Morning Annie,Yes,you are right,Hijrah could change ourself maybe not our country.biarlah..nak buat macamana.Saya hijrah ke Negara jiran ini(ada yg kata saya susah nanti sebab nak starts everything new)biarlah..asalkan office saya,rumah saya tak didatangi orang2 yg tak jujur dlm membela bangsa.Masa berlalu..dah hampir 15 thn disini,my life is much much much better than back home,tapi saya tetap pertahankan bangsa dan Tanah Ibu Pertiwi dari kejauhan dgn cara saya tersendiri,bak kata orang,hujan emas di negara orang,hujan batu di negara sendiri,Saya lebih rela memilih hujan emas dan lemparkan batu pada yg ganggu bangsaku.

    1. Kalau boleh kasi tahu bagaimana boleh "tetap pertahankan
      bangsa dan Tanah Ibu Pertiwi dari (jauh)" saya akan berterima kasih.

    2. Tuan.Sebagai rakyat Malaysia yg tinggal diluar Negara,sebetulnya byk yg boleh dilakukan demi kenaikan Negara.Bukankah sokongan pada Malaysia perlu juga dari Negara2 tertangga?Dan kita rakyat Malaysia yg tinggal diluar Negara berbaiklah dgn Pemerintah Negara tersebut atau dgn beberapa pihak(NGo dan sebagainya)pasti sedikit sebanyak kita boleh menyumbang pada menambahbaik Malaysia secara positive.InsyaAllah

  6. Don't be disheartened Annie. Things can only get better after all that happened. Life is like that. It is like a pendulum.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Usually, when the 'pendulum' stops, the clock is dead. Need someone to kick-start the pendulum's momentum. Therefore, life cannot be like that.

    2. Bros. & Siss. we need a deeper conversation than jibby spam, don't you agree?

    3. The pendulum stops faster when some kind of artificial pull - moneyed, whatever - is placed on one side.

      The kick-start needs many tonnes. And on the blar.. arse.

  7. Annie,

    My very best wishes for the new chapter in your life :)

    May all your longkangs run clear. May all your spanners be the right size. May there never be traffic in front of you. May you stay happy, healthy and safe.


    P.S. And pls be nice to cyclists because one of them could be me :)

    1. Happiness is subjective. I'd like to think that her happiness has politics in it to a significant extent.

    2. Longkang besar Jalan Ah Fook JB not clear by a long shot.

      Cleared from smell long ago but flood waters it discharged recently devastated the town. Now deepening and widening the drain - the works are quite an eyesore.

      No place is safe from calamities these days. Hydrogen gas may reach us if and when the North Korean Dear Leader Kim decides to explode one hydrogen bomb in future - he has just tested it, hehe.

  8. Going to help your father is ok. Going in surrender to the "don't take prisoners" group is not.

    Not fully established yet that they are the victors. Things may change come PRU14.

    Admitting defeat now is not a welcome stand. No harm in whacking them as democracy still exists in this country.

  9. No need to disengage yourself from politics. So long as one doesn't infringe the Sedition Act or break other laws, it's ok to speak out against what one sees are wrong politically.

    So many aspects of our lives involve politics, any way. No doubt, Gani Pattail doesn't speak up. But he was custodian of so many official secrets / is still keeping them and whatever he say politically may be construed as being based on those and therefore questionable from the Official Secrets Act angle.

    But we, not having access to any official secrets, may express our views quite freely. A big pity to democracy and our civic consciousness if we don't.

  10. I read this line by line and now understand why Umno is doomed. Leave it Annie. Let it rot.

    1. No certainty that'll happen. If Najib is replaced, it may not. No certainty also that Najib will not be replaced. Still years to Pru14.

  11. What constitutes the "right" political stand? Surely not that of those who say "If you are not for us, you are against us."

    That's a very unhealthy stand to take. It depicts intolerance, undemocratic and autocratic tendencies. Never mind if said during TDM's time or now. Should be condemned. Plain and simple.

    Worse if such a stand was taken in view of rewards in any form current or promised in the future. So much has been said of that already. We should be saying, "Down with unhealthy political stands."

  12. But Annie....., 'blogging on clogged drains, the neigbourhood' would be boring. On ' how to fix a bike, being safe on the road', I think its OK.
    I can support on how to stitch a broken cover set (plastic body parts) after a fall and if the hands is not broken.
    What about; Save Our Swampland and Orang-Utan. I think that would attract attention from those who are fed-up with UMNO.

    Anyway, I respect your neutral stance. Me...I will support Konsensus BEBAS, I think. But see lah, how. Like OSTB said, the 'soul has left the body' and therefore, it would not be long, before Najib quits. Hope it's before Chinese New Year.

    1. I like this positive thinking of the negative - Najib quitting before CNY.

      I'd even pray for that.

    2. Not sure if Save Our Swampland and Orang-Utan will solve our problems. Some say the problems started from there.

  13. Sometimes good things fall Apart so better things can fall Together..

  14. Annie,
    Always be honest in what ever you do,and you will always in the right way and in a right directions,So be strong Annie thing will get better ,always

  15. Annie said They sound almost exactly the same as the DAP people.

    A bit different, actually. They use "hidden hands", said the former Deputy Director of the Police Special Branch.

    Anybody knows what happened to him after saying that? Where is he now?

    Now the MACC has to deny rumours that the Commissioner has been pressured to resign. Hidden hands again - in the rumours?

  16. How to really help the people - help get the right people into power.

    Not the ones being promoted by those "not with us .. against us" faction in UMNO. Help get the leader of such people replaced.

  17. Just when you think are out, it will pull you back right in. There will be no escape from politics, Annie. Writing itself is an act of defiance whether it is pro or opo. Just be true to yourself and you will sleep better

  18. Peeps, especially Malays, pls take a visit to syed outside the box blog. I think dap is paying him now!! He's very loud showing that he's anti melayu.

    1. outsyedthebox isn't only outside but a desperate ones.Nothing is good about the BN govt.He seems losing his head.He only cares about wellbeing.He doesn't like critisms.He'd delete them.Takut.And that he doesn't refer to any "hadith".No need he wrote.