Thursday 28 January 2016

About OutSyedtheBox

I have been getting comments about Syed Akbar Ali's OutsidetheBox blog since last night.

This is one of them :

Annie...dont you hv any comment on the latest development from our dear AG telling us that this generous najib has return back some of the derma back to saudi and that najib also do not hv any idea how come that rm42million is in his very own bank acct!!!we would like to hear from u also about this tppa things so we as rakyat will be enlighten...last but not least,what happen to ur friend blog outsyedthebox

And this is my answer :

I don't think my take on all that issues you mentioned really matter. Honestly, I'm not an expert in all that. I suggest you read blogs operated by credible bloggers who are experts in finance and economics for that. As for the blogger outsidethebox, I really don't know what happened to him because I'm not really his friend. Sorry, the guy doesn't even like me and had categorised me as a pre-paid blogger and told other ridiculous stuff about me. Thank you.

Just now I found out that Syed Akbar's blog, which as everyone knows is an anti-Najib blog, is indeed blocked.

I'm okay with Syed Akbar despite disagreeing with many things that he wrote and his abrasive style.

That's until just a few weeks ago when he accused me of some nonsense in his blog.

That really made me quite annoyed.

The guy can be quite a bastard.

But still, I don't believe it's the right thing for the authorities to block his blog.

To me, if someone is writing bad about me, I will fight back with my own writings, not by shutting him up.

After all, it's the audience who in this case the rakyat, are the judges of who is right and who is wrong.

If I'm having a debate and my opponent is shut up like that, then I suspect the rakyat will say this of me,

"Oh, that girl cheats. She can't argue properly against her opponent so she gets her opponent shut up. What a lousy stupid smelly bitch she is."

I definitely don't want that.

I don't see why they need to curtail freedom of speech and expression in cyberspace like that to win the fight against the anti-Najib people.

There are so many pro-Najib bloggers who can counter someone like Syed Akbar.

They are quite smart too and their blogs are very convincing.

Some got impressive charts too all the time.

Just ask them to counter Syed Akbar's every posting la.

I know one pro-Najib blogger who is good at that.

The blogger can hound Syed Akbar, DAP-style, until he gives up.

That way, the BN government don't come out looking like a bully for shutting down a blog.

If a DAP government do all these blocking thing, I can understand la, but this is a BN government.

BN government is supposed to be the good guys, okay.

Really, I'm with my blogging captain Rocky on this one.

You can read his take on this at this link,

OutSyed The Box, Outboxed

Told you all, Rocky is a fair guy even with people like Syed Akbar.

That's why he is my captain.


  1. Annie, you sudah cakap politik melebihi had, lebih dari dahulu..

  2. That was why I respected Dato Rocky, too. Thank Annie.

  3. I was one of SAA's fan during the early days.
    But when he started ranting about ustaz, ulamaks ,muftis and other Islamic institutions as bodoh bahlul and whatnot, then I began to steer away from him.

    1. That's because you only read "ustaz, ulamaks bodoh bahlul" instead of his whole commentary.


    2. Wrong 15.07

      OTSB branded ALL THE ustazs and ulamaks ostard al- retards.

      He called ALL the Arabs untashaggers.

      He named the non-city folks village idiots, village bumpkins, etc.

      And to the rest whom he disagreed with, he labelled them moron.

      And the list goes on and on.

    3. Anonymous, 28 January 2016 at 15:53,

      Islam in Malaysia is being destroyed slowly but surely by the very people whom OSTB mentions in his blog.

      Those retards deserved everything they get.

      When a Muslim will not begin discussions on Islam using the Quran as the starting point, you know something is wrong.

      And that is exactly what OSTB has done, he challenges the retards to use the Quran as their starting point and they run away screaming and crying.

      Why do the retards refuse to debate OSTB using the Quran?

      If he is wrong, challenge him and point out to him why he is wrong using the Quran as the basis of your challenge unless of cos, you don't believe in the words of the Quran or you do not understand the Quran. Which is it? :)



    4. Very well said 16.49.

      But have you ever tried to rebut his points, disagreed with his views and showed him his weak points?

      Chances are your comments will never see the light of day. I know that through experience. Butter him up and that's a sure-fire way to have your comments published.


    5. SAA ,itu manyak pandei punya olang ,lain olang semua lia ingat manyak boloh .

      Ingat pandei punya olang manyak susah mau layan maa aa.

    6. I had the same experience with SAA. No use commenting anything contrary to his posts. I still read his blog but only for 10% news, 90% entertainment.

    7. But really, his blog topics is much more varied and wide ranging than what's being said here ....

    8. Couldn't help to assume that most of his dedicated fans are non muslim/non malays.

      If only he could have tempered his fouled mouth, his opinion could carry some weight.

      Look at Datuk A Kadir's never ending complain about BN and Najib at his blog.

      No name calling or snide remarks from him (apart from his total obsession of Najib's Bugis title which I could hardly pronounce nor understand)

      But its such a delight reading his piece where he's such at ease with idioms and expressions, colloquial and proper.

    9. Sebenarnya Ustaz, ulamak, mufti dan yang sewaktu dengannya, mereka inilah yang dimaksudkan Israel dalam Quran. Mengada-ada kan pelbagai hukum yang tak wujud dan bercanggah dengan Al-Quran. Dan kita yang mengikut ajaran mereka, kononnya hadith dan sunnah, menjadi Children of Israel, cuba kaji perkataan Israel dalam Quran terutamanya ayat 3:93
      Sahih International: All food was lawful to the Children of Israel except what Israel had made unlawful to himself before the Torah was revealed. Say, [O Muhammad], "So bring the Torah and recite it, if you should be truthful."

      Banyak hukum yang dibawa oleh ustaz & ulamak berpunca dari Hadith, kalau kita semua perhatikan, seolah-olah Quran tidak lengkap, tidak cukup keras atau ketat. Contoh paling baik ialah hudud. Totally contradict the Quran, if one really read in full context.

    10. It is fine if he wants to criticize. But what is most annoying about him is that he will not let any response that is contrary to his view or rebut his "ideology". He is one coward who throw stone and hide his hand.

      Well, since he likes to block others comment, then he tasted his own medicine when his blog is blocked in Malaysia. Padan muka.

  4. Apa in Kampong boy liked Din turtle also they block ka, what a shame la said kruak you think this country just liked that third world remote african ka. Tun M pun tak ada buat ini macam la although they call him firaun.If like this better la for the people start going to the street lagi bagus . Yes all blogger if you nak survive just be like rocky bru ada masa you jilat najib ada masa you play a little bit hero , daii pooodah hyppocrites ,lebih baik masuk jadi hantu , ok la that the end . I fed up playing this game ,I pray to god that allah musnah la kerajaan zalim ini termasuk hyppocrites dan syaitan syaitan yg menjadi punasihat the pirates.

    Rasullah bersabda : Apabila kamu memberi amanah itu kepada bukan ahli nya (orang pakar dan amanah)maka tunggu saat kehancuran. Hadis riwayat bukhari .

    Allah berfirman : Maka hendak lah diberikan AMANAH(tanggung jawab) itu kepada ahlinya (orang yg mahir dan boleh dipercayai)dan allah sebelum ini telah menunjukkan pengajaran kepada kamu sesungguhnya allah maha mengetahui dan maha melihat .-Surah al-nisa ayat 58 .

    If I start coding all this words Thats mean I fed up with all the hippocrites being going around ,good bye.

    -roslan othman / Penang

    1. Quote Anon 1255hrs.

      "Maka hendak lah diberikan AMANAH (tanggung jawab) itu ......"

      AMANAH, selain 'tanggung-jawap', juga membawa maksud 'trust'(dalam bahasa Omputih), seperti Trust Fund(Tabung Amanah), e.g. Amanah Saham Nasional.

      Atas dasar ini, mungkin Guan Eng telah lantik Ayah PIN, ops...minta-maaf, Ayah PAN, sebagai President, walaupun beliau TIDAK diberi sebarang 'amanah' oleh Rakyat sebagai ADUN atau Ahli Parlimen, dimana-mana kawasan hutan atau zoo. Dalam Party lamanya pun, dia tersingkir dan tiada sebarang jawatan.

      Moralnya: Amanah dikurnia atau diberi oleh sekumpulan ramai-orang, bukan diangkat keatas bahu sendiri, untuk dipikul.

    2. Sokong sama kau la Tabung Haji pun boleh lingkup sebab tiada AMANAH,HA HA Ha jilat pungkoq najib , Tak pa nanti Tamby kasi tau Dividen bagi pakai duit Cukai orang malaysia kasi , itu hilang punya boss kasi sapu bayar hutang ,really a damn shit bustard.Duit orang ibadat pun boleh jadi problem.

      Hai jangan cakap la actually ini geng takda moral value untuk defand their self because corrupt bunch . so beat it.

    3. So, Mat Sabu lebih dipercayai dari Geng UMNO yang cuba merampas 'glory' yang ada pada MB Kedah?
      Mat Sabu lebih ber'Amanah' dari Azeez Baling, orang Politik yang dilantik untuk 'jaga' amanah pendeposit TH?

      Kalau dah begitu, tolong tanya Mat Sabu apa dia buat dengan amanah yang diberi PAS untuk 'jaga' WANG derma yang dikutip melalui Tabung Memali. Sejak 1985, Mat Sabu hanya beri duit-Raya saja, pada balu dan anak-anak yatim Memali, dari jumlah melebihi RM1Juta itu. Malah, duit pampasan yang diberi Kerajaan sebanyak RM20,000 sekeluarga pun, geng Mat Sabu sebat 10% atas alasan, yuran guaman.

      Lagi mahu memikul 'AMANAH' Rakyat?
      Moralnya: Geng Mat Sabu, lebih buruk dari Geng Najib.
      Ataupun, you can't beat them, join them?

    4. Seburuk buruk mat sabu pun tak songkap duit ibadat org ramai nak pergi hj bro,cukup kotor geng najib lol,pasai tabung tu mat sabu jawab la dekat beberapa balu tu ini berapa juta pencarum,sebenarnya kalau dah kotor kotor la akui la,so sama la mcm blogger makan dedak tak payah main wayang.

    5. Tak yah la nak defand benda kotor songlap duit pun boleh dok ungkit lagi kata org lain buruk,kalau geng najib kotor songlap TH,terima la mcm saya terima mat sabu kaki pompuan

    6. Mat Sabu menjadi ikon semasa muda (lewat 80an) dengan ceramah maki-hamun. Saya orang Kedah dan banyak dengar ceramah dia. Sampai sakit six-pack (muscule perut) keesokannya, kerana banyak gelak-ketawa dengar Mat Sabu buat lawak, bersulam maki-hamun dan sindiran berahi. Nasib baik saya tak terikut maki-hamun macam Mat Sabu.

      Betulah apa yang Anon 1849. Mat Sabu juga telah 'sapu' isteri sahabat-baiknya. Pernah ditangkap khalwat di bilik N0.21, sebuah hotel di Kota Baru. Tapi nasibnya baik kerana Allahyarham Nik Aziz mengatakan bahawa, 'Tuhan sudah ampunkan dosa Mat Sabu'.
      Mungkin pasal itu orang seperti OSTB, hilang hormat pada 'orang Agama', lebih-lebih lagi, yang guna Agama untuk berpolitik.

  5. UMNO supposed to be the moral values people ... until ah jib gor came along.

  6. Blog outshitthebutt mmg patut kena block Sbb kurang ajar sangat menghina hampir semua orang.Blog kadirjasin pun tiap Kali posting kritik kerajaan tapi dia ada adab dalam berbeza pendapat.Itu yang kita mau..

  7. Malays please beware, do read this certain 'popular' blog with colorful charts et al with a pinch of salt, as the blogger is doing her best to ensure umno/bn's downfall in the next pru. she is the perfect proverbial wolf in sheep's apparel.

  8. Well .. I like Outsyed The Box and Din Turtle blogs despite the curses that peppered OSTB blog. If you use your brain, what he wrote is mostly true. Too bad our chicken prime moron loves to play dirty. I hope those two will find a way to overcome this new obstacle..

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry eddy, I don't allow anything to do with that one here. Thanks for commenting.

  10. This is a THE MOMENT in the history of our nation..People like you Ma'am..who had been given a gift to write and somehow manage to gather quite a followers in your blog no matter how modest your claimed.This is the time one must choose either to participate in this exciting moment in our nation history or stay neutral and let's other fight the good fight rather than play dirty as it goes along..We known you had your fair-share..Sometimes you sound tired and adorable at the same time regardless of the selection of crude language you used. It endearing to your least for me it is..that is why, yours are the only blog that i had ever care to share my two cents worth of whatever..Like you said..the mother of all General Election will be here in two years time..If you starts now..maybe as the momentum and the excitement gather to the 14th will see with clearer insight and draw the line no matters how blur it is.
    Peace Ma'am..Here a Pop-quiz..if you can choose a movie title to describe yourself what would it be? Well here an example..say you choose "Rocky"..because the character in the movie is the underdog who goes the distance..or you can say you're "Rocky2" because now your not just going for the you going to win the title fight..or you are "Rockey3"..because you have been on the top of your game and then got beaten when you have lost the 'Fire' the will to survived..and now you must find back the 'eye of the tiger'..that fighting spirit..Or you say you're "Rambo: first blood part 2" because you fighting not just for your country but also for your fellow men..Maybe you go with the name "The Revenant"..because your friends have left you for dead(sidelined far to long)..and now its time for you to settle the score..Well they say hell hath no fury like a (wo)man scorn..Well Ma'am, its a 'Name' calling us nerds love to play..So what would yours be Ma'am ?or should I ask.."Do you feel lucky..Well do you Ma'am..Go ahead...make my Day"..and that one is my favourite from the movie 'Dirty Harry'..

    1. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

    2. Seriously?.your are really somebody after my own it..maybe will try to watch it again so that I can come up with some fancy geeks remarks..Do have a nice day ma'am..

    3. You have chosen well- kaze no tani no Naushika.The movie character resoluteness commitment to Love and Understanding have the major effect in transforming and dispelling the Distorting Vision that brought the conflict to begin with.For Naushika(Nausicaä)'s all about coexistence.. May your blog be true to its movie name..Naushika..and "May The Force be with You"

  11. Now the outsyed is betul-betul outside.Berlagak sombong.Deserved it.

  12. anon 17:23 ur correct.I was barred too whenever I wrote some comments which,obviously,that outside disliked.

  13. Good la all anti Najib blog been band and left pemakan dedak blog,hypocrites blog and main wayang blog ,hidup najib hidup rosmah...hello macam mana mau dapat derma lol.

  14. Its all a Tamil movie act

  15. Kerja-kerja memblock website semuanya adalah hasil usaha dan titik peluh SKMM -Salleh Keruak Menyekat Maklumat.