Monday 18 January 2016

Reducing political intakes

I removed several links of sopo blogs from here the other day.

It's not because all of those removed are bad, but it's just that I have decided to reduce my intake of politics.

There are still such as that of my blogging captain Rocky and friend JMD to keep me in touch.

I think reading their blogs is good enough for that.

Those cool guys are okay.

Smart some more.

I'm done with reading the writings of crazy people.

Don't want to be one myself.

I'm okay with intelligent people writing crazily, but genuinely crazy people writing crazy stuff is scary.

That's especially so when a crazy person was mistaken as an authority of what he/she had written.

I think there are lots of such cases among those who write politics in this country.

Then there are those paid hacks who write utter garbage just for money.

Also the hypocrites.

And many others.

Actually too many of them.

So, the best way is to avoid them.

Why should I continue to poison my brain reading them.

I just read the cool guys' blogs from now on.

Even that, was just to keep myself informed.

I don't necessarily agree with them.

As for my own writings, I think I will try to keep to current issues and what's happening around me rather than politics per se.

What I write, as it has always been, are merely my opinion based on my observations.

Unlike others, I never claim nor feel that I'm one of the "great minds", who knows everything and can never be wrong.

If I'm wrong, I will admit that I'm wrong.

I'm just a human with weaknesses.

So, if you read my writings, please think carefully about it instead of going straight into believing them.

Unlike some others, I don't demand for you all to believe me.

Just for your consideration, okay.

Anyway, this blog of mine was also meant as a platform for us to have some fun.

So, I don't think it's much fun if I'm the only one who is always right all the time, isn't it?

That's like being in a depressing communist or totalitarian country.

Anyway, I have also decided to increase the number of non-sopo ones in my blogroll.

These two are very nice ones on gardening and agriculture :

Kebun Bahagia Bersama

My Nice Garden

I find reading about flowers, vegetables and farm animals to be much nicer than reading about politicians.

Well, have a nice day everyone.


  1. Crazy people can't find themselves a good enough reason to live life

    Oh my God!

  2. Yep. Politics will drive anyone crazy, I agree! Gardening is really great stress relief.

    Anyhow I think the bigger global picture sometimes is more important than our petty squabbles. The world is now very uncertain and dangerous, and the balance of power is shifting, maybe away from the US and towards Russia. We'll see.

    JMD is excellent, have to admit. Never merepek, always based on facts & analysis (finance background, I think.) None of the 5-sen prepaids dares to take his arguments on - with good reason.

    1. I agree with Annie too.

    2. agree world is uncertain. we blame ourselves supporting no calbre umno ministers.

    3. agree world is uncertain. we blame ourselves supporting no calbre umno ministers.

  3. Hmmm..more on social, less on political..I can live with that...:)


  4. Gardening to grow fresh produce intake, adinda Ms Annie.

    Yes less killing and sinful so-po
    and quit smoking, boleh?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  5. Rocky - smarttt???!!!..yeahh righttt!!

  6. Movies ma'am..why don't you write film review..How do you interpret the movie that you just saw?.either it on the big screen or on dvd. Write your point of view on anything about that movie..the actors..the setting..the music score..anything.Maybe some of us did see the same movies..maybe what you might write is agreeable..maybe it might pip our curiosity to look for that particular have done it before..why not do it on weekly be fun..


  7. The best thing about plant ,if you grow and nature them ,you will benefit from it .
    Political leadership that we nature ,does't always as we expected them to be ,they could ruined our life's .