Friday 22 January 2016

A bit on Tok Nan and the best trunk road stretch in Malaysia

A friend called from Kuantan last night.

"Are they going to get rid of Tok Nan after Mukhriz?" he asked.

My friend was referring to Pahang Menteri Besar DS Adnan Yaakob and the currently embattled Kedah Menteri Besar DS Mukhriz Mahathir.

"Eh, I'm not writing politics anymore lah. How would I know." I replied.

Still, my friend insisted that there seems to be a move to remove Adnan before the next general election.

"They are playing up the bauxite issue to get at him la," he said.

"Ish, they have been playing up all sorts of issues in Pahang all these while what, but Tok Nan is still there," I retorted.

Well, as far as I know Adnan has survived  all sorts of attacks in the past, such as during the great uproar over the Cameron Highland environmental fiasco and illegal logging issues.

The guy is a bit of a maverick and never shied away from confrontation with even powerful media organisations such as Utusan Malaysia and TV3.

He even once told Utusan to "go to hell" in the State assembly for what he deemed as "bad journalism" over reports of illegal logging in the state.

Adnan was also among the few Umno leaders who have been consistent in his stand such as opposing DS Anwar Ibrahim even during the letter's height of power as the party's deputy president.

I was actually informed that there's not much Adnan can do over the bauxite issue due to the "extra ordinary circumstances" which surround it.

Even his more "well informed" critics know about it.

It's one of those things that you know about but can't say aloud.

And of course, some seized the opportunity to attack Adnan, as usual.

Biasa lah....politik.

Anyway, I don't want to get involved in all that.

I have not even seen Adnan in person for quite a number of years.

He used to be quite nice to me.

Actually, I like the guy.

He may be rough round the edges, but has a kind heart.

A real orang kampung hero.

Later today I'm riding up to Kuantan for the weekend.

As I previously wrote, I wanted to go along the scenic coastal trunk road.

JB-Ulu Tiram-Kota Tinggi-Mersing-Endau-Rompin-Pekan-Kuantan

For me it's the best stretch of trunk road in the country.

It's challenging but fun.

To Singaporean readers of this blog who are keen on going for a weekend road trip, I highly recommend you all to try the stretch.

You wouldn't get the same experience driving or riding along other stretches in Singapore, Malaysia...or even Batam.

It's only for day time driving though.

At night, most of the stretch would be very dark and scary.

Some said even got ghosts one....hahaha.

Traffic along the stretch is relatively light after you passed Kota Tinggi.

Just cruise along instead of trying the twisty road too hard, especially for the stretch from Kota Tinggi to Endau.

It's better fun that way.

And do try to stop at the famous stalls selling udang galah (Macrobrachium rosenbergii ) dish at the junction to Muadzam Shah along the Rompin-Pekan stretch.

It's the best place to try the dish.

My favourite is the stall under a huge tree just before the junction.

Also be careful a bit along the Rompin-Pekan stretch because there were sometimes lots of animals crossing the road.

I had once hit a pregnant goat near the small settlement called Nenasi, a few kilometres from Pekan.

Luckily, the poor goat survived.

Even once saw a full grown cow flying over a car after being hit by it along the stretch.

Then there's the wild boars, which can be quite a nuisance once in a while if you are driving in the late evening.

But don't worry.

Drive or ride at a moderate speed and you should be okay and may enjoy the scenery.

Once you reached Kuantan, there are lots of very nice accommodation such as beach side hotels, chalets and such.

Just google and do your booking first, okay.



  1. The road from Sg Koyan to Ringlet is Pahang's best kept secret for those wishing to go to Cameron Highlands. Ten times better than the road from Tapah and maybe five times better than the one from Simpang Pulai.

  2. the udang galah at the muadzam junction after rompin if you are from Johor is heavenly....should be in bucket list of food to eat before you die.

  3. Yes, I've twice dined at that "famous stalls selling udang galah (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) dish at the junction to Muadzam Shah along the Rompin-Pekan stretch". First in early 90s and then, about a year ago, during the monsoon season, rendering it's toilet deplorably smelly with feaces floating around everywhere. Hope they have done something about it, already.

  4. Nenasi saved Najib in PRU 1999

  5. UMNO is in a deep shit with thier leaderships scandals and more over most of thier ministers turn out to be looked liked bloody barua to Najib this together with all the ketua bhg,UMNO are drowning,but still this group of UMNO idiots can still having fun creating louse issues ,now the rakyat hidup dlm serba susah with cost of living rising up and so on but still this bustard have time for merebut kuasa,so rakyat can see now this Bloody Najib and his barisan kepimpinan UMNO doesn't care about rakyat hardships they only thinks abouts their bloody dicks,OO feels sickening.

  6. May the flowers bloom for you along the scenic way ......


  7. Wa ingat sikalang cara pentabiran selupa itu UDANG GALAH maa aa ,siapa lebih besar sepit besar atak lebih kuasa maa aa ,lain hat tatak peduli leaa aa . Janji sendili makan besar sudah .

    Bila itu buaya mau mali ,kasi hantam itu UDANG GALAH maa aa .

  8. yes i do agree ..
    it is definitely one of the more beautiful stretch in the country ..

    the coastal stretch at Trengganu up to Kelantan is also very scenic .. the wonderful add is the names of the kampungs along the way ..
    Kampung Gergaji Besar ??


  9. RD..the toilets are clean now.