Saturday 2 January 2016

Thanks to a Chinese ultra

Yesterday, I thought of taking a few days off from blogging.

So, I didn't open this blog the whole day until late in the evening after I received a wassap message from a friend.

He told me to check out Shuzheng's blog.

I don't know who is Shuzheng, let alone ever met him.

But I previously described him as a Chinese ultra because of his very Chinese viewpoints.

Despite him being that, I enjoy reading his rants....against almost everyone, actually.

That's why his is in my blog roll.

It's not that I agree with him all the time....well, I actually disagree with him most of the time....but I always believe in hearing out everyone as much as possible to get a better idea of what's happening around me.

Shuzheng's posting that my friend told me to read was this one,

Dear Annie…

Please click on the above link to read it.

Basically, he was putting up a defence for me in relation to my little quarrel with Helen Ang over whether Johor Umno should cut off its members and supporters who refuse to support party president DS Najib Razak.

OMG....Helen angry with Annie AGAIN

I advocate a reconciliation effort while Helen wants the opposite of that.

Well, I formed that opinion of mine based on my experience being personally on the political battleground of Johor for several years up to the last general election.

I guess Helen has more experience in Johor and maybe more love for Johor Umno than myself.

I also guess Helen knows how to sing this song better than me,

Well, I guess la....

Not that I needed being defended, but I want to thank Shuzheng for his kind effort of standing up for me.

Thanks my friend, whoever you are.

Okay, I'm going back to my hibernation.

(Note: No nasty remarks about Helen Ang allowed in this blog as she had requested me not to publish them. Go to her blog if any of you feels like doing that.)


  1. Hahaha, Helen Ang very well knew she would get nasty remarks thus being the chicken that she is, request other bloggers not to publish them.
    Go to her blog? Give us a break, it won't get to see the light of day.

    1. Helen Ang is one of the few Chinese bloggers who are against DAP and its born-again Christian leaders aka Banana aka Cina bukit. Her articles are well thought out that I find very informative and inspiring. Of course, to those who are proDAP and proTun, like yourself, her articles which often reveal the truth, are too much for you and your ilk to stomach. Might as well you read articles which are featured in Malaysiakini, TMI, FMT and the like. Cina bukit will always stay as Cina bukit and by having plenty of money doesn't change their Cina bukit mentality.

    2. Pro Crime Minister don't like to hear differing views that is why they censor any comments which are against their flimsy arguments. And Helen Ang is just Pro Crime Minister. She is anti Umno, anti DAP and anti logic.

    3. Another Melayu dog barking.
      Cina bukit? You are very refined, educated, and cultured? What fucking culture do you nigga have? Recipe for ikan bakar? Is that what you call culture?

      Shut the fuck up and stop embarassing your fucking race.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    5. And you 23.05, on the other hand, is very civilised, educated and cultured. And of course, your language is very refined, befitting your high status. For sure your family, community, clan and race must be very, very proud of you.
      Keep it up.

  2. "But I previously described him as a Chinese ultra because of his very Chinese viewpoints."

    hmm shuzheng worldview is similar to the one he accuse, for eg, dap, pretty western n not chinese at all. he is the pretentious type, by doing some translation of poem n song as if he know the chinese very well, but fact is most of the time I dun know what is he talking abt. he is similar to a infamous commentator name warrior, who most time busy with thesaurus to flout words into sentence not many could comprehend, in short both r syok sendiri.

    helan is more honest n factual, though I rarely agree with her. n sorry I dun really know who u (annie) r. I am here bec I read both ha n sz.

  3. I do read Shuzeng. Yup he is China-centric but that doesn't make it wrong or that he can't be heard. I believe he has a training in logic and philosophy. I think him highly intelligent. Witty too.
    Helen Ang I do not understand. Of Dr M she says "the always interfering ex-premier is like a man possessed (dirasuk)."
    One can say the same of her i guess. Look at her obsession with that hannah yeoh.
    Annie just be yourself. Support who you all wish.
    For blog readers like me, hey it's fun.