Wednesday 13 January 2016

A peaceful place and a lot of bullshit

This is my favorite place now after work,

It's a little open space not far from where I'm staying now.

As you can see, there are people selling kites there.

The place is breezy in the evening, just nice for kite flying.

Parents took their kids there to do just that.

There are also youths playing small field football.

Others jog or brisk walk around the place.

I just like to sit there and enjoy the neighborly atmosphere.

Very peaceful.

I was there yesterday evening when a friend called from Kuantan.

She told me about all the nonsense people wrote about me ever since I decided to refrain from writing about politics.

"They even named my husband as you," she said with a laugh.

Well, what can I say?

I just laughed along with her.

The whole thing was the by-product of the Umno civil war.

It's the very reason why I don't want to get involved anymore.

Really, it's getting so ridiculous.

There are supporters of PM DS Najib Razak who labelled me as a "protun" for not being one of them while those who are against Najib labelled me as a "prepaid' blogger because I was deemed as not being supportive of their cause.

Then they throw all sorts of bullshit at me.

It seems that both sides are out to knock off anyone who disagree with them even for a bit.

It's really amazing how taking a neutral stance can generate so many haters.

I don't want any part of that.

It's too stupid for me.

Actually, I have not opened my laptop ever since I got here.

Too lazy to do that.

All the little posts I did since I'm in JB were done using my phone.

That's why you all don't see me putting up any link to anything now.

Very leceh to do it using my phone.

I just want to mind my own business here for a while.

Better to promote things like that lempeng joint at Kampung Tarom than all those politicians.

At least can help the small businesses here in JB a bit or something like that.

Maybe next, I will try to do a posting on where to find the best tempe goreng shop in town.


  1. Hi annie, welcome back to jb. Staying in mutiara rini ?
    Food...if you're in tarom try mee rebus gearbox...for breakfast try lempeng with asam pedas ikan sembilang in UDA....Also try the famous nasi ambang UDA...for dinner you can go for nasi ayam penyet by LC catering in jalan kebun teh ( highly recommend)..your area there's plenty of mamak stalls but u should try masala tea in tampoi utama...just fabulos.

    1. Thanks for the welcome and guide. I know some of those places. Will try the ones I haven't been to yet. Cheers.

    2. Bubur Nasi at LC Catering is superb too and don't forget Satay Wak Radol (at Setia Tropika).

    3. Hi eddy,
      I really love stay Wak Radol. The last time I ate them was back then when going on my night rounds during the election campaign in 2013. Will have another round of it one of these days. Your wife still doing business in Angsana?


    4. Wah !, Wa kila manyak olang kenal sama you Annie , Wa lasa pon macam mau kenal juga maa aa .

    5. Hi Annie, my wife business seasonal aje di Angsana..masa Ramadhan. My son has caught the business bug from the mother and has now opened a boutique at Setia Tropika...senang drop by at CIPTA

  2. Nasi padang bawah pokok kg melayu has moved to taman suria


    1. Nasi padang manyak mahal maa aa , semua Indon meniaga (Minang) ,manyak helan nea aa ,betut potong leher lor rr .

      Wa ingat kalau betut-betut Bulayu niaga tatak itu macam maa aa.

  3. Hi Annie,
    You got friend close to the AG? What is AG Apandi doing with MACC recommendations? Got case or not to charge? Thanks

  4. come down to kluang for railway station caffe, kena roti bakar or nasi lemak...

  5. Stay away from the toxic bloggers, Annie. They are not worth the mental effort of even wiping them from your memory. Looking for JB's best satay is far better - post some pix ya!

  6. annie...turn your energy and focus in learning more about God...

    read the Quran & sahih alot of videos about the love of God towards us and just pedulikanlah whatever what all those chickenshit people are doing or not doing...

    >james bond

  7. Peace be with you ..... and with us also

  8. annie now you have the time to eat snd chee ksngkong as recommended by PM. 99% in umno support pm. no team a or b. otherwise follow pas and amanah. so you have to obey thr party as there is no team b

  9. You are right. This with us or agts us stance is total BS.

    Im neither pro tun nor pro najib. im just pro good honest governance, of which both did/does not offer. so i reserve my right to criticize both.


  10. " Go fly a kite," their suggestion adinda Ms Annie
    may not be such a bad idea heheh,
    where you're staying now i.e.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  11. I am the sole reseller of kite without string. Fly without wind like a drone. The principle company is goflykite from Singapore.