Wednesday 20 January 2016

Source of Annie's arrogance and vulgarities

It's been more than a week since I decided not to write about stupid politics anymore.

And you know what? I feel great.

I feel that my life is better now.

I got to do other more beneficial stuff like concentrating on the book I'm working on and be more focused at work.

Now I understand why some people say that writing about politics everyday can turn you neurotic.

Once or twice a week may not be so bad, but everyday?

Yup, I had been doing that for almost three years with this blog.

Actually, I did feel that it was affecting my brain even back then.

That's why sometimes I posted some of my personal nonsense from time to time, just so than I can take a break from the toxic environment of politics.

I don't know how some people can do it without taking a break.

They can write not just one heavy political stuff a day, but two or three...complete with fancy charts and everything.

Sometimes they repeated the same thing over and over again.

I do wonder what's their motivation.

Really crazy.

Whatever it is, I'm glad that I'm no longer part of it.

The only irritating part about leaving the whole thing was that some anti-Najib people had accused me of giving up because I'm no longer paid by the Najib camp.

They accused me of quarreling with the pro-Najib people over money.

To them, I have this message:


That's for not knowing me yet passing judgement on me based on assumptions.

Real pricks.

As for those in the Najib camp who accused me of these and that, well, I don't give a shit about them either.

They are too shallow to even understand why I write this blog the way it is.

Well, they can fuck their shallow selves too.

Why should I care.

Yup, observing stupid shallow people believing they are so intelligent makes me feel arrogant...and vulgar.

Sorry for that. Once in a while I just can't help myself.

Need to let off some steam.

Errr....okay, I think I rambled too much here....

Need to chill off.

Anyway, here is an awesome video,

I kinda like this Superman-Batman thing.

Quite funny.

Definitely better than politics.

Well, I hope you all like it too.


  1. escapism..

    annie, jangan berpura pura "great" sedangkan batinmu menjerit kesepian dan kerinduan untuk kembali menulis "politik" walau sebaris.

    1. Mungkin selepas Najib tidak lagi menjadi PM dan semua kabinet-kayu dipecat, baru Annie kembali menulis 'politic'.

  2. Although I'm pro-Tun, I'd never said anything bad to you or about you, Annie. Yet you ask me to fuck my own asshole? How can I.

    1. Not you lah RD. I wrote "some anti-Najib people had accused me", not "all anti- Najib people", okay.

    2. hahahahahaha! wunderbar!

  3. "They accused me of quarreling with the pro-Najib people over money."

    Bukan kah CASH IS KING? Guess which asshole is in deep shit ...

  4. Baru dapat satu wassapp mesej dari someone on living happily.One of the tips to live happily is to do what you enjoy.I enjoy politics even though I am not a politician.Reading about politics give me a great joy. Much better than watching nonsense dramas on TV with silly titles.
    I hope you keep on writing about politics Annie because that is the reason I am a loyal follower of this blog.

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Betul tu Prof. Saya pun menyampah tengok drama TV, sekarang ni. Tajuk pun dah merapu. Tak habis-habis pasal cinta dan pengambaran di Negara Omputih. Mereka ingat semua penonton bangga dengan bekas penjajah.

  5. Annie, rilek, lah. Actually there's no such thing as "Pro-Jib" in Malaysia, you are only Pro-Jib is you are paid to say you are. They are all a bunch of unprincipled flip-floppers anyway, who will run away from their paymaster when the money runs out. Some have changed sides 2-3 times, so that says a lot about them.

    Najib is going, the question now is just when. He has lost all credibility with his own nation and the world. He'll go down in history as the worst PM we ever had, and he cannot escape full exposure of his misdeeds. Just 'when'. See it as a temporary toothache. Once the rotten tooth is pulled out, Malaysia will feel better.

    So, chill. Keep looking for the best food in JB, it's better than wasting any mental energy on these fools!

  6. "Sometimes they repeated the same thing over and over again."

    Lonely, unloved, unlovable, nothing to do but stare at the laptop in the darkness. What to do?

    Sometimes you just have to pity some people.

    Actually, the story is closer to Gollum from Lord Of The Rings, rather than the Red Queen. Gollum also spent 500 years lonely, unloved, in darkness, staring at a glowing object.

    Gollum eventually went completely mad.

    Some people are already half-way there.

  7. mdzfrs
    Who are you to pin point more badmouthed someone to be the worst PM we ever had
    Pse laid down the facts that he had lost his credibilities as PM
    Has all his misdeed been proven or had he been charged in court
    Whats all about nearly more than 1 yr till now nothing concrete proofs of his involvement in 1MDB and the donation using public fund cos most of us like me too wants justice to be done
    My conclusion is just that you are only the anti establisment urbanite who will never agree with what the govt does is respect of who is the PM
    By the way if you really hate Najib, pse recommend your own choice of PM.....LKS,WAWA.TGHH or TDM....YOU ARE JOKING.......

    1. human have short memory. memories tend to be kind to. That's what we call nostalgia. We simply cannot compare the leaders of yesteryear's with today's leaders because they live in different and therefore they faced different challenges.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Anon 1010.

      Why was Ghani Patail replaced? The New AGC had turned down Bnak Negara request to prosecute 1MDB?

      Why was a Royal decree to settle the mishandling of 1MDB and action taken to those involved, ignored?

      Bank Negara had tried to exercise their statutory powers to ask 1MDB to bring the money back. Why didn't Arul done so?

    3. Prof, agree with you on nostalgia point.

      But you ask those (like me) who can remember Tun era, 75% will want to go back to that time.

      You ask those who cannot remember Tun era (younger, Gen Y) whether the country is on right path, 75% will say "no".

      Of course Tun's era far from perfect but at least we had leadership. That's the difference kan.

    4. RD, you are right bro.

      Anon 1010 is asking......"Has all his misdeed been proven or had he been charged in court
      Whats all about nearly more than 1 yr till now nothing concrete proofs of his involvement in 1MDB?"

      The simple answer is he sabo the siasatan - sack, arrest, transfer SB, MACC, AGC - you name it. Anon 1010 dah lupe ke? Now he needs to do it again with MACC latest. We see how it ends. His 24-hour replacement a-g will try to sabo again, I guess.

    5. Anon 1010,

      Hang nak bincang pasai "credibility" ke? Takde hal, bro.

      Let's agree that a LIAR and PROMISE-BREAKER has lost "credibility" OK? I won’t even touch on 1MDB and 2.6 billion (but please note, he lied about that in public. On 5th July. Look it up.)

      This is promises from 2013 BN Manifesto:

      "Fighting the Scourge of Corruption"

      "Revitalising the Public Service and Enhancing Good Governance"

      "Easing Cost Of Living"

      "Building a Resilient, Dynamic and Innovative Economy"

      "Building towards Educational Excellence"

      "Promoting Islam, Religious Freedom and Harmony"

      "Towards Greater Efficiency in Public Transportation"

      You fill in the blanks yourself lah, bro. Malas lah. I can write 20 paras under each point. You know, I know lah. He has broken more promises to the public than any other PM in history - can you dispute that? You think his approval rating is 23% for nothing? Ada "credibility" ke bro? Fikir sikit ler...

    6. "By the way if you really hate Najib, pls recommend your own choice of PM... LKS, WAWA, TGHH or TDM....YOU ARE JOKING..."

      said anon 1010.

      Why must be PM be from Oppo or TDM? Is that the only choice? No.

      Hmmmmm, OK I nominate Tok Pa. Clean, principled, good guy (I have worked with his ministry before), can do far better job than Najib for sure. But TSMY will take over from Najib first, with Shafie or Adenan as DPM. Si Jawa mulut celupar tu tak main ler. Sepupu Najib also park ke tepi, lah. Cukuplah “dynastic politics”.

      So that’s my answer, anon 1010.

      Sorry if you do not agree, but that’s democracy, kan.

    7. Mdzfrs

      Setuju sangat with your line up. Si Jawa tu suruh dia pegi main jauh2 la. Balik Jawa lagi bagus.

      Tambahan...tolong buang je badut2 cam Mat Maslan, Salleh Keruak, kotak ikan Mael, etc. Buat malu melayu je.

    8. Its thru the door to the end

    9. Ha ha, Mat Maslan tu maharaja lawak mega, bro...kalo Mat kena tendang pasti rindu dia lah...ciut lah, Mat Maslan 3.85!

  8. duk follow your blog.kesimpulannya hornnie and connie.nothing more nothing less.

  9. Really Ma'am the video is enjoyable..Great punchline if your are a Fan..seriously the guy who made this is a definite fanboy/girl..I mean all those references..especially the hero that Gotham "Need" contrast to what it "Wants"..Same as implying the type of leader we "Want" and the kind of leader we "Need"..Only a fanboy/girl can produce enjoyable material because they understand the whole context.. Same goes to you Ma'am..when you starts blogging there must be a whole lot of issues that came to awareness..and that there is the need and the urgency for you to participat in expressing your view through blogging.. You knew because your're dealing in a circle of friends who are in politics.Some of your understanding might came straight from the horse mouth so to speak..In other knew your the fanboy who keep making the above videos..Go ahead ma'am keep on writing on politics make it more interesting..if people disagreed with you..You can tell them you are "Annie"..Just like batman keep on reminding superman that he is "Batman".

  10. Well said Annie


  11. Uuurghhh Annie!

    Tantrums, tantrums.

    Really Annie, you are beside yourself with anger this time.

    I can understand your rage, but please Annie, please, slow down on the f-word and obscenities will you?

    Don't bring this blog to the gutter level. Then you are just the same as those people who abhorred you.

    Maintain your dignity. Be civilised. Be cultured. Don't be like them. Don't be the barbarian that you are not.

    Maintain a high moral ground, rebuke and rebut them. Admonishing people with polite, gentle words cuts deeper than vulgarities.



    1. Ha ha, well, just letting off steam I guess. It's forgivable.

  12. Haiya Annie ..why don't just join your captain/machohearthrobofmenopausedjournos and his band of big brothers. Life will be blissed .. weekend rides,lunches at trendy cafes..frequent overseas trips somemore. No need to tension2.. no need susah2 one..
    You're not cute enough is it?
    Jangan marahh ye nanti kena jual...hehe

  13. Patience Annie. Its now RPK's time. Maybe you can do a comeback someday.

  14. Annie have you read this? ..just came out today..20 mins ago...
    Big-headed blogger who got transferred and ‘banned’

    One Protun blogger became so egotistical due to his online popularity that his bosses slapped him an immediate transfer out of state.

    Considering how he has been dissing that particular state’s Menteri Besar, Khaled Nordin, the overnight reassignment to Johor cannot be good for his future career
    Sape ek??

  15. Enough of your shit, you fraud. No wonder you got transfered out.


    1. 22.06

      If you think the blogger is a fraudster, then by all means, please don't come here.

      Let other people who enjoy reading this blog do so in peace without your foul-mouthed stinking presence.

      Take your obnoxious comments elsewhere, to the H-blog for instance, where you will feel at home.

  16. mdzfrs
    TSMY as PM....Bestarinet case.....
    Shafie Afdal......MARA investment in Aus
    Adenan...Adenan mana ni...CM Swk ....suka hati you Demokrasikan
    Janganlah jadi TDM suruh orang turun bila tanya siapa ganti...gagap
    Ni anak dia orang dah suruh turun.....ini baru betul Demokrasi
    But for once I agree with you on Tok Pa,but he is a kind of soft and less experienced as he was mostly given cabinet post which were largely concerning trades affairs and not strategic posts such as Education,Defence or Internal Affairs