Saturday 16 January 2016

The bigger, the better

I'm getting ready for an early morning ride to Malacca.

Leaving in a short while, so, thought I do a short posting.

I'm on business, not leisure.

I don't know why people go to Malacca for leisure during weekends like this.

The place will be jammed packed.

Some said it's because Malacca is even better than Penang.

I think I saw a report on it a few weeks ago....too lazy to find the link.

They attributed it to the state being ruled by BN instead of DAP.

Something like that.


Well, whatever....

But I don't really like both places.

I don't like their respective chief minister too.

Irritating guys.

Furthermore, both states are small and cramped.

And I'm claustrophobic.

Too many tourists too.

I prefer bigger places like Johor and Pahang.

Yes, I like Pahang.

One of these weekends, I'm going to take a leisurely ride along the winding coastal road of JB-Kota Tinggi-Mersing-Endau-Rompin-Pekan-Kuantan.

The whole stretch is beautiful.

No boring highway.

But today, it's Malacca.

Going off now.

ETA, two hours from now.


  1. Oh sister pergi Melaka niaga cincalok ke? dont forget to makan cendol ori ya.

  2. Have a safe ride..

  3. It's a journey of faith

    .... ultimately. No need 7-collar T-shirt for oversized egos, Jibby

    1. Fading away ...
      Faith is a friend
      You make it or break it

      Lose your friend faith
      and you'd have lost it all
      with a mound of gold in your hand ...

  4. ride safely dear. dah sampai kasi tahu ek? take care ...

    - Hantu Siber -

  5. If that's the case, I am sure you don't like Singapore. Small and jam-packed too. People always in a rush. Meritocracy boleh!

    1. Actually i like Singapore. My grandma, aunts and cousins there. Got MRT, not so packed.

    2. you gotta be kidding! just come down soon and get sardined at rush hour. breakdowns getting regular.

    3. Kota baru best. Relax during rush hours. Thank you umno for giving oil royalty to pas

    4. TT KL worst no system. See more bangla, Nepali in Chinatown, cowok in chow kit road and Burmese in sekayang n pudu

  6. Skudai Toll to Air Keroh Toll should be 1 hour only..
    What take you so long...

  7. A song for you, Annie, on this bright Saturday morning:- Arigatou(Thank You) by KOKIA

    1. Thanks. Beautiful song. I think I posted it once. Cheers.