Wednesday 27 January 2016

Unite and move on - is it too late for that?

This is what PM DS Najib Razak said in his blog

3. This issue has been an unnecessary distraction for the country. Now that the matter has been comprehensively put to rest, it is time for us to unite and move on. 

You can read the full Najib's statement which was issued after the Attorney-General cleared him of wrong doing over the SRC and donation issues at this link,

Statement by the Prime Minister – 26 January 2016 

So, how are we to unite and move on?

Does this mean the "either you are with us or against us" dogma which I'm so much against is no longer applied?

Personally, I think it's going to be tough to reverse the trust deficit caused by the Umno civil war which swirled around those issues.

The fighting had been fierce and damages caused by it very severe.

I think the situation now is worse than in the run up to the 2008 general election where a rebellion against then PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi caused BN to lose its two third majority and started the slide in public confidence towards the coalition's government.

Throughout the height of the Umno civil war last year, I tried to take the middle ground in the hope of mitigating the fallout of the fighting.

Please check the archive of this blog to verify it. I'm too lazy to find the links of my previous posts for you.

Of course I knew that it's a futile gesture from the start, but I felt that it must be done.

My conscience wouldn't be cleared if I didn't do that.

As a result of that I was shot up by both warring sides.

The anti-Najib camp called me a pre-paid blogger while those defending the PM labelled me as a "Protun".

Well, they even shot me up after I stop trying to defend the Umno's middle ground.

Please read my last post as reference on that.

Now that Najib has once again called for unity, it would be interesting to see how his people will react to that.

Will there be a peace deal, or something like that in the coming days?

For me, the first indicator whether peace will come our way should be what is going to happen in Kedah.

Will the state have a new menteri besar?

I don't think Umno will "unite and move on" if DS Mukhriz Mahathir is to be ousted.

The rebels will continue the fight if it happens and with that the trust deficit is not going to be reversed.

Bear in mind, the general election will be just slightly two years from now.


  1. Najib has morphed into a psychopathic personality. Breaking things apart but demanding people get behind him a hundred percent

  2. Why should we worry too much. It is not us citizens who created this war.It is not like in other country where the citizens go to the street for days and weeks to protest in order for a leader to step down.Instead the fight is among those crazy for power from the same party and worst they were elected by us.Say good by to them in uncertain terms when the time comes.


  3. Sikalang Najib punya nama sutak kasi belisih ,lain kotor (Mukris) dalam UMNO, mesti mau kasi buang maa aa .

    Timbaan President ,and Naib President bolih kasi buang ,ini Mukris apa atak hat maa aa .

  4. You can wish Najib! that your wrongdoing will put to rest. In essence, your wishes mean nothing. Maybe A G and you but not the people whose sentiment is against you and your wife.

    Believe me, the situation is suitable for saying 'don't cry over split milk'. No one is going to believe you anymore. In fact, no matter what you say people don't trust your words no more.

    As the Prime Minister, you have lost touch with the people. It isn't enough to know what we have been complaining about but you have to know how we feel too.

    Now, the public opinion is turning against you even though you're seem done something outstanding to delight us. It is a pity. We have come not to like your face anymore.

  5. Hi,
    Coming from a PM who get 2.6 Billion donation and 42 Million SRC....and AG say no case.
    The government CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!!! This rotten government will fall...and the people will open the case, and throw Najib, together with Apandi into jail for CBT! and corruption and abuse of power.....their days are numbered....make sure their passport and seek asylum in England like Razak Baginda or Raja Petra.....ENgland will save them....

  6. annie,

    AG was replaced,

    new AG rejected BN proposal

    new AG rejected to follow up on SPRM/MACC investigations

    new AG get appointed as lembaga pengarah TH

    trust deficit isnt even it. it is more than tht

    pm for all i care can go kill someone, rob money, rape or worst and can go scot free. thts malaysia now. pm is above the law

    pm can bankrupt msia, can sacked mukhriz and tpm, can do everything now.

    this is big for politician, the first thing u do when u become pm is to put AG that is friendly2 with u. then u r invisible.

    1. Anonymous27 January 2016 at 15:06,

      "pm for all i care can go kill someone, rob money, rape or worst and can go scot free."


      So far, the allegations are that the PM has killed someone (Altantuya), the PM has robbed money (1MDB) BUT nobody has accused him of rape yet :)


  7. You are right, Annie

    "I don't think Umno will 'unite and move on' if DS Mukhriz Mahathir is to be ousted."

    To me, the 'internal' political crisis in Kedah, runs counter to Najib's People-First (Rakyat di dahulukan) policy. Obviously its started because Mukhriz was not in good stead with the party's President. Therefore those greedy top politicians in Kedah's UMNO saw this as an opportunity to seize the glory and bounty that comes with the job as UMNO's State Chief's aka MB.
    The fact that Mukhriz was popular with the people was the last thing on their mind. The promise and the honour to keep that pledge to make Mukhriz MB during GE13, which motivated people to vote for BN, was ignored.

    I'm Kedahan but live in Selangor. To me, the well-being and welfare of the people in Kedah and Selangor is better, under the current administration. In Kedah for example, house-owners were given waste-bins and garbage were collected even on Hari-Raya and other festive holidays.

    What's more perplexing was that, Kedah's administration are going to handed back to those same scoundrels who was once responsible for BN's lost in GE12.
    This is very shameful. In an intelligent and more honest non-Islamic societies, these scumbags would have been thrown into oblivion already. Yet in Malaysia, the so-called 'contoh Negara-Islam', most of them are being promoted into the cabinet.

    Therefore, I'm of the opinion; whatever that comes-out of Najib's mouth are utterly insincere and deceitful.

  8. Outsyed the box is already blocked?

    1. Dato Rocky had ceased publishing comments, three posting in a row, now.

    2. RD, everyone has his/her own prerogatives on how to run their own blog. If we don't like their blog, just don't read them. Thank you.

    3. Dear Annie.
      I respect Dato Rocky, just like you do. I admire the way he put his thought into words and his stance to defense Najib. For that, never did I ever ridiculed or accused him of anything at all, in his or other blogs. I read blogs on both side of UMNO's divide. Neutral blog like yours is a must and that was why I always, go to Rocky's from yours.

      I guess, its very tough to defend the indefensible.

    4. Rocky mmg OK fella personally.

      Tapi as blogger, malas gile (sorry lah to say). Too much 10 mins cut & paste.

    5. mdzfrs, actually I wrote this post in about 10 mins also.

    6. doesn't look like that. a while ago i was able to access and read. the last posting was his saying his blog is blocked and he'd have to rethink matters (or something like that cos i was reading quickly).
      OK i just came back from there. It has just gone PRIVATE.

    7. Raja Kumbang,

      Yupe, syedoutsidethebox is dead.

      I suspect the site has, in fact, been deleted.

      My guess is that his passwords were probably compromised, IP addresses of visitors to his site harvested, and the entire account was deleted.

      Effectively, the site no longer exist.

      Of cos, there is nothing to stop Syed Akbar Ali from starting another blog but I think we can safely say that is now dead with all his articles and comments and pageviews all gone.


    8. Raja Kumbang,

      Update on syedoutsidethebox.

      It appears that Syed Akbar Ali has shut down his blog himself.

      But it is blocked.


  9. "Lose the battle, win the war."

    When the time comes, the zealots who keep shouting "no retreat, no surrender" will be at our feet begging for forgiveness and clemency.

    It's okay. The only thing that separates us is time.

  10. Well I think people might forgive Najib if he can show that he can handle the economic crisis that Malaysia face now with high cost of living, increasing unemployment and weak ringgit. After all, people forgave Anwar for being a sodomite and adulterer. Unfortunately Najib only knows how to cover his backside. Totally lost on how to handle the economy. That's why we want him to get lost yesterday!

    1. He's a blind man and he's gonna wanna cry ...

    2. Anon 16:13, I agree with you if Najib can immediately release some of our economic depression or offer us some kind of hope. Maybe people will forgive him. But time is not on his side. General election is around the corner.
      It is scary. Our economic wellbeing is at stake. What the government can do?
      I think, government investment would become the pivotal factor to sustain the domestic consumer spending to trigger for continuous growth and our economic wellbeing.

      However, with 101 billion held reserved and debt of 580 billion (further burden by now 60 billion 1MDB debt), I think the government got to sort out for a soft term borrowing from IMF or the world bank with 'opened' conditions, even though it is not a good option.

      As weird as it might be, maybe a better option, USD 50 (seed financing) billion from USA as a central condition to sign up for TPP agreement will do to start off, in order to give time to gradually take off with the new economic said impact of the trade economic partnerships block.

      I think, among all the points of negotiation in relation to TPP, the financial scheme between US corporations and Malaysian Government is in the making.

      At the same time, if this happen, our sovereignty is at stake. The balls are in Najib's hands.

    3. How dare to beg from imf or uncle sam. Remember our ketuanan. We can ask Saudi since home minister and macc has met the doner before

    4. do still vote for umno with our nutty ministers telling ketuanan to eat kangkong. get 2 jobs wake up early to beat traffic jam. butt shake. what kind of level? anyone here can be better thsn them but no cash no king anx warlords. never that is umno and still giving ketuanan future. who actually sell ketuansn to foreigners like mainlsnd china

  11. Annie,
    Najib has made a big mistake from the beginning when this issue arise ,by sacking X AG Ghani patail,abandon the task force ,detain SPRM and BNM officer ,created doubt to the public deeply and now this same fellow asking people to believe what ever shit they said and move on,Hello Najib people will believe if you dare to set up and independent Suruhanjaya Siasiatan Diraja where the members can bring trust to public , Najib lu ada berani ka.

    1. millions spend on macc. has teeth like jaws but eat ikan bilis. close shop why waste millions

  12. Tak minat dan tak mahu buang masa baca kenyataan Najib. Dia pun tak mahu dengar pandangan ramai. Kalau mahkamah yang bebaskan dia, bolehlah kata dah bersih. Yang bebaskan Najib ialah AG yang cara pelantikannya pun mencurigakan. Dalam kes Khairuddin & Mathias Chang, mahkamah tolak keputusan AG. Nampak sangat AG punya keputusan tidak tepat.

    Benarlah jangkaan Tun Mahathir. Apandi layan siasatan SPRM sama macam siasatan BNM. Kalau mahu penyatuan kenalah ikut muafakat. Bukan ikut perbuatan keparat atau khurafat. Bebas mungkin tapi bersih itu jauh sekali.

  13. Dear Annie,

    As of now OTSB and Dinturtle were no longer accessible...

    1. Sedago Mimpi,

      OSTB is definitely dead in the water.

      It seems to have been deleted completely.

      There is no sign that the blog even existed, well, other than thru cache but that is not what we are talking about.

      Dinturtle is still available if you know how to get onto proxy servers.


  14. Annie,

    Welcome back to the political fray :)

    I knew that you would return to the rough and tumble :)


  15. Your blogger friend in her latest post said you are an imposter.Huh?! Is it possible??? Hope you will reply to this. It

    1. Go and check the date of the posting. Don't be so blurr.

  16. Annie...dont you hv any comment on the latest development from our dear AG telling us that this generous najib has return back some of the derma back to saudi and that najib also do not hv any idea how come that rm42million is in his very own bank acct!!!we would like to hear from u also about this tppa things so we as rakyat will be enlighten...last but not least,what happen to ur friend blog outsyedthebox

    1. I don't think my take on all that issues you mentioned really matter. Honestly, I'm not an expert in all that. I suggest you read blogs operated by credible bloggers who are experts in finance and economics for that. As for the blogger outsidethebox, I really don't know what happened to him because I'm not really his friend. Sorry, the guy doesn't even like me and had categorised me as a pre-paid blogger and told other ridiculous stuff about me. Thank you.