Saturday 23 January 2016

Relaxing time

Just watched The Revenant on DVD.

A very good movie.


Leonardo diCaprio, who played the main character was nominated for the Oscar's best actor.

I hope he will win this time after being nominated so many times in the past.

He's very good in the movie.

The guy has matured very well and now one of my favourite actors.

I'm just relaxing after dinner.

I love where I'm now.

Very calm and nice.

Can hear the girl playing bass in her room.

Not too loud and just nice.


Here's another girl playing bass,

Hope you all like it too.

Enjoy a good weekend guys. Take it easy.



  1. I heard The Revenant is good.

    If you haven't seen Spectre yet...avoid! Every Bond cliche in there. Like TV episode of some crime drama. Was the most expensive Bond to make but after Casino Royale they are on a downward trend...Daniel Craig has to redeem himself in the next one (25th Bond film in 2017). But sometimes it's the script....if it's weak, hancurlah.

    Have a good weekend too.

    Wow, that girl can play huh : )

  2. Revenant did get a strong review in the acting and cinematography.. In fact the bear mauling scene be told is one of the most horrifying and realistic..too bad the bear was not nominated.. Yet to see the movie though..A fan of Leo, last time I saw his acting was in "Wolf of wall street"..and I really sold on his idea of the sale pitching and " it all about commmision" wonder that "Jo Low " get a special thanks from the producer at the end of that filem credit..Sure one hell of a sale pitch ya..sure one hell of a bragging right.

  3. you must be in your friend house now...and both of you watched the movie together.

    >james bond

  4. If I am not mistaken, the Revenant just came out in the theaters so I am not sure how you got to watch it on DVD, unless it was pirated. If it is, I encourage you to stop buying and watching pirated DVD. It is not only immoral but a sin.

  5. A movie that I highly recommend and will blow your minds is "Enter Nowhere". It was made in 2011 and is a movie that will captivate the audience right till the end. Do yourselves a favour and watch it, there's very few movies imo that is made in this fashion and I can speak highly enough about it. Scott Eastwood starts in it.