Sunday 24 January 2016

A handsome gentleman blogger and a bit about pasar tani

Had a chit chat with my friend this morning.

Without warning she asked me something which never crossed my mind.

"Of all the bloggers that you know, who is the most handsome of them all?" she asked.

I was like...hmmmm...let me think.

After a while I concluded that the honour should go to SatD of Pure Shiite 

Really, the guy is indeed handsome.

A close second is Jebat Must Die

SatD won over JMD, at least in my eyes, because he's the taller guy.

SatD is also very intelligent and kind.

If you read his blog, you will know that the guy is smart.

From the little bit that I know of him, I think he also has a kind heart.

You see, I used to hang out with SatD and a few other bloggers.

We are sorts of buddies.

There were only two girls in the gang, myself and another girl whose blog is much more popular than mine.

However, the guys, with the exception of SatD were always mean to her.

They always bitch about her, probably jealous because her blog is very popular. All behind her back la, of course.

My blog is the least popular among the gang, so that's probably why they didn't pick on me. Also, probably because they think I'm cute. You know la how guys are.

Actually the other girl is also her own way. What to do, guys are blind, okay.

The few times we went out together, it was SatD who drove the other girl around. The others gave one excuse or another to avoid her from getting in their car.

"She smells la, I don't think she showers in the morning. Let SatD drives her around," one of them said once.

"You are terrible, you know that? That's a horrible thing to say, You are exegerating. She only has a bit of body odour, That's all," I said in defense of the other girl.

"Really, she smells like a wet dog. Let SatD take care of her," insisted the terrible fella.

SatD seemed to be oblivious to all that. He was always gentlemanly with the two of us girls.

It's nice hanging out with him.

By the way, SatD is married, so don't have funny thoughts, okay.

I think his wife is one very lucky lady.

Anyway, this morning I followed my friend to a pasar tani.

It was fun.

I normally shop at hypermarkets. They are boring compared to a pasar tani.

A lot of food stuff you can't find in hypermarkets are there.

And they are mostly fresh.

Here are some pictures I took this morning.

Clear blue sky

A pretty girl selling vegetables

Bunga Kantan selling at RM3 satu ikat

Banana heart....err, jantung pisang la

Freshly caught fresh water fish

You need to get a shopping cart like this for pasar tani shopping.


  1. Pandai hang Annie nk kenakan org itu..hehe Biarkan je la dia.Lagi hang layan lagi teruk hang kena.Hari2 kena sembur.orang yg kena penyakit cirit birit mulut ni memang....

    1. Mana ada saya nak kenakan SatD. Saya kata dia handsome apa. Tak kan tu pun dia nak marah. SatD okay la.

  2. that's a very mischievous post,it sounds to me u r being jealous of that lady. lol

    1. Of course I'm jealous of my friend. She's married, live in beautiful Kuantan and got to shop at pasar tani every Sunday.

    2. Phewwwww, thanks for clarifying. I thought you were referring to your kawan Cina montel.

      She wouldn't smell like a wet dog, though.

      Does mindless repetition have a smell? LOL...

    3. Married so what? 4 wives if they all do not mind. Even PAS will be very happy

  3. JMD and SatD are my favourite bloggers.

    They are analytical & factual, (although SatD can merepek, it's just to make his posts entertaining.)

    If you are willing to put in the effort, you will realise that almost nothing about 1MDB and other issues is spin - the fact is the public have been seriously defrauded and we must have justice no matter how many corrupt people Najib pays off to cover his sins.

    If these guys ever questioned Arul Kanda face to face, Arul would start crying.

    It's sad that just because of money some people are willing to sabotage investigations.

    We are the losers in the end.


  4. Heheheh

    Wink, wink Annie.


  5. Happy sunday Annie.that bunga kantan masak gulai masam tempoyak ikan sungai..enak deh..kami disini(jakarta)kalau nak makan ikan sungai susah kena ke Palembang,jadi bidadari beli ikan patin kolam(yg jauh tak bagus mcm di Malaysia)dan istri masak gulai masam guna bunga kantan yg banyak terdapat di pasar2 tradisional di Jakarta.I miss my hometown..Pahang Darulmakmur

  6. Nice Ma'am..weekend market to cut the middleman..public can got their supplies directly from the source..that's the tend to see this characteristics in the smaller town or "pekan"..its the farmer who trade the crops them self..another type of pasar which is my favourite is pasar malam..the same group of people selling their goods everyday in a 7 days rotation and localized according to their local council licenses.. Myself used to take a long ride just to sample a recommended food a mong this pasar malam traders..yes there is a variation of goods but it usually the food that is most synoim with these pasar malam..beside if you visit the smaller"pekan"..the younger folks appears to dress up a bit since the once a week rotation..almose like "circus comes to town" feeling. One things that strike me the most is that no matter where or what districts or what state the pasar malam will find there is always a baby cradle cool by a fan run by a gasoline generator that power the light of the stall..always wonder wether the extra packets of food that I bought was becaused of the aromatic smell or the tugging my heartfelt.