Thursday 28 January 2016

Movies, enjoy and learn

Don't know why but can't sleep till now.

It's 3.44am as I'm writing this.

Earlier I watched an old movie which I like on DVD.


Starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and Legolas...errr what's the guy's name...I forgot.

I enjoyed the movie despite watching it before.

It's like a bit of


made simple.

The heroes are all very handsome.

You can also learn a thing or two including politics and warfare from the movie.

Okay la, it's a fluff but still it's good entertainment.

Since I have decided to be less political, I will promote the movies that I like.

I'm providing a column on the right of this webpage for me to feature movies that I just watched from time to time.

You can click on the column and learn more about the movies.

Okay, will try to sleep now.

Got to work, actually.


  1. and don't forget Diane Kruger

    1. The ladies in the movie are not very pretty except maybe the Brad Pitt's GF...Brad prettier than all of them, actually....but that's just my opinion :)

  2. Ma' want to talk about somebody archilles heel's and you watch Troy..and here I'm thinking about the "Greek tragedy".Gods and mortals..and the pivotal part those women play in it..really smooth ma'am..Saying something without actually saying a thing.My recommendation for movie of the day at this moment is "Last Ronin"..It an adaptation from Shoichiro lkemiya novel "Saigon no chushingura"..It a fictionalized story of a true story surrounding the 47 ronin be exact..the "47th" ronin..not going to tell you much because it might spoil the whole experience..Yes, it did have a sword fights after all this is a samurai story..but this is more about loyalty..honesty..commitment and honor..that will be revel by the end of the story..Somehow I think you might enjoy it Ma'am..its Japanese after all.. to bad it didn't have an Adonis for a hero..but it did have a pretty princess for consolation..Give it a try when you don't have anything better to those 'can't sleep late at night things'..right?

    1. sound so smart...the movie you recommended also must be good. I like. Will check it out. Thanks very much :)

    2. My bad ma'am..the full title of the movie is "The Last Ronin"..Directed by shigemichi sugita and was released in 2010 by warner bros and kadokawa pictures..if you're searching for it by actress..look for Nanami Sakuraba..Hope you like the have a nice day.

  3. Homer's perennial lesson on the nature of warfare and the various characteristics of those who will to fight ...

  4. Wah, saya jeles bila Annie give personal answer to a post by our brother.Bila annie nak reply personally on my post

    Prof Kangkung

    1. Sorry Prof, next time I try to layan you pulak, okay. Cheers.

  5. Annie Outsyedthebox and Dinturtle have been blok , well not you after this , habis la tempat kita lepak makan semua mau kena tutup.Apa punya leader worst , Tun M they said a mahazalim , I still remember that dia tak pernah kacau blog , and never sueing anybody whatever they write. Apa punya leader la najib hoi be gentalment la you maked this country liked Thirt class living in remote Africa la.

  6. Annie

    I am assuming this is a genuine DVD and not pirated? I hope so. People think it is a small sin, but it adds up. If we can all stop committing smaller sins, the bigger ones like million/billion dollar corruptions will be easier to avoid