Thursday 28 January 2016

Getting ready for CNY

Earlier in the day, someone took me for lunch at Warung SA.

It's at Jalan Abdullah Tahir.

I had Nasi Seafood Daun Pisang.

Very nice.

You all should try it if you are in JB.

After lunch I went to Taman Sutera to do a bit of CNY shopping.

Not much work so can ponteng a bit.

My mother told me to get some new year decoration stuff for our family home.

Actually it's my usual routine every CNY.

But this time I just bought what my mother asked me to get.

Normally I bought some stuff for my office too but now my new workplace has no Chinese.

It's an all Malay team.

My former work place have a few Chinese, so I had an excuse to decorate the place a bit for the occasion.

I enjoyed doing it.

Even though most of my colleagues then were Malays, they didn't mind me doing that.

My Chinese colleagues somehow didn't take the initiative to get the decorations, probably because they didn't feel comfortable doing so as it may look as if they were imposing their Chinese stuff on the others.

They were after all the minority in the office.

But when they saw me putting up the decorations, they seemed happy to help me do it.

Some of my Malay colleagues would then joined us and it was quite fun.

Last year, my former big boss even allowed me to paste the rhyming/spring couplets at the entrance of our office.

It made the place looking quite a bit like some Chinese establishment.

Actually, the wording of the couplets which I put up then were not really suitable for an office but none of my Chinese colleagues  can read the characters, so no problem there.

They were just happy to have the decorations which bring some CNY atmosphere to the place.

I do wonder who among my former colleagues who will take the initiative to decorate the place this year.

I think I'm going to miss my former colleagues quite a bit this time.

I'm driving down to Singapore to fetch my grandmother and little aunt after work.

We are going back to Kluang to clean up the family home and prepare it for CNY.

My mother is driving down from KL to join us.

It's going to be a busy weekend.

But we will enjoy it.

Especially the mahjong sessions at night


  1. Ahhh, Chinese uncle says:

    When offering angpow do not expect returns. And one who receives should refrain from greed and increase in gratefulness.

  2. Untuk pengetahuan awak Annie saya tidak buat rumah terbuka tapi sudah jadi rutin kami menghadiahkan ketupat dan rendang ayam ke rumah jiran bukan Islam setiap kali hari raya.

    Dua hari lepas saya dan letchumy (jiran) telah dihadiahkan limau mandarin dari Ah Soh (jiran)selepas membantu adik Ah Soh yang tiba-tiba pengsan.

    Adik Ah Soh masih dirawat di hospital tapi Ah Soh sentiasa memberitahu kami apa jua perkembangan. Tiada apa ikatan antara kami cuma sesama manusia/jiran.

    Seperti biasa setiap kali menjelang CNY dua anak saya yang belajar di SRJKC akan dapat ang pow dari rakan dan guru-guru.

    Anak saya selalunya bercuti setiap kali CNY tetapi bila kembali dari bercuti, para jiran berbangsa Tionghoa akan mula menghantar buah-buah limau, snek halal dan ang pow ke rumah kami.

    Semua itu berlaku secara spontan dan ikhlas kalau tidak ada batu penghalang. antara penghalang tertinggi adalah budaya, agama dan politik.

    Apabila budaya, agama dan politik dikurung dalam sanubari individu tatkala berinteraksi, berkomunikasi dan berfungsi, individu akan melihat individu lain sama seperti dia melihat dirinya sendiri.

  3. Happy CNY, Annie and family.

  4. Nice to read your writing on pre-festive preparation.. Almost child-like in discriptions.. The retro drawing done in watercolour style tend to remind me of old magazine maybe around late 50's..Have some elderly chinese friends..always nostalgic and reserved the bragging right when comes the lunar new year.With new family into the folds..resonable return of investment..and optimistic view of new year..almost sounding wishful thinking to me but still it nice to hear old floks say it..Well they are not that old..but in my book if you have a married children you tend to look old unless your a Stallone.Still your writing remind me of an elderly saundry shop owner near my parents place..always have nice words when saying I'm getting something for my parents..This weekend he is looking forward for his children from abroad to pay him a visit this time around..Hanging nostalgic "graduation pictures" of his children behind the cash counter, makes a good friendly gesture for me having short conversation while waiting for the small-change..and love to give a 'fifty'..nice feeling seeing the elder always put the fifty straight into the drawer..always done at face-value.Never asked the elder name..always refer him as 'towkey'.Did asked him why not staying with his children..funny answer.."Christmas OK snow..Chinese new year too cold ma.."..' Raya cina dia olang datang..tia olang mau pusing-pusing sini cali (They coming this Chinese new year..want to come for a sightseeing and tasting the local foods) For what ever it worth he always looking forward for their visit this time of the year..Some story eh ma'am..Care to share in your blog an old Chinese calender if you still have it in Kluang? The one that you have to tear it daily..see if they still spell the Malay date old school..Well do have a nice day ma'am..Be safe Kaze no tani no naushika..By the way remembered "Crounching Tiger hidden Dragon"?.always find that Oscar joke funny..