Sunday 3 January 2016

Nasty Annie (updated)


Helen has come up with some "regression charts" in her latest posting

PAS and Umno unity will happen

Please click on the link to see the "facinating" charts as you wouldn't see them in my not so canggih blog.

See Helen, I provided the link to your post too even if it shows you are more clever than myself.

I don't do that just for that Shuzheng fella only.

But honestly I don't really understand how the charts could support the argument that Johor Umno should cut off all its members and supporters who are not happy with PM DS Najib Razak.

Well, I'm that not very clever.

You all understand ka how those charts can justify the "you are with us or against us" dogma?

And Helen, this part where you wrote,

What annoys me is sheeple following the populist bandwagon.
Blogger Annie is willing to bersubahat with a Cina ultra just to kenakan saya. Likewise Tun will do anything just to get at Najib.

Mana ada saya mau kenakan awak.

Saya argue saja, sebab saya tak setuju Najib people go and shoot everyone who disagreed with them.

Itu Shuzheng mau cakap that's his right la, sama macam you pun ada hak mau argue. Not like that ka? We bloggers cannot kena hantam sikit ka?

Mau tembak Tun and all the other rebels, then go ahead la but why you all want to kill off the innocent civilians just because they don't go around carrying banners "I love PM".

Like that can win the next general election ka?

Mau combine with Pas go ahead la.

But I think there are more Protun in Johor than Pas people.

I know because I was in Johor for a long time.

Again I repeat, the key in Johor is Malay unity under Umno.

Not Malay unity under Umno + Pas.

Tak percaya? Tanya Khaled Nordin, okay.


Well, looks like Helen wants the ding dong with me to continue.

She asked at her blog,

Annie nasty or nice?

Errr...guess that's up for her readers to answer.

I actually don't mind being branded by either one.

It's a free country what...supposedly.

A lot of DAP cybertroopers called me a bitch.

Helen's readers want to call me that also I don't mind.

Well, she wrote quite a lot more about these and's quite a long posting by my standard.

It's basically about me not being a good person.

But sorry la, I'm not in the mood to answer everything she throws at me.

Just a bit a bit can lah.

For me, it doesn't matter what Helen thinks of me.

I believe I tried my best to be a friend, but if she feels that I'm a Protun and therefore needs to be eradicated under the "either you are with us or against us" dogma, then there's nothing I can do about it.

By the way, really Helen, you did't ask me to block all those nasty comments about you in my blog?

My bad, guess I misunderstood you.

You are actually the only one I do that for.

I don't even do that for Rocky.

That comment which I let through....I thought that one was not so it?

Trust me, I deleted a lot more for you until I got these sorts of comments,

Wahaha, you as just like the rest of spineless Melayu. Kena whacked by that bitch and still suck up to her. You are such a piece of shite.
As for that Chinese ultra Shuzheng guy, he always writes like that.

He used to whack me too.

Even want to throw me in jail.

Read this if you don't believe me,

About shuzheng the "ultra Chinese" 

Hey, the guy defended me this time, I thought it's only polite for me to thank him. Really, I didn't ask him to do that, okay.

As for providing the link to his post, I did that for yours too even though you are whacking me. Isn't that how blogging works?

Whatever it is, I think, this whole thing is kinda silly.

It all started just because I disagreed with Helen (and a few others) that Umno, in particular Johor Umno must throw out not just the so-called Protun (supporters of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) but also every one else who are not supportive of PM DS Najib Razak.

Isn't that the meaning of "Either you are with us or against us" and "Take no prisoners" as promoted by Helen and others like her?

I think I presented my case in quite full details in this posting,

Johor Umno has no need for gung-ho soundbites

I thought I was not being nasty about the whole thing....well, at least by my own standard.

Then Helen did this very long one to prove her point,

Umno should cut its losses, write-off Protun and off-set with PAS support

She started by whacking me over my old post which I wrote when I was very angry with the Chinese a day after the last general election.

I was is that all about?

But never mind lah.

In reply I wrote this (rather short one) to clarify why I think Johor Umno will be committing suicide at the next general election if it wants to cut off members and Malay fence sitters not happy with Najib instead of trying to win them back.

OMG....Helen angry with Annie AGAIN

In that post, I also added this in the hope to appease Helen,

But then again, who am I to dispute my blogging sister Helen who is a better blogger than myself.

I can't even come up with a nice chart to support my arguments like her.

I also can't even write a long posting with fancy and grammatically correct words without getting a headache.

So, Johor MB DS Khaled Nordin and his boys in Kota Iskandar should follow Helen's advise and start cutting off people who love Umno but refuse to support its leadership.

Okay, my dear sister Helen, you win, I lose.


I'm not kidding you la, I really don't know how to draw charts and all that.

Honestly, I really don't know what is a "regression chart" that Helen mentioned will help persuade Johor Umno to "take no prisoner".

I also got people complaining about my bad grammar.

See, when I'm not good, I say I'm not good.

My ego is quite manageable, I think.

Really Helen, you are not angry with me? That I was wrong when I said you was angry with me?

If not, okay lah.

But, you called me a Protun...does that means I'm your enemy and Umno should eradicates me?

Actually, I got Protun people angry with me too even though I always refer to Dr Mahathir as the handsome old man.

This is one of them,

OMG, Zam angry with Annie...I think

But really la, Dr Mahathir is indeed handsome even now that he is 90 years old.

Errr....Helen, you angry ka I call Dr Mahathir handsome?

Don't la, okay.


  1. Helen is right la..this is politics = war..if the enemy comes with guns blazing n that includes Tun..then Dato Najib kna lawan habis habisan..

    Org Muo

    1. Sebab tu kat Muo majority BN tinggal 1,646.

    2. China is not interested in conquest. It is interested in making friends, trade, and international investment. In addition to the recent 1MDB deals, China bought rm5.5b Malaysian bonds a few weeks ago.

      Martin Jacques: Understanding the rise of China

    3. Org Muo you're just a dumb ass like the other one ... Can't figure out good from bad! To your kind its all about shakti-power!

    4. Jawapan yang AMAT BAIK Annie! Saya juga peminat blog Helen Ang. Antara sebab saya suka membacanya, dia agak rasional dan adil bila memberi pandangan.

      Tetapi dalam kes ini saya anggap dia bais. Tidak salah kalau dia hendak jadi pro Najib. Terutama sekali kalau dia percaya dengan 'perjuangan' mereka ini. Tapi janganlah 'ditembak' mereka yang tidak sealiran dan sependapat.

      Boleh berhujah secara inteleks mengapa pendapat itu salah dan silap. Helen minat dengan cart, data, carta pie dsb. Gunakan ini sebagai sokongan hujah. Hujah diberikannya akan menjadi amat cantik sekali!

      Harap Helen Ang sentiasa beringat supaya diri tidak dipergunakan oleh golongan yang PINTAR mengambil kesempatan. Helen Ang antara blogger prominant di Malaysia, ramai peminat dan besar pengaruhnya.

      Begitu juga jangan biarkan diri menyokong sesuatu yang bukan ‘kepercayaan’ kita hanya kerana sesuatu imbuhan!

      Biasanya golongan yang pandai mengambil kesempatan juga bijak menyingkar golongan yang membantu mereka, bila kegunaan mereka 'expired'

      Jangan biarkan diri menjadi seperti Madu, habis manis sepah dibuang!

    5. 5 stars answer by Annie

    6. well if its just tun that would be the case

      now tun = atas pagar org melayu = majority org melayu

      if the statement above is not right najib wouldnt extend his hand to pas.

      wht ? malay unity bullshit? we both know thats just an excuse

    7. Nak " lawan habis habisan.." macam mana kalau asyik lari dari disoal oleh wartawan dan melarang perwakilan bangkitkan 1MDB dalam perhimpunan. Timbalan President dan Naib President pun tak dibenarkan berucap. Dr.M yang digelar diktator satu masa dahulu pun tidak pernah bertindak demikian bila beliau sebagai President dicabar oleh Timbalan dan Naib President pada 1987. Anwar lainlah. Dia dipecat pada 1998 kerana salah-guna kuasa mengarah Polis untuk menangkap Ummi Hafilda. Pada masa yang sama ada bukti kukuh di seorang peliwat, walaupun ketiga-tiga Hakim lepaskan beliau dari tuduhan itu kerana bercanggah tarikh liwat berlaku. Walaubagaimana pun ketiga Hakim mencatatkan dalam keputusan bertulis bahawa liwat memang berlaku, tetapi tarikh dan waktu perbuatan liwat itu bercanggah. Keputusan bertulis telah diprotes oleh Anwar supaya dipadamkan, tetapi Badan Kehakiman tetap dengan pendirian mereka.

      Berbalik kepada Pahlawan-perang Org Muo:- Setakat memburukkan dan mengungkit kesilapan bekas President amat mudah. Tanpa disedari, telah menepuk air dalam dulang, terpercik muka sendiri. Sebaliknya hanya berjaya memburukkan reputasi Party dan diri-sendiri yang pernah menjadi anggota pentabiran ketika itu. Bukan kah itu kerja bangang.

      Pergi baca JebatMust Die, kalau masih tak faham kerugian Negara yang dicetuskan 1MDB ilham panglima-perang Saudara Org-Muo.

  2. Politics now very dirty...where got bela rakyat one..? All about money and popularity...

  3. I'd like to join in the whacking of those who have quite suddenly turned Projib and speak Protun voluminously but have to be away incommunicado for a while.

    Will do so when I get back.

    UMNO/BN may go down the gutters at PRU14 if the Projib people behave the way they have been doing for some time now.

  4. annie...i think in this 2016, me and you and everybody lah need not to give a shit about what people got to think anymore because...

    >why it is that what that person think is important
    >is it true what that person is thinking
    >how is that person opinion better than everybody else
    >and many more tapi malaslah mau tulis

    >james bond

  5. Org yang bergantung kpd statistik akan melakukan banyak kerja remeh, banyak try and error rather than focus on the main issue.

  6. Anne, let it be if she is angry with you. So that you know I pun sometimes tak faham apa yang dia tulis. I like reading yours coz they are lighter and funnier. She is just another example of UMNO people yg menongkah arus tak sedar diri yg orang dah start menyampah. If they continue tak sedar diri, continue to bangga diri and perasan yang people still like them, then good lucklah. Kita tegur sebab kita sayang tapi rasanya lately disebabkan kelantangan, keegoan, kebiadapan dan kebodohan mereka, rasa sayang dah makin kurang... makin menyampah adalah. Gunalah graf macam mana reggression segala, but the truth is people are not happy!!! You buang adik beradik just because diorang tak setuju dengan cara you and you ingat you pandai sampai nasihat dan teguran pun dah jadi dosa, maka sendiri mau ingatlah...

  7. Annie, najib semakin terdesak. Dikala pemimpin dunia lain menjauhkan diri dari Saudi, Najib terpaksa menghantar tengkok nya kesana sebagai tanda soladiriti. You garu my back, I garu yours... Masih nak jadi projib?

    1. Saya setuju.
      Membantu Arab Saudi memerangi Puak Houthi Yemen (yang telah merentas sempadan dan menawan sebahagian Arab Saudi) adalah satu lagi blunder atau tindakan bangang yang akan memakan-diri menjelang PRU 14 nanti. Ketika itu Russia, China dan Iran akan bermusuh dengan Malaysia. Pertronas akan menerima kesan tindak-balas terlebih dahulu.
      Menjelang PRU14 nanti juga, DAP mungkin akan menerima 'derma' dari Israel, Taiwan, Hong Kong dan Singapura. Terima Kasih kepada Najib yang terlebih dahulu 'membuka-jalan'.

  8. Annie,

    Itu pembangkang, Syed mulut busuk, Kadiq Jasin, Mahathir semua dengan mesingan menyasar kepada kepala Najib dan Rosmah. How to be nice with people like that? I don't know what pronajib you mentioned but we all should pro-BN and not apologetic about that.
    Alang-alang menyeluk pekasam biar sampai ke pangkal lengan. They are the one who burned the bridge first. So let be it.

    1. Sapa yang mula maki hamun Tun dulu? Bukan dalam TV3 korang yang burned the bridge first? Letak kutu kutu low class kutuk Tun? Campur Salleh Keruak dengan gigi bersepah dia maki hamun Tun dgn keluarga Tun? Cakap depan cermin dulu la Zack! Nanti orang maki kau, terus pulak nak keluar mesin gan.

    2. Kalau Najib tidak membazir WANG Rakyat untuk bayar 'orang-tengah' yang kelabu-asap seperti Razak Baginda, Deepak Karpet dan Jho Low untuk berurusan bagi pihak Kerajaan atau Rakyat, sudah tentu tidak ada siapa pun akan "menyasar kepada kepala Najib dan Rosmah". Belum dikira RM2.6 Billion (+RM42 Juta?) dan RM2 Juta masuk dalam akuan peribadi.

      Itu pun Dr.M masih sokong Najib PRU13, sebelum RM2.6 Billion dalm akaun peribadi terbongkar. Sampai sekarang masih tak berani saman SR dan WSJ.


    3. Bayangkan berbilion-bilion yang telah dibazirkan olih 1MDB .

  9. annie wouldnt tht be easy for us then ?

    i dont wanna vote umno but now i can vote pas.

    but if the pas + umno is happening tht means the vote isnt gonna be split anymore.

    plus since pas will get more vote, they will dominate the coalition, which is a good thing.

    i am not a hardcore fan of pas, but

    i dont believe in umno anymore. budget for the people has been cut so much that whts important for me is being cut as well (its fucking personal now) and najib along with his party can go to hell.

    so yeah this time i either wont vote or ill vote pas.

    make the coalition happen cause i know who ill vote then.

  10. Apa you cakap Annie, melayu Johor bersatu atas naungan DYM Sultan Tengku Ibrahim. And there will be bangsa Johor. UMNO or PAS must be unity with the Sultan. Di Johor yang ambil berat dan ambil hati orang Johor ialah Sultan Johor. Yang lain ahli politik batang hidung dah hilang.

  11. Oooo Helen Helen Helen, listen listen listen! This is called difference of opinion. Opinion tak sama dengan awak, opinion mengkritik, terus kena hentam and bunuh ka? Ini serupa lagi teruk dari Taliban wooo...!

  12. Don't lose heart, Annie. I can't understand why some people get worked up if they disagree with what bloggers write. It's your blog, your opinions.
    I used to avidly follow Helen. But have rarely gone there in recent months. Why? Because of her pathological obssession with Hannah Yeoh! I don't like Hannah Yeoh or DAP myself but hari-hari, gambar Hannah Yeoh with her double chin lah, endless reposting of HY's tweets etc...boring lah! Dia ada personal bad blood dgn HY ke?
    I sense you write from the heart.
    And also, I am a big fan of the Handsome Old Man!!

  13. Once upon a time I like to read Helen's blog but not anymore. It is good that she highlighted DAP's double standard and hypocrisy but her writings promote divisiveness amongst Malaysians. For Malaysia to florish, all races must work together.

    UMNO and PAS working together is a disaster for Malaysia because it will allow more religion in the public sphere AND we all know that all religions promote hatred. They may say otherwise but "us versus you or them" mentality becomes explosive when it is combined with holier-than-thou attitude.

    Najib and Tun M's camps will never reconcile because it is a matter of right vs wrong. Tun M's side is fighting for the survival of UMNO, BN and Malaysia. Najib's side is fighting for Najib (& Rosmah)'s survival only, to hell with Malaysia.

    1. If I remember correctly, my uncle wouldn't pray with my father in Terengganu during 80's when Hadi Awang make takfir of UMNO and Dr. Mahathir. Uncle Pas father Umno ... you know lah politik!

  14. Debating with Helen is a waste of time. She has a "Teflon coating" that miraculously sheds criticisms like water off a duck's back.

    I used to comment on her posts in her blog, but not anymore. She's a one-track (or is that "one-trick" who is obsessively fixated on the DAP, Hannah Yeoh, Christian evangelistas and dastardly plots to spread Christianity in Malaysia.

    ISIS, to her, is an irrelevant non-issue. Matters concerning the economy, competitiveness, investments, jobs etc are outside her "area of expertise".

    How very convenient!

    1. Teflon coating? Naaah. It is just her being deliberately obtuse. Main bodoh je. I used to follow her blog. Until a few posts later I notice a predictable pattern. Like anon 10:48 says hari-hari kutuk Hannah/DAP/Kristian with badly edited photos. Any topic will always end in attacks on Hannah/DAP/Kristian even if irrelevant or diverge from original topic.

  15. Hiya Annie,

    Long time no write.

    Anywayz, I just thought I'd drop you a line or three to wish you Happy New Year and all that rot.

    It's good to see that you are holding up well despite all the hoo-haa going on around you.

    Re Helen?

    Like others have mentioned, I find Helen's obession with Hannah Yeoh and Christians-under-the-bed rather unhealthy.

    I seldom read her blog nowadays because it is one-dimensional and boring.

    But 'nuff said.

    It's 2016 and I hope you will continue to write articles your way.

    I expect that you will click over 3 million page views this year, so keep writing :)

    'Av a good one for 2016, Annie :)


    P.S. BTW, with the number of page views you have got, you should consider taking up Ahmad Maslan's suggestion about an online business.

    There are many advertisers who would love to pay you to get a spot on your blog :)

  16. not only the umno people are neckbiting each other openly or silently ,now the bloggers are also hantaming one another .How can we face the next election confidently and a sure win. good luck everybody.May be the present generation wants a change .Change it will be for better or for worse.Good luck and happy new year

  17. Politics is an adversary system. If one is right the other must be wrong. Both cannot be right nor both wrong. If you are neutral, you'll get caught in a crossfire from all sides. Too bad they cannot see things that are constructive but choose to being critical. But keep up the good work Annie.

  18. Well, if you really want Najib to stay and get along with Mahathir supporters maybe you should try getting Mahathir and his supporters to stop, because its clear that they don't want Najib to stay, whatever their reasons are.

    Can't blame that other blog for being mad at you, you basically praised the one other blog that hates her just because you think that blog defended you.

    Seems like you got played. Maybe you're more naive rather than nice or nasty.

  19. Be careful dear Annie..once you piss off HA you will be targeted like some bitch in heat by her. Just look at Hannah Yeoh.. She is always kena hantam in HA 's blog. HA just keep recycling nasty comments and tweets on HY.. I fear for you my dear Annie..HA is a vindictive psychopath..


  20. " I went to a garden party
    to reminisce with my old friends
    A chance to share old memories
    and play our songs again
    When i got to the garden party,
    they all knew my name
    No one recognized me,
    I didn't look the same
    Chorus :
    But it's all right now,
    I learned my lesson well
    You see, ya can't please everyone,
    so ya got to please yourself .."

    -- Rick Nelson, 1972

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Please yourself...that what Najib had been doing, even before that 2.6 Billion hit the fan. Apa yang dilakukan beliau semua syiok-sendiri.

  21. To me, Annie is NICE because she hates to see the Malays being disunited. While Helen's "Beware the DAP sneaky bastards" tag-line, is nasty especially towards DAP's extremist Evangelistic divisive politics. For that, I thanked Helen as a Taoist, in debunking the hypocrisy of DAP's Evangelical Politics. There is no way a Malay or a Muslim bloggers could not do what she had been doing. Maybe, its not only Muslims that are weary of DAP subversive Evangelistic propagation at the same time garnering votes by playing victim.

    Helen Ang, January 3, 2016 at 12:01pm, wrote the following in reply as to why she had not been charged for sedition.

    "I do not see how explaining the historical origins of Christmas can be construed as “attacking”.
    Christians just don’t like it when exposed that Dec 25 is not Jesus’ “birthday” and that they appropriated the winter solstice celebration from older civilizations.
    If anybody should be examined by the authorities, it’s your insidious church leaders.
    That’s what they do in China where Christianity is subversive and considered a threat to the state. Priests and Christian activists are arrested in the droves in Beijing."

    Anyway, I'm Pro-Tun and 'Life of Annie' is always my 'first port of call' before I switched to OSTB, Helen's and others, through Annie's blogroll.
    I'm with Annie that "Umno will be committing suicide at the next general election if it wants to cut off members and Malay fence sitters not happy with Najib instead of trying to win them back."
    Helen should also remember that many of PAS people are also against Najib's RM2.6 Billion and the wife's RM2 Million in personal account. Not to mention her lavish spending. Furthermore, an associations with a tainted UMNO's President would tarnish the good name of Islam that PAS is trying to disseminate.

    1. PAS is Islamist, affiliated with Saudi Wahhabism. They have been attacking the good name of Islam for >30 years. Go ask our Sufi tok guru pondok what takfir fitnah diorang dikenakan!

    2. Jika PAS atau penyokong PAS 'tidak-apa' dengan WANG dalam akuan peribadi, kedua PM dan Isteri, apa pula perasaan mereka bila mengetahui bahawa Malaysia sudah jadi sekutu-kuat America, lebih-lebih lagi dengan terjalinnya TPPA dan lawatan sambil bercuti (secara senyap-senyap) ke Saudi Babaria baru-baru ini. Adakah Najib sedang berpakat dengan Saudi untuk menentang Houthi Yemen yang telah menawan jauh kedalam bumi Saudi? Adakah kita akan menuruti kehendak Israel yang mahu umat Islam berperang dan berbunuhan sesama sendiri. Nampaknya muslihat Yahudi, 200 tahun setelah wafat Nabi telah berjaya memecah kesatuan Islam dengan menyamar sebagai Ulama yang di sanjung kedua-dua pihak, Syiah dan Sunni dengan menduakan Al-Quran.

      Helen Ang menulis berikut: "“I don’t have that knee-jerk reaction either to always want to side with the West whenever a Muslim vs Western (legacy of Christendom) conflict arises.”

      Saya lontarkan pandangan berikut:_
      Beware Dear Helen. Najib is now making Malaysia as an ally of the US. I have read foreign media, on many occasion, referred Malaysia as ‘new ally’ of Uncle Sam.
      Najib’s recent vacation, or is it, official visit to Saudi Arabia is clear proof of Malaysian commitment in joining that satanic ‘coalition of Muslim Countries against terror’. (We should have followed the Indonesian, if its not for the sake of 2.6 Billions?). Unprovoked, its the Saudis who first bombed Yemen. Persuaded by the US?
      By the way, its the Saudis and US that funded IS to overthrow Syria’s Hafez Assad.
      Therefore, I’m very sure that this will be another blunder made by Najib, come GE14. By then Malaysia will be an enemy to Iran, Russia and China. Petronas would be first to experience the jolt.

      Demudian dijawab oleh Spectre spt berikut:-
      "And even bigger blunder would be Najib offering the USA military bases in Malaysia. This is not some fantasy. With his support now at an all time low, to save himself and his cronies, he might well do such a thing in return for Uncle Sam’s support. After all the US has a glorious record of supporting despots friendly to their interests."

      Inilah yang saya paling risau dan sudah tentu PAS juga tidak akan sokong Najib jika berbaik-baik dengan Amerika. Kecuali mereka juga hanya berbaik-baik kerana KUASA & WANG.

  22. Nice reading your post Annie. Macam adik dan kakak bergaduh! Hati hati ye, batu ronson banyak kat luar sana....menunggu.

    I do visit both Helen's blog and yours. I like both. Decent, lite and easy, and you both offer the kind of writing I enjoy reading. Both offer different line of thinking about how to unite the Malays.

    ....sudah sudah jangan bergaduh ...kata hikmat dari Ismet Ulam Raja

    1. Fine. But I'm not the one who said"either you are with us or against us".

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Don't waste your time with Helen. Not worth it. Support you.


  25. UMNO-PAS collaboration/unity/perpaduan whatever
    I'm just waiting for the day to see KJ wearing the serban or Nik Abduh do the zumba.

  26. Aiyaaaaa...why all this fighting....both pro government right?
    or rather you want DAP to take over?
    we just enter 2016 n u ladies already at each others throats.
    between najib n tun...they are both NOT perfect stop bickering n start working with one another....stop wasting our time too....