Saturday 30 January 2016

Peace butterfly and the best curry puff ever

At home in Kluang.

Sat on the bench at the porch and saw a butterfly busy at work.

Managed to take its picture.

It made me felt at peace, which is good.

Earlier, I thought of taking my fight with a "former" DAP operative a notch higher.

I have all the ammunitions ready.

The "former" DAP operative and gang have been going on and on for weeks throwing all kind of bullshit at me.

They thought they can destroy me and my blog using the DAP's "repetitive technique".

I can actually go all out with it if I want to as my blog is not tied to any paymaster unlike those who were paid to fill up certain quota to whack others.

If you are smart you can differentiate between those who are paid to blog and those who blog from the heart.

And you can tell who blog in support of Umno for a living and who blog genuinely for the love of Umno.

Yes, I was ready for a long drawn fight.

I got less to lose anyway.

But then, seeing that butterfly just now made me think, why should I waste my space and time for them.

I should just carry on like the butterfly, minding my own business.

I'll be happier that way.

Umno now don't even want someone like me anymore.

I'm too independent minded.

They prefer people like that "former" DAP operative to defend them. Even willing to pay large sum of money for it.

They don't even care what's really in the heart of the person.

So, why should I bother.

Well that's about it.

Anyway, yesterday I found the best curry puff ever.

Bought it just before going to fetch my grandmother and aunt in Singapore.

I don't know why, but the stall operator called it "Karipap Penang".

I don't really like Penang, probably because of Guan Eng, but that curry puff is very delicious.

Should call it "Karipap Johor" instead....well, never mind.

The curry puff stall is in front of the market at Taman Perling, JB.

Okay, everybody are up and ready to start clearing the house and I better go join them.

I will write again later if I have the time.



  1. sweet naushika..ever taste laksa Penang in johore..?

  2. Annie then don't eat murtabak singapura because there's Lee Kuan yew and PAP legacy. No LKY no Murtabak Singapura.

    1. I don't really mind LKY anymore. Search the archive of this blog to find out what I think of him and his son, the current Singapore PM. But, I don't really like murtabak...Singapore or otherwise.

  3. Actually, would love to see what dirt you have on these closet operatives. I, too, have long suspected the motives of a certain person after seeing her past videos and writings.
    After bashing one side, suddenly converted to praising another side.
    In Christianity, this is akin to Paul's road to Damacus revelation, whereby after overseeing the persecution of early Christians, he became a rabid zealot and was instrumental in spreading christianity to non-Jews.
    Oh, but cannot mention Christianity to that person. Sure go psycho.

    1. The rabid zealot was blinded on the highway - a severe retribution for persecuting the disciples of Jesus. Then Saul morphed into a high priest with a new d-i-y religion tailored for pagans.

  4. Hey, you know what?

    Our country is beautiful.

    We were lucky to be born as Malaysians.

    That is the truth.

    (I mean, just the food alone, lah!)

    Just have to settle the problem of this crappy, corrupt govt, but never forget to love Malaysia.

    1. mdzfrs, completely agree with you. Nothing can compare to Malaysia (and her food and people).

  5. Annie..You're correct when you said: "If you are smart you can differentiate between those who are paid to blog and those who blog from the heart."

    I don't any grudge who get paid by whom. But what surprised me most is that, UMNO seems to have paid the fugitive who had once made a statuary declaration, implying that Najib's wife was at the scene when Altantuya was C4ed.

    About the 'former DAP operative'; I think 'that person' is trying to split UMNO, hence that clamoring for Mukhriz's ouster.

    I don't think Najib reads anything at himself that is.

  6. Chill lah Annie. No need to pass remarks on who's paid and who's doing it frm heart. U r doing ok on ur category. I do still enjoy reading ur blog and others too. Just that RPK is so full of insight frm history U don't know when to things that is happening now. U r still ok and much needed. So relax have fun.

    1. Errrr you do know that RPK is a number one bullshitter for Najib. He doesn't have any insights. He creates them. Just like how he said Rosmah was there when Altantuya was bombed. Just like when he said IGP will arrest Mahathir for attending Bersih4. Just like he said Najib uses the billions for election campaign. Just like he said Mukhriz will be sacked by last Friday. Just like he said Lester Melanyi is the best ammo against Clare Rewcastle. If you believe RPK, then you are the greater fool than Najib.

    2. Yes, bes sekali was when RPK claimed that Najib is rich because he comes from some ancient Bugis raja lanun family.

      Perghhhh....kemonlah, even Najib's brothers denied they has received any inheritance from Tun Razak, let alone some 18th century lanun.

      RPK is too full of himself and too full of hot air. Half the people who make comments on his site are fake Facebook profiles set up by BN cybertroopers.

      Sad, desperate little man he is.

      PS: 30 January 2016 at 18:06

      You forgot his claim that Hisham would be sacked from Umno in 48 hours.

  7. Be with the good, be at peace .....

  8. Naushika are you on a'fight-mode'?.Well you know..doing the 'FirstBlood'..the one that John Rambo told Sgt Teasle..
    "In town you're the law..out here it's me..Don't push it!..don't push it..or I'll give you a war you won't believe..let it go..let it Go!"
    -John Rambo 'First Blood'
    If its going to be'mano a mano' with whoever there is 'never go to a gun fight with a knife'-Furious Seven..
    Well naushika..'there no is hero or villian only people with diffrent agenda'- Ben ulric in daredevil..
    maybe this is the time for the good fight before it turns ugly..'Things got bad and they go worst in a hurry' is something I like to say when got stuck in situation..something i'v read from Stephan King novel-'Christine'..they adapted into movie..but they missed the wording discription that makes the book a whole lots more scarier..Guess words if written with the proper proper context did make a lot difference..Spook's me for weeks..especially when driving in late hours of the night somewhere between selama and Taiping trunk road..and suddenly finding there is a twin headlamps tailgating me..and my imagination running wild figuring it was that red colour car a 1958 Plymouth fury name 'Christine'..having some score to settle with not laughing matters when your imagination get the best of you right? come american like to give a girly name to their a she..and her name is Christine.. yea right..Still they must love their car very much know being inside one most of the time almost like..well let's Dr Freud figure that one out..Still with this think Proton might have the chance a foot-hold?.of penetrating the long highway of the US of A and experience the freedom of an open road? Impossible?..says who? Very difficult?.Yes..that I agree but then remembered Japan and Honda..this is just two decade after war when they compete with the so called Harley and big bore Triumph with their tiny c70..with a catching phrase like "only the nicest people on a Honda"..and targeting university students..
    Saw the ads somewhere in an article..Had listen to Obama single out Malaysia because of it automotive protective tariff in his speech about it or not Proton must penetrate the US of A market..Its going to be such a pride driving a Malaysia made Proton and if Proton introduce the convertible hybrid model..maybe you might see Brit Pitt driving one on the Hollywood boulevard going "topless". So kaze no tani you ready to right the wrong? you ready to fight the good fight?..
    " What you do here..will echo through eternity " -general Maximus from The Gladiator.. Do have a good day naushike..I will have a go at that butterfly later..

  9. Dear Annie

    I started following your blog after your recent spat with someone. I gotta say I do like what I read and enjoy the diverse topic you offer as opposed to the constant negativity some other blogs carry.

    I am however surprised by your claim the former DAP operative is getting paid. Assuming that person is the one with colorful charts. That person has always deny she is under any paymaster, so are u sure?

    Anyway, enjoy your leisure time and continue to write from the heart. Don't go looking for fight but, pls dun back away either if hypocrites challenge you. You got to stand up for yourself too.

    1. All chickens deny they are looking for dedak. They just bobbing their heads up and down for fun : )

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks for commenting, but I'm afraid your allegation against the person should not be made public for now. I still believe in being fair.

  11. hi Annie.thank you for promoting our curry puff..really appreaciate it