Friday 15 January 2016

Safety at JB construction sites should be first class

There was this report the other day about

Man narrowly escapes death after falling into roadside hole 

in JB.

The place of the accident is not far from where I'm working now.

The unlucky man survived the fall but I agreed with him (as per reported) that he was lucky not to be impaled on the metal piling rods at the bottom of the pit.

This is the picture from the report,

According to the report, the man, who was riding his motorcycle was trying to avoid being hit by a car when he fell into the construction pit.

It's the project to beautify the Sungai Segget along Jalan Wong Ah Fok.

The thing is, I think those responsible for the project should have provided better safety measures for road users plying along the stretch.

This is the picture of the place near where the accident happened,

I don't think that's adequate safety precaution.

If it's in a third world country, then it's okay lah, but this is Iskandar Malaysia which is supposed to be the same level as developed countries.

By right, the safety precautions at such construction sites should also be at a higher level.

They should do more as anyone could easily fall into the construction pit like the motorcyclist.

I think Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) which is in charge of the project need to make sure the contractors appointed by it to carry out the project adhere to a higher safety standard than currently practiced by them.

Development is good but it should be carried out properly so that the people are not put at an inconvenience and their life and limbs at risk.

Maybe they can do it like this one in Singapore.

See, it looks more proper and safer.

I hope IRDA can make sure their contractors can do their workslike in Singapore so that there will be no more accident such as the one involving the motorcyclist as per reported.


  1. Madam you are getting closer to me ... that's Ubi Avenue, Singapore near my place. Yup, worksite safety is a major concern in Singapore.

  2. Projek Segget ni dapat kontraktor cukup makan. asal boleh je.. Tutup jalan pon tkde beritahu apa2. Safety untuk orang ramai pon lagi la ke parit. Sultan, MB, datuk Bandar semua ada di JB.. Tak nampak agaknya...


  3. In Malaysia ,not only in Johore , money is the priority ,who care about life .

  4. Try to get things in control guys!

  5. Malaysia is still a 3rd world country in many ways. The big developers who won the contract will sub to smaller contractors who will sub again to even smaller contractors. The margins for these sub-sub contractors are usually very thin whereas the developers will be earning double digit profit margins.

    I think one of the main reasons why contractors in the bldg/civil industry prefer to hire foreigners is that lives of these foreign workers are very cheap. No one (other than Lee lam Thye) makes any noise when a fatal construction site accidents happen.

    1. 2 millon civil servsnts employed by umno gomen tidak cukup? how about 2 nd job jaga worksite?

  6. Annie, why u remove the link to kayangdaily post?

    1. I removed some links to political blogs because I want to read less politics.

  7. Please dont compare standards to Singapore. Try Afghanistan.


  8. Try as you might Annie, but some of your readers just can't refrain themselves from giving politically-inclined comments.

    Can't blame them really.

    There is no escaping from politics.

    This is Malaysia, where everything is politics and will be politicised. This is the land where everyone and everybody is an expert on politics.

    It is our number one national pastime. It is our number one form of entertainment and sports. We eat, we drink, we sleep and we play politics. We live and we breath politics. There is no denying or escaping it. Politics is in our blood.

    We crave for politics. We hunger for it. Some might even go crazy without it. Well, at least we know some became crazy because of it.

    Lets admit it. We are hooked on politics. Maybe it is in our DNA. Who knows.

    Is there any danger of us getting overdosed with politics?

    Nah! Not yet.

    And like anyone addicted to drugs or anything else, we won't know when to quit until it is too late.

    Isn't politics just fun?

    1. Political parties put their machai or cronies into Gomen linked companies. Eg mas and it bleeded until over bankrupted many times over. The money better spend on poor Malays and East malaysians. The same with the condoms for cows. The nation feedlot??