Wednesday 17 April 2013

Saving a bridge at Gelang Patah

As I hunkered down with others for the defense of Gelang Patah now that the battle line is drawn, I feel like I'm in that war movie Saving Private Ryan

I feel like a character of one of those American soldiers who were defending the small French town about to be overrun by the German forces at the last battle scene of the movie.

Outmanned and outgunned.

The mission of the American soldiers in that last battle scene was to save the bridge at the edge of the town which if fell under the control of the German forces would caused dire consequences.

In the case of Gelang Patah, the bridge is the bridge which connects Malaysians across the racial divide. It must be saved at all cost.

Now that Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman is leading the defense of the constituency, those who are with him need to be ready to sacrifice personal interests for the battle to be won.

On the other side are formidable foes who will stop at nothing and throwing all their resources to defeat us. 

Their most lethal weapon is the racial card, the very thing which they intend to use to destroy the bridge of racial unity in this country so that they can gain power over all of us.

They will try to sway the Gelang Patah folks, particularly the Chinese majority of that constituency to support them by appealing to their sense of ethnic identity.

As it is in every battle, there will be casualties.

I am already suffering some "injuries" as I'm already being sidelined from my post and accused of not doing my job because of whatever little I'm doing to help Ghani.

But I don't regret it. I'm not some sort of heroine or martyr but I believe I'm doing the right thing.

I am not sure of the outcome of this battle, but one thing is for sure, Ghani and the rest of us who are with him down here will fight till the end. 

We may lose the battle as the odds are against us but we surely are not going to let Kit Siang and the gang have it easy in destroying our country's racial unity.

It's now for the people of Gelang Patah of all races to decide whether we will be successful or defeated.

All we can do now are to put up a good fight and pray for the best.

p.s In that movie, the main character Captain John Miller died, shot by the very German soldier whose life he spared in an earlier skirmish. But the bridge was saved.


  1. You say Ghani with Government machinery, TV, newspapers media coverage, huge money allocations, Mahathir & his band of cronies is an underdog!

    Damn funny la you jokers...

    You guys remind me of the evil German Nazi officer who pretended to surrender but tricked the poor American GI and killed him.
    Just like the Nazi pretended to be the underdog rite?! Haha

    Do you really believe your own fiction?
    Cos' the local BN/MCA grassroots guys are coming to tell us the real face of Ghani.

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. You tell me which government machinery being used by Ghani. Give me the proof. The media - The Star, Malay Mail, Sinar Harian, Chinese newspapers etc - you really think they are supporting BN? They are the one who leaked the story that Ghani is contesting Gelang Patah weeks ago and spoilt the BN's plan. Go and read Helen Ang's blog and learn more about how The Star, which is an MCA paper promotes Hannah Yeoh and other DAP personalities. If you are referring to Jason Teoh, whose selfish people are angry that he is not fielded, then it's more reason why Ghani is the underdog in Gelang Patah.

      By the way, there is no scene where an evil German Nazi officer pretended to surrender but tricked the poor American GI and killed him in Saving Private Ryan. That is your own fiction.

    2. Seriously Kluang Girl, your fiction is not worrh the dime Komtar throw in your dog bowl.

      You think you are the only one who watched Saving private Ryan. Syiok sendiri lying anglophile.

  2. Why need to be sneaky, kenapa tak sebut RTM, TV3, Utusan, Berita Harian, The Star, New Straits Times, Nanyang newspapers?
    Every day angkat Ghani by attacking Kit Siang...

    We hear the local BN/MCA grassroots telling us the semangat setiakawan UMNO-MCA is dead in Johor.
    MCA national leaders are weak and cannot protect the interests of the MCA and the community. They are more interested plotting for their own survival in party elections end of the year.

    At least this election succeeded in showing every Johor BN/MCA grassroots throughout the state the disease of UMNO. They cannot be trusted. When UMNO takes, they never give back to you. Always greedy...

    Btw, Saving Private Ryan is one of Kit's favorite film.
    The evil German Nazi officer who pretended to surrender and tricked Corporal Upham to let him go, later killed Private Mellish in front of dear Upham.
    Reminds me of the pretender Ghani claiming to be underdog...

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Semangat setiakawan Umno-MCA is dead? So, DAP confident to defeat MCA in Malay majority places like Ayer Hitam? How about semangat setiakawan Chinese and Indians in DAP? Still alive? The setiakawan with Malay DAP is dead, that much I know.

      Btw, in Saving Private Ryan, the German is just an ordinary soldier and not an officer. He didn't pretended to surrender and tricked Upham. Get your facts right about the movie and try to understand the significance of Captain Miller sparing the life of the German who later on proved to be ungrateful by later on shooting him dead. Reminds of me of you all DAP chauvinists.

    2. DAP has been fielding Malay & Indian candidates in Chinese or mixed seats that they contested for decades now la.

      Over the years there's been ADUNs and MPs from Malays & Indians background. No need to believe me, you guys can Google the infos kan. Very Bangsa Malaysia.

      Currently DAP even has more Indian elected ADUNs/MPs than MIC even. First Indian Speaker of Perak Dun, first Indian Deputy Chief Minister Penang etc!
      Now before elections Najib wants to cozy up to Hindraf, a bit too late isn't it?

      ~ Kluang girl

    3. So, is it Ramakrishnan or Tony Pua going to contest in Labis? And, what happened to all the DAP Indian candidates in Johor except for the token so far in Paloh, where he is surely to lose? That Johor DAP number two Norman Fernandez fella, where is he now? Why DAP replace him in Stulang with a Chinese and not an Indian?

    4. Why MCA seats are also replaced by UMNO?

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Thanks for the comment and interesting information.

  4. Whatever the outcome in GP, this is a golden opportunity to find out the pattern of thinking of the Chinese majority folks in GP. We would like to find out whether race really does matter in choosing a representative in Johor.

    *Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river - Nikita Khrushchev

    1. Why just look at Chinese. Look at all the races too if they are Bangsa Malaysia when they vote PR or just race when they vote UMNO.

  5. Wrong analogy.

    First you forced the Malay in the area to sell their land. Then you forced the UMNO voters to leave the area due to high cost of living. Then, you bring in foreign and cheap workers, who dont eligible/bother to vote or pembangkang voters. Then you ..... drum roll please......
    you welcome Singaporean investors whom we all know are PAP oops DAP supporters.

    Hahaha Ghani has no choice. Even MCA knew they had to please the Singaporean "investors" to keep pretending as the Chinese champion and send their kids to Singapore's school. That is why MCA willingly (pucuk dicita ulam mendatang) let Ghani face LKS.

    Hahaha... it is Johor Vs Singapore in Gelang Patah. If Najib instead of Ghani, I would say Malaysia vs Singapore. But then again, Najib has no balls.

    LKS knew this. He got nothing to lose.

    Ghani has everything to lose. He had failed the Malays. Nothing gain politically even if he won. Come next UMNO election, he will be the known as the leader of ketuanan MCA.

    1. UMNO only wants PAP's cinamen money to come to Johor. that is why sometimes UMNO is a bit kind to cinamen. Sorry for the Indians, UMNO even sub-contract someone to downgrade them.

  6. Annie, sorry to hear that you are being side-lined in your job over your support for Ghani. Do you work for DAP?

  7. whatever the results is a RAHMAT.

    if Ghani win the election, racism as propagated by the DAP is death. If Ghani loses the election means the Chinese of Johore are racist a lot and about time, the Simpang Renggam, Air Hitam and other Malay majority seat which were given to the Chinese being taken back.


    1. Yes chinese in Johor has been racists since Mederka and they have been voting BN via MCA. When UMNo is power for 50 years, they say nothing. When election is the right for one to chose, Dumno start to accuse them of racists,when they are going of shit.

  8. This election does remind me of a movie too - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Voters are faced with lots of tasty choices, with goodies and an opportunity to put on some weight going to some freebie dinners/ceremahs. In this way I have suffered too (looking at my expanding belly). But I'm no martyr. Seriously, we need fewer allegories of war and Nazis, less reference in the debate to physical conflict and death - this is a battle of ideas where the only casualties will be manifestoes and we know that election promises are shot dead by their own side more often than by the opposition. On 6 May, we still have to live with each other.

  9. Well, this is the litmus test, isn't it?


  10. Kluang girl,

    If Gani, with all government machinery,media coverage plus the huge money allocation, with the support of Mahatir& his bands still lose the battle ,it's only tell one thing ,how the Chinese minds worked ,and that the reason why DAP are only contesting in Chinese majority area.
    It's will be a battle to be learned and remembered .

    1. Well, we have choices, whether the media ar govt controlled, we have a choice not to but butDAPsters are happy wasting away with their iso called ntellectual whores on Malaysiakini....pretty stupid for a bunch of people demanding choices..if they only care to watch non news segments in rtm amd tv3, i a, sure they can learn more about the whole of the non Chinese of Malaysia beyond the spittle of that clown Dean John and other Mkini editors.

      Even RPK has gotten tired of the intellectual bankruptcy of the DAPsters, now ceawling back to us Malayooos after kene reject by the anglophile chonese anti Melayu MT readets.

    2. Dear Tebing Tinggi,

      DAP always contested Chinese and mixed-seats for decades now. Even before the time of PKR. It also have had many Malays & Indians ADUNs and MPs since those years. Even now, DAP has more Indian ADUNs/MPs than MIC. First Indian Speaker Perak, first Indian Deputy Chief Minister Penang etc.
      Don't believe me, can always Google the Internet for infos.

      Now before elections Najib wants to cozy up to Hindraf?
      Isn't UMNO/BN the one saying Hindraf is extremist racist organization since 2007...
      The problem with UMNO leaders is that they will say one thing and do something else for their own vested interests.
      Cakap tak serupa bikin.
      The UMNO grassroots never got anything but sacrifices while the leaders keep enriching themselves and their cronies.

      I am working with some colleagues who are UMNO cawangan grassroots and even the local MIC ketua wanita bahagian.
      So at the grassroots level, we are all the same with hopes of fairness and opportunity for ourselves & family.

      ~ Kluang girl

    3. What have you got to say when DAP lost in chinese area to BN in the past and PAS lost in Malay areas? Too bad, you like UMNO cannot accept, people's right to chose every 5 years. If you always want to win, then, better don't have election. Better not to have world cup, etc. Dumno.

  11. That's giving it back to them Annie. Way to go!

  12. the opposition claimed that the upcoming election will be tainted with fraud, hence unfair. but why do they still scramble for seats and aim to contest? funny oppo