Sunday 21 April 2013

I don't respect Dr Boo anymore

I have to admit that I don't really know Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau, who is defending his Skudai seat in this general election.

From what little I previously heard about the man, I had concluded that he is a hardworking wakil rakyat and quite principled for standing up to DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng, causing him to be mostly sidelined by the Lim family who reign supreme in the party.

When Dr Boo was still named as DAP's Skudai candidate, I had concluded that he survived the chopping block like what happened to the other DAP assemblymen of Senai, Mengkibol and Bentayan simply because party supremo Lim Kit Siang still need him to work for the Gelang Patah campaign.

By the way, in case you all are not aware, the dropped DAP assemblyman of Mengkibol is going to defend his seat as an independent candidate. That, I will elaborate in another posting if no one else are interested to write about it.

Back to Dr Boo, I had always been under the impression that he is an intelligent person and sincere in his struggle with DAP based on what I heard of him so far.

The only blemish on him which I could recalled was when he accused BN of propagating an "apartheid administration system" by sidelining the non-Malays. I had however attribute that line of thought of Dr Boo to the campaign waged by the DAP leadership to depict the BN government as a Malay administration which practices discriminatory policies against the Chinese.

I had believed that Dr Boo was just trying to toe the line when he accused the BN of being racist. Otherwise, he may not withstand the pressure put on him by the Lim dynasty.

Other than that, I thought Dr Boo is an ok guy, especially when he stood up against Johor PKR chief DS Chua Jui Meng, the MCA reject man.

So, it came as a huge disappointment for me when I listened to his speech at a DAP gathering in Taman Sutera, JB last night.

His speech which was mostly delivered in Mandarin was peppered with stale and childish accusations against BN.

Dr Boo among others talked about Malaysia's submarines not being able to submerge causing the recent intrusion of Sulu gunmen into Sabah. He said the Sulu gunmen had managed to avoid being intercepted because they can see the submarines floating on the surface as they are incapable to go underwater.

Apparently Dr Boo failed to remember that his party's secretary general had once given a ride in one of those submarines and had experienced it diving under the surface of the sea.

Then Dr Boo talked about how Pakatan will send DS Najib Razak as Malaysian ambassador to Mongolia in an apparent reference to the Altantuya case where the opposition had been trying to convince the people of Najib's involvement. Dr Boo was actually trying to be cute but I think he failed miserably in that case. It was so lame of Dr Boo for trying that stunt.

He also made fun of DS Dr Chua Soi Lek and former MCA MP for Raub DS Ng Yen Yen by making insinuations that Dr Chua is a porn star and Ng as an opportunist who is so vain that she is mostly concerned about the size of her bra more than anything else.

And with that, I think Dr Boo has sunk into gutter politics just to please Kit Siang for the survival of his political career.

Honestly, I don't think so highly of Dr Boo anymore.


  1. what bothers me the most? that people WILL buy Dr Boo's vitriol. and THAT makes me worry for the state of Malaysians' mentality. That we're, for all intents and purposes - really DUMB.

  2. WOW< that sucks
    he needs to be kicked out
    embarassing lah him

  3. Maybe he has been like that since day one, maybe what you heard was all puffed up story to increase the 'greatness' of Dr. Boo. Very much like cult indoctrinization process...

  4. the man has finally shown his true colors. there's no need to feel sad or disappointed Annie. better now than not knowing about him at all.

  5. This doctor Boo is making a fool out of the people of Taman Sutera.

    The Suluks do not come all at once.

    The submarine was not bought to intercept the Suluk invaders or to detect illegal fisherman's wooden boat. It's difficult to detect and positively identify a foreigner from the thousand locals fisherman's wooden small boat, from under the sea, anyway. Those shallow and corals infested seabeds are just not suitable for submarines, too. With vast seas and archipelago's chain of thousand of Islands, 2 submarines is just not suitable.

    And on land, there is no way, anybody can distinguish the Suluks from the local kampong guys, unless you frisk him and ask question or have a look at his IC. I would suggest Dr. Boo, go live for a month in Southern Thailand to get acquainted with the real atmosphere.


  6. What you had heard that he is a hardworking "wakil rakyat" was never have been seen any truth I presume ,especially among the Malay in Skudai. Most of the Malay had herd of him but never seen him possible no attempt was made by him to be seen with the Malay voters .
    Should he win again ,look like Dun Skudai are not well represented .

  7. What you heard at that cerama is only a fraction of what DAP is actually spitting out daily. Such venomous lies and deceits are constantly spread in the fields and Facebook and internet.

    Most Chinese Malaysian would shallow their lies completely, hool, line and sinker.
    The Chinese are fooled into believing that Mr Omega will level the playing field for all. DAP is desperate to get into putrajaya they are willing to sell out all non Muslim
    by lying about PAS and Mr Omega.

  8. The moderate and and broad thinking Chinese will punish the arrogant and cocky DAPs candidates.

  9. Haiya submarine bikin lawan ka lanun ....orang kampung dia boleh tipu la ada 27 submarine nuklear tapi 10 juta pendatang asing boleh still masuk us ...then malaysia still ok ma

  10. i cannot understand how could DAP label this administration as a malay or an umno administration. recall, MCA, MIC and Gerakan failed miserably in GE12, and they were still given ministerial positions despite their loss. this is a true testament of 1Malaysia and mutual power sharing between races. DAP has to wake up from their racist mindset!

  11. deja vu. another of the mould of Chen Shui Bian.


  12. Carrying the title of "Dr", but trying to fool the common people. Disgusting.

    It will be a BIG news if Malaysia uses sub. to stop or torpedo down fishing boats - which the lanun of the sultan used to invade Sabah!! It will the joke of the year, and if Dr Boo is the naval chief, then it could become reality. LOL.

    Come on, dont talk, just go to Sabah or nearer southern Thai to experience before bull****ing from a human mouth.