Tuesday 30 April 2013

A selfish evil wish due to an ingrate (updated)

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I just got back from a very hectic day at work. Took a shower, did the necessary and now about to sleep.

Earlier, as I was entering the lift of this apartment I'm staying for my stay in JB, a guy joined me as he was also going up to his place.

I noticed that he pushed the P button. That is going to the penthouse unit. The guy must be one of the richer tenants, I thought.

He pleasantly asked me if I just came back from work. I smiled and replied in the affirmative.

"Do you know that the PM is in town today?" he asked again.

"Yes, must be for the election, I guess," I said.

With a small laugh, he added "What is the point of him coming here, BN will lose anyway."

I just smiled and exited the lift which had reached my floor.

Suddenly, at that moment,  I had this evil wish for BN to really lose.

Only then probably that guy who stays in a penthouse apartment will realize how messed up this country would be if Pakatan takes over.

Only then probably will he realized that he was able to live in luxury because he had the opportunity to make lots of money, thanks to the BN government's policies which made it conducive for people like him to prosper.

But that wish was just for a moment.

I quickly realized that if that wish does comes true, it is not just the penthouse guy who will suffers, but also other less fortunate Malaysians.

Sorry, I was being selfish due to being angry with that guy. I shouldn't wish such a disaster for this country just because of such an ingrate.

Anyway, I'm too tired to write updates of what is happening on the election front in Johor today.

I think for such updates, you may for now get them at  A Green Bee In The Rain 雨中的绿蜂


This is an article that everyone, especially the people of Gelang Patah must read - A Malaysian Opportunity in Gelang Patah. 


  1. He gonna cry if pr wins

    1. So hes an ingrate because he doesnt support your fucked up bosses? Really annie. Try harder will ya?

  2. That may not be true. My cousin is a developer in Selangor. He said after PR tookover, they save the cost on giving 'comission' to BN agents and it is easier to deal with PR MP. A lot of problem can be solved without considering the money factor.

    1. My brother-in-law, a contractor seems to be very affluent when PR took-over Perak. After BN regain power, his Toyota Wish was repossessed by the bank. He haven't repaid RM60k, which he borrowed from me in 2010.


  3. Selangor and Penang was under PR rule for 5 years but these states did not suffer from the disaster that you are trying to perceive here. In fact the states did much better then when they were under BN rule. And when PR takes over the government it will sure make our country prosper more with less corruption and cronyism. Spin as much as you like but the facts will always remain.

    1. Selangor prosper by destryoing the hostel for best rural malays in Kg Baru. Given out to a Chinese developer. All selangor govt projects given out to chinese developers.

      That Trinity company run by Chinese Christian project remember. No cinema in Bangi or Shah Alam.

      Spin what you like but the Chinse are the real beneficiaries. Any Malays out there who make big money as the Chinese? Did Khalid made any difference to your well being?

      Haven't you read about the daily death from snatch thieves who are mostly lowly paid workers? Read about the low paying migrants workers from Bangla and Myanmar breaking into your neighbours house?

      So what ever the result of the elections, Malays activists and intellectual must continue the pembersihan of UMNO from enemies within.

      UMNO needed to be given a knock on the head to clean its big headed small time leaders.

      UMNO needed to be bersih from the greedy youths and this was achieved in 2008. Stupid Toyo is out. KJ is still there but if Najib knows what is good for the Malays he will get rid of him.

      UMNO needed to be BERSIH from the opportunist Indians like Subahan Kamal who is being hyped by Indians in NST and Malay Mail as the next UMNO MB.

      Perak need to bersih to the Malays as MB. Between a Malay PAS and a MAlay PKR and UMNO Indians, I think Malays are better choice.

      This fact, Malay UMNO leaders must be aware of. Indians in UMNO are the reasons Malay need to form new parties. Even now UMNO is silent on how to stop Chinese and Indians from being billionaires at the expense of the rakyat. Even now UMNO is planning mega PC projects to benefit YTL, why?

      So even if UMNO win or UMNO lose GE13, the Malays intellectual revival must continue. Malays have been destroyed in their own country by a UMNO PM, who should not be named, to enrich the Chinese and Indians. Its a long struggle which we Malays must continue.

    2. Corruption will surely be on the rise if PR get power.

      -Teoh Beng Hock lost his live due to corruption in DAP.
      -Mushrooming of brothels and massage parlor in Selangor under Ronnie Liew.
      -Talam Gate
      -Sand mining fiasco (Alam Semesta)
      -Land grant to Ngeh & Nga by PAS in Kelantan.
      -Typo error in Penang tunnel project.
      -Kg. Buah Pala land grab.
      -Kg. Manggis (for low cost housing, given to Developer).
      -Manipulation of PKR & DAP's CEC election.
      -Latest; Nik Aziz owns RM10Million worth of land.

      Nepotism & Cronyism?
      DAP, PKR and PAS, not practicing this?

      Stop dreaming, please.


  4. Kung Tze says:

    "By nature men are alike but by their habitual practice they grow wide apart."

    "Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue."

    "He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make good of his words."

  5. Yes my cousin, my neighbour, my brother in law, my cat also... Bla..bla..n anon 9.57 this is standarrt stmt.. Corruption, cronyism.... You forgot 1 stmt... " its all umno fault "

  6. Too hard on the guy - he's just saying what he believes will happen. Nothing ungrateful about offering his opinion. What is interesting is that he sees you as someone that might share his view. I guess that you are a younger voter, Annie, so he may think you also believe there will be a change of government. Everyone comments that the new voters will be kingmakers given their high numbers, but no one seems to be asking their opinion of what they think will happen. Normally, I'd guess that a large number of new voters registering is because they believe there will be change and they wish to be part of it. The question is is it a change of guard or a change of government they foresee.

  7. "I quickly realized that if that wish does comes true, it is not just the penthouse guy who will suffers, but also other less fortunate Malaysians.".....kah..kah..kah....

    Rakyat in Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan Suffer under PR rules ?? did the PR state gone bankrupt ?

    Those who suffer are from UMNO geng (thief), no more chance for them to steal from the rakyat !!

  8. ' I was entering the lift of this apartment '

    Why even need stay in an apartment, with guards, right? Cannot take out hand-bag or get ketuk in the head, and handbag seized?

    Why do you think things come to this stage? Used to be able to swing my handbag anywhere in KL itself, in JB, in Kluang, in BP, you name it.

    for your information, Skudai is still pretty safe. Avoid petrol pump stations, lock your car doors while pumping petrol , look left and right before you enter your house even if it is fenced up

    What's this got to do with the present Govt? Incompetent police, makan sop for the small guy, corruption for the big guy and commission for the ultra greedy, aka (some) ministers right at the top in the region of millions/billions

    These corruption money will go a long way to feed the poor, just 10% of it. That what is promised, if the Malaysians do not try new govt, they will never know if it can be achieved. If the new govt is bad, well kick them out in 5 years time!

    1. We already gave them 5 years where I stay. That's why we're kicking them out. Get the idea?

    2. Good one Ramayana. LOL

  9. Anonymous30 April 2013 18:34

    Dear, cuba tgk negeri2 mana yg high profile crime cases berlaku :)

    5 years is a long time to wait, during which many policies can be implemented to rob rakyat of their rights to vote in a new government.
    Nanti macam2 alasan - need more time lah, former government dah implement policy yg irreversible lah, etc etc
    You say give 5 years?
    I wouldn't even give them a second.
    Sebab corruption in Pakatan Rakyat is already there even before they form the government, apa lagi bila dah ambil kuasa!