Tuesday 16 April 2013

Gelang Patah : Racial chauvinism versus Malaysian unity (UPDATED)


Kit Siang vs Ghani in Gelang Patah

JOHOR BARU: Johor Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman will lead the coalition's defense of the State by contesting the Gelang Patah parliament seat against DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang.
   Ghani's candidacy was announced along with other Johor BN candidates at the MSuites Hotel this morning.
   The announcement of Ghani's name as the BN's Gelang Patah candidates was greeted with thunderous applause and cheers from those in the packed hall. Ghani, 66 will face of Lim, 72 in a much anticipated contest which analysts had predicted will determine the future of the country's race relations.
   Gelang Patah is a constituency of 106,864 voters consisting 52.4 per cent Chinese; 34.3 per cent Malays; 12.5 Indians and  0.8 per cent of other races.
   In his speech before the announcement was made, Ghani called on the BN candidates to do their best to ensure the coalition victory.
   "We must persuade the people of Johor to reject the attempt by the opposition to disrupt the way we Johoreans are doing things.
   "We must defend our ways of sharing and cooperating between people of all races which has brought about progress and stability.
   "The people of Johor must tell these people who either come from Kelantan or Ipoh that we reject their politics of divisiveness," he said in reference to Lim, who previously is the member of parliament of Ipoh Timur and Pas vice-president Salahuddin Ayub, the former MP of Kubang Kerian  who will also be contesting in Johor.
   It was also announced that High Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin  who is formerly the Pasir Gudang MP will contest the Permas state seat which many believe will pave his way to replace Ghani as the new Johor Menteri Besar.

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So, the big fight in Gelang Patah is on.

For me, it is not really so much of just a fight between DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and outgoing Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

It's bigger than that.

It is a fight between racial chauvinism and Malaysian unity.

It is going to be a struggle between those who want to use our ethnicity to further their political agenda and those who are trying to defend the Malaysian multi-racial but united way of life.

It will be a contest like no other in Malaysian electoral history.

The outcome of the contest in Gelang Patah will decide the future of Malaysian racial relations.

Kit Siang will go down to the ground banking on the fact that out of the 104,000 voters in Gelang Patah, 53 per cent are Chinese.

Ghani's mission in Gelang Patah is to stop Kit Siang from splitting Johoreans along racial line.

He will go there with the belief that the Chinese of Gelang Patah are not racist chauvinists and that they will remember the good things he had done as a Menteri Besar for 18 years, particularly the development that he initiated in that constituency.

Ghani is going to the ground with the belief that the people of Gelang Patah, especially the Chinese will vote for him because he is the better man and with a good track record as a leader. He believes that they will see past him being a Malay.

Still, on paper, everything pointed that Kit Siang will win and that it will be an uphill task for Ghani to stop him.

But, knowing Ghani, he will try his best not to let the 72-year-old ends the dream of a truly united Malaysian society.

The people of Gelang Patah, particularly the Chinese community have been given the privilege to decide once and for all whether we as Malaysians will stay united or be split forever by the color of our skin.


  1. Thank you Ghani for allowing the Chinese to be the king maker to teach UMNO a lesson.

  2. well perceived...! D-Day for the Chinese!!

  3. The Chinese of Gelang Patah will be forever remembered as chauvinist and rasist and against the spirit of Perpaduan in Malysia, IF they vote for DAP Lim Kit Siang.
    I hope the people will record all his speeches and upload them on YouTube for Malaysians to decide whether Lim Kit Siang and his cohorts do all the bad things as mentioned by Tun M.

  4. A very different view of Ghani's championing of all races - From Ktemoc's blog.(http://ktemoc.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/mca-three-strikes-and-youre-out.html)

    "But I want everyone to recall late 2006, a mere 6.5 years ago when Abdul Ghani Othman rejected the concept of Bangsa Malaysia as totally unacceptable because he openly stated that a national unified identity was a threat to his cherished Ketuanan Melayu, or Malay supremacy. He saw the vital importance of continuing Malay political dominance and the special position provided for them in the constitution.

    He dismissed the Bangsa Malaysia notion as fostering a rojak of races in the country, though we Malaysians know that rojak tastes a whole lot better than each of its constituent components. But obviously Abdul Ghani in his preference for racial purity had thought differently."

    1. I think readers of this blog knows who is Ktemoc and what he/she supports. The DAP cybertroopers may spin all they want about Ghani, but Johoreans, especially the people of Gelang Patah know who their outgoing Menteri Besar really is.

  5. Yea.
    I really hope Malaysia, especially those in Gelang Patah would not vote along the color of our skin. Vote for unity, please.
    Vote BN.


  6. Lawan Ghani Othman tu bai.. Mak ai.. No. 1 person in Johor. Boleh ke Lim?

  7. Who originated "Ketuanan Melayu" slogan?

    1. Already playing the racial sentiment, eh. Well, I'm sure the people of Johor, especially in Gelang Patah wouldn't buy such stuff.

    2. Who is play play with such slogan when there is no election? During election, all those con-men talk by BN. What unity is BN talking? Tell us how BN unite rakyat? BN has been sub-contracting dirty Perkasa and using paid blog writers like U to throw candies.

  8. That's why UMNO leaders are like snakes, twisting and lying about Ghani's racist past.

    Ktemoc quoted Ghani's statement from 2006. So instead of admitting Ghani said those racist statements, Annie chose to attack Ktemoc's personally!

    Typical of UMNO leaders/bloggers! Luckily we all have Internet & Google. So everyone will be printing out and spreading the list of racist statements Ghani has spewed out of his mouth while now trying to sound Malaysian... Cakap tak serupa bikin.
    Bunch of hypocrites.

    No wonder the local MCA grassroots machinery are shutting down!
    Everyone knows when UMNO takes, they never return back to you. Always greedy...

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. So, Ghani is racist is it? No wonder all the Chinese of Johor suffers hardship under his 18 years as menteri besar. No wonder just recently some prominent pro-Umno bloggers accused him of being a "pengkhianat bangsa" for allegedly giving preferences to Chinese businessmen.

      If Ghani is a racist, he is indeed a weird racist as he is now contesting in Chinese majority areas to prove that Chinese are not racists at a time when everyone think that the Chinese are against BN. On top of that he is going against Kit Siang who is clearly banking on the Gelang Patah's majority Chinese voters to win. As a Malay racist Ghani should have stayed in Serom or at least contest in Ledang where the Malays are the majority.

      Well, I think just let the Gelang Patah people decide who is the racist, Ghani or Kit Siang.

    2. As for the Bangsa Malaysia thing, for me we are either bangsa Cina, bangsa Melayu, bangsa India, and all other bangsa, but we are all Malaysians. That is why, like Ghani, I support the existence of institutions such as the Chinese schools. Anyway, is there such thing as bangsa Singapore in that country which DAP people think so highly of ?

    3. Don't talk BS. You are not UMNO leaders. BN leaders say their race first follow by religion and being Malaysian third. So U are advocating and supporting PR policies.

    4. Some people are just plain stupid. They fail to distinguish between nationality and ethnicity. In this country one is Malaysian but nationality and Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc by ethnicity. Just like in the US one is an American by nationality and Caucasian, African-American, Chinese-American, Hispanic etc. by ethnicity.

      If one is adamant about "Bangsa Malaysia" then everyone in this country has to adopt one single ethnicity and here in this country case it is Malay, Bahasa Melayu and Malay Culture. That is what happen in Indonesia where the non-native Indonesian i.e. Chinese has to give up all their Chinese identity to become "Bangsa Indonesia"; even then there are still Indonesia-Chinese as that can't change the DNA.

      My advise for all those Malays who support Pakatan especially DAP, look down south in Singapore. They may claim that they are better off than us but in reality they have been systematically marginalized in all aspects of life. The slogan "UBAH" that has been chanted by the DAPsters is nothing more than an attempt to systematically erode the Malay Political Power. If they are truly sincere about equality why do they sideline the Indian (never mind the Malay). Their recent CEC failure and debacle is just one example.

      It is very true indeed that LKS will have the highest chance to win; but one thing for sure even if DAP win all the seats, they still can't take over the government as they are contesting in 50 Parliamentary seats. They still depend on PAS and PKR in order to realize their dream.

      However, I know that there are a lot of Chinese out there are still pro BN. They are the silent voters who dare not voice their opinion for fear of being harassed or intimidated. At high profile level actress Michele Yeo, singer Eric Moo and Lee Chong Wei are the three recent examples that fall to this type of harassment for being pro BN. Is this what you call "DEMOCRATIC" when you harass and intimidate people for making their their choice?

      There is a reason why Singapore is created i.e. for the Malay to think and see if the table turn, whether the Chinese can be equally fair them in all aspect. I am not going to elaborate about Penang after PRU12 but suffice to say that the Malay and Indian in Penang have learned their lesson well enough not to support Pakatan. Kamoung Buah Pala is the saddest case of all to name one.

      Chua Soi Lek is right when he said, the Chinese in Gelang Patah decision will determine the next course of action for UMNO/BN in the way forward in term of relationship with the Chinese in Malaysia. In his speech he is referring to the new Menteri Besar.

      If you think UMNO/BN has treated you so bad by all means your free to go anywhere in the world that can treat you better. Nut just remember even than if you poor or uneducated no developed countries is welcoming you with open hand. Ask those who hold SG PR, if Singapore is great why don't they give up their citizenship and become Singaporean? "CAKAP SAJA BESAR DAN MACAM PANDAI".


  9. Hell will freeze over if DAP rule this country with such an arrogant father & son at helm.

    Anything But Pakatan !!!

    1. Dumno - DAP greater than Almighty to punish people like hell?

  10. This is actually a test for the Chinese. To teach lesson for the malay PR supporters whether their chinese allies (DAP) are sincere or just plain chauvinist who is just 'pretending' at time when they need the malay support. This is also to show to the whole Malaysia, whether or not the chinese in this country is really for racial unity (for the chinese has really benefit from johore development).. or they put chinese first and contradicting what kit siang has always been championing. Either way, Lim Kit Siang contesting in Gelang Patah, is already a check mate for him.