Monday 22 April 2013

Kit Siang on Ghani and Ghani's response

The following is a story written by NST Johor-based journalist Chuah Bee Kim. Chuah is also a blogger at A Green Bee In The Rain 雨中的绿蜂She is also updating her blog for the latest on the happening of GE13 in Johor.

Ghani wins praise from Kit Siang

‘A GOOD MAN’: Johor MB has brought development to the state, says DAP leader

JOHOR BARU: DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang has praised  his election opponent Datuk Abdul  Ghani Othman for bringing progress  and development to Johor during his stew ardship of the state.  
Describing his Gelang Patah opponent as a  good man, Lim said the Johor Barisan Na sional chairman had initiated the develop ment of the state.
Lim said he knew Ghani since  the 1980s when the latter became  the deputy minister for energy,  telecommunication and post.    Ghani was then appointed the  deputy minister of Finance from  1990 to 1993.
“I met Ghani (yesterday) this  morning at the nomination centre.   Ghani is the longest-serving  menteri besar, having served for 18  years.  He brought economic  growth and development to Johor  while he was the MBenteri Besar.  He is a good  MBenteri Besar and a good man,” Lim said in  his speech to a 8,000-strong crowd.
He, however, was critical of  Ghani, the BN and its  component party MCA at the ceramah held  near Sutera Mall, here.
Ghani and Lim take on each other in  Gelang Patah,  which has 106,864 voters con sisting of 52.4 per cent Chinese; 34.3 per cent  Malays; 12.5 per cent Indians and 0.8 per cent  of other races.
In the 2008 general election, BN’s Tan Ah  Eng, who is the state MCA Wanita chief, de feated PKR’s Dr Zalina Mustafa with a ma jority of 8,851 votes.
Ghani, meanwhile, just smiled when asked  about Lim’s remarks about him, but declined to  comment on it.
He acknowledged  that contesting the  Gelang Patah parliamentary seat is a daunt ing challenge.
“Lim came to Gelang Patah and I happened  to be in the thick of things in Gelang Patah.  I  am in Johor and right in the centre of it all.
“I believe that Umno president Datuk Seri  Najib Razak has the rakyat’s interest in mind  when he appointed the BN candidate for  Gelang Patah.  I hope I can have the voters’  support based on BN’s policies and prac tices.”
“I urge the people to say “No” to political  polarisation. In the past 56 years,  we have forged an understanding  among the various races, but now  people who have come from Ipoh  and Kelantan are trying to break  up the unity,” he said in his  speech.
“The opposition just wants to  get power by creating disunity,”  he added.
Ghani was speaking after at tending   an event organised by  SWM Environment Sdn Bhd,  where 1,500 garbage bins with  wheels were distributed to some  8,000 residents of Kampung Melayu Desa  Permai, Kg Cina Kangkar Pulai, Taman Pulai  Bestari 2  and Bandar Baru Kankar Pulai flats.
Johor SWM regional manager Dr Al’Ashari  Othman said the bins were given to residents  free under the second phase of the pro gramme, which will see the distribution of a  total of 300,000 bins in areas under the ju risdiction of the Johor Baru Central  Munic ipal Council, Batu Pahat, Kulai and Pontian.
 Under the first phase, a total of 90,000 bins  were distributed in Johor Baru. The last  phase, which consists of the remaining areas  in Johor, is expected to come to a close next  year.

Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman (second from left) greeting Chinese residents at a function in Taman Melawati in Skudai yesterday.

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  1. Really? Been to Singapore and back to see how rundown JB is? Ghani may be good but he has certainly notr raised a sweat by the looks of things in our capital city here. The CBD looks like shite. I wish he had the guts to stand in JB.

    1. Actually, Ghani stands a better chance if his fight with Kit Siang is in JB. I wished Kit Siang had chosen to contest in the mixed-constituency of JB instead of the Chinese-majority Gelang Patah.

    2. Been to Ipoh where LKS was before? hows that compared to JB?.. haha..

    3. JB - kelab malam of Malaysia

  2. PAS president Hadi has admitted that there is an 'ecstasy pill pusher' among PR candidate, nominated to contest GE13. That's the reason he sort of acknowledge the need for PAS and DAP/PKR contesting each other.

    Please hear what he said, yourselves at "dinturtle".


  3. Isn't a racist to to “I urge the people to say “No” to political polarisation. In the past 56 years, we have forged an understanding among the various races, but now people who have come from Ipoh and Kelantan are trying to break up the unity,” he said in his speech.
    What about UMNO bring Cewek, Cowok, Bangla, Pakis to here and especially in Sabah so that they can also become bumi or more Malayness like Kutty?
    Maybe Johor likes to be part of Rio Islands?

    1. eh? msg tak sampai bro..

    2. Tell that to the British who brings in the Chinese and the Indians to Tanah Melayu you racist!!.. We have never questioned it but now that the bigger racist is spewing utterly nonsense accusations.

    3. Tell that you North Borneo and Sarawak bumis - "ketuanan **lay*" form Malaysia with malaya to be subjected to Semanjong.

  4. have you seen the press release Kit Siang made to the alternative media recently, Annie? I think he equated Ghani Othman to Malay extremists like Ibrahim Ali etc. Rather talam dua muka considering he told NST Ghani is a good guy, and turned around and called him a racist to the other media.

  5. To Anon 19:13, clearly you have never read the Malaysian Constitution. Ketuanan **lay*? Haha stupido idioto. It's keistimewaan bumiputera. And pls read history. People who don't know history are condemned to repeat it.