Sunday 7 April 2013

A bit about my Johorean parents (updated)


These comments came in within minutes of this posting. They were send in response to my other posting but I believe they were more because of this posting -

R u muslim ? How do u think chinese feeling while being treated as 2nd citizen since born in here. . If social contract is de facto fair and impartial . It will not cause Chinese rebellion to against UMNO -BN . Secondly thing is , Malay historic facts are doubtful .Could u tell me , the historical time-line (Tamadun) in this land .Tanah Melayu never constituted before British colonial .In the meantime, Malay must appreciate us on the other hand , because of China , Malay -Melaka -sultane is safe from Siam . If not , Malay will be so cocky nowadays. .. Annie , ur mum is religious traitor ,her soul will burn in hell .
Fuck u mum asshole .. convert to most evil religion . u son of bitch ..

Please note the time the comments were posted. They were send within just 10 minutes after I made the original posting at 03:17 early this morning.
I believe these comments were from the same person assigned to troll my blog as In the Komtar's crosshair. Normally I would spike off comments which insult my parents, but this time I am letting them through so that readers of this blog could better understand the kind of people I am up against. They simply can't stand the notion of someone with my multi-racial ethnic background supporting BN.
By the way, my mother used to be officially a Taoist but actually an atheist before she converted to Islam after she met my father and marry him. She is still as Chinese as the next Chinese despite being a Muslim.


My parents are from Kluang, Johor.

My father is from a Malay working class family.

My mother is from a Chinese working class family.

My father is still as a Malay as he can be, while my mother is still as Chinese as she can be.

There is not a shred of similarity between their background except that both are Johoreans from Kluang.

Yet, they met, fell in love, got married and have me as their child.

Nobody can come between them, telling them that they can't be together.

Theirs is a peculiar story, yet still theirs is a Johorean story.

One day I will tell more about their story.

For now, here is a bit of something about where they come from -


  1. Looks like he can speak good English but what's with the horrible Cinapek pasar Malay? That's suppose to be cute or something??

  2. be strong there girl ! don't let them intimidate you. you're doing a fine job here. they are attacking you because more and more people are reading your blog. its now 33713 as I write this.

  3. we chinese never feel 2nd class , only chauvinist Dapters feel that way . economically if the chinese 2nd class , how do the chinese controlling the economy of the country

  4. When they think there is no chance for PR winning GE13, they will resort to racist remarks and threatening. That's is why that 'ABU TAHAN pungkoq' Haris try to threaten voters who he thinks, are going to vote BN.

    These are racist Chinese who would taunt their kin who are not on their side. It's the same during the days when the communist grab a short control over Malaya, when the Japanese surrender. They go after anti-communist Chinese and those who do not support them. They seeks blood and revenge if PR wins. They want to build more jails for BN politician if PR wins. This make most moderate Chinese realizes the true intention of these racist people in Pakatan. They now realized that many Chinese are secretly supporting BN and there is no way they can do anything about it since our vote is secret.

    I really hope you would not spike off these racist comments. Post them as much as you can. Let the people read what kind of racist people, they really are. It will just make those moderate Malaysian support BN more.


  5. Brief History Civilisation7 April 2013 at 16:43

    "How do u think chinese feeling while being treated as 2nd citizen since born in here. . If social contract is de facto fair and impartial . It will not cause Chinese rebellion to against UMNO -BN . Secondly thing is , Malay historic facts are doubtful .Could u tell me , the historical time-line (Tamadun) in this land .Tanah Melayu never constituted before British colonial ."

    To all the Chinese who came from Communist China out there. Let me explain the situation. Your grandfather came to escape the poverty in China to find work just like the Indian muslim from Mynamar who landed off Kedah yesterday by the hundreds.

    The Malays are running this country but does that stop the Myanmar from passing through our so called Maritime and Navy? Thousands of Myanmar Indians are now coming to Malaysia and the UMNO leadership does nothing.

    Thats because the Minister Hishamudin is incompetent. But that does not mean the Myanmar have a right to citizenships.

    So it was during the Malay Sultans. The Chinese and Indians poor came by the millions to work in plantations and wash dulang of tins.

    Does this means Chinese and Indians deserve citizenships? Of course not. The Communist China govt never gave Malays citizenships or land either.

    It was the British who gave the chinese land in New Villages like they had given the Jews the Palestinians land!!! The ruler of Perak did not agree to this for land belong to the Sultan.

    And so to your so called 2nd class citizenship given by the British by coercing Tunku and twisting his arm. As stated above in fact, you Chinese dont deserve to be citizens of Malaya. No other countries gave citizenships to Indians and Chinese. Even today, Myanmar govt refuse to give Indians citizenship.

    But as Malays are generous, we will give you allowance perpindahan for self deportation so that you can find happiness without impeding on our happiness.

    Now what about orang Asli? Yes what about Red Indians? What about aborigines in Australia? What about Malays aborigines in Taiwan? They are aborigines and orang asli but the civilised people who have managment skills and war making power are the one running the countries.

    So now you know, Communist China is where you came from. Now China is prosperous and practice a little capitalism what not to like?

    You dont want to swear allegiance to the Malay Agong, you dont want to wear songkok to the Sultan events why stay?

    We dont have to tell you about the time line. It is all about now. Now, it is the Malay civil service, it is the Malay Regiment it is the Malay PDRM, it is the Malay Sultanates.

    And the Malay Peninsula is the earliest human civilisation with tools 2 millions years found in lembah Lenggung. That means humans life were form off the equatorial shores and move in land. It is not Africa. They are too backward nobody want to belief they originate from Africa!

    "Fuck u mum asshole .. convert to most evil religion . u son of bitch .." said a Chinese anonymous bastard.

    So that explains why you Chinese should be given allowances as a humane gesture to go back voluntarily. If you Chinese think that Islam is the most evil religion then you should not be here and no deportation allowance for you. Just a kick in the arse!

    The Catholics is the most evil religion killing Malays, Aztec, Red Indian, black indian, african and making people slaves.. but you Chinese are ignorant due to poor leadership of the Education Minister Mahathir and Najib and so on. Cannot even teach history properly.

    Annie mother choose to be with the Malays. Good for her for parenthood is on the father side. You dont take your mother surname do you? Nobody does!

    1. That is why the Malays must support Perkasa.

      The Chinese have Dong Zhong (since 1955), the Indian have Hindraf (since 2007). If there is chaos in this land, they have China and India to run to. The Malays? Can we run to Saudi Arabia or Palestine?


  6. 34,191 count as I wrote this.
    That's superb, after just over 1 month!


  7. Be strong and be proud. The attack on your parents is so unreal and unMalaysian. Real Malaysian don't do that.

    The attack was just to incite anger and hatred against BN UMNO and meant to create something from nothing originated from seems to be a 'racist chinese' but i do not think so. Your suspicious might be spot on. These cyberbullies are well trained to hide behind cinapek writing style to achieve these mindgame objectives. The only way for PR to survive is to keep drowning Malaysian in hatred and anger against each other and from behind their fake wall of shaky alliances, they jumped in as saviours. And as we all know, DAP has been successfully done that to the chinese Malaysian (because many chinese Malaysian felt in their mind they are 2nd class or lower and will be promoted to 1st class by DAP in power. The chinese will eventually outsmart the bluff but not now). However PKR is the biggest casualty in this game when UMNO eventually rejuvenated and benefited from DAP racist game. When Malaysians are happily united as 1 and value harmony, stability and security, PR will collapse, died of natural causes ie lack of anger and hatred to breath on..

    Well, in Malaysia, nobody of any races can be treated 2nd class if you don't want to despite any existing policy or whatever it says. You can be in the 1st class if you want to when you put some personal effort into it. Just have to stop whining and complaining and living a victimize mindset.

    And anybody can be cocky too. In all my living years, I've met many cocky Malays, cocky Indians and cocky Chinese too! The last one was in Penang. So Malaysian, lets celebrate that. Kita serupa!Cheers!

  8. obviously the personal attack was to demoralise and discourage you... but i guess that sucker got the reverse effect. brainless act.

    everyone chooses to live the way he/she feels or likes - being 1st, 2nd or 3rd class citizen. somehow over the years, the so-called politicians managed to play the racial and religion cards well - being it pas or dap, and scored big in last ge.

    when the mind is poisoned, twisted, that's what you're gonna expect. dont get upset by that, by be sad as he/she has lost its mind.


  9. Chinese as 2nd class citizen? wow thats a lot of bull (shit) to swallow.

    I suppose in their mind they will only be first class if the country become a Republic without Sultan and one of the Lim become President ha?

    At least thats what DAP commie teaching them.

    As far as slander and maki hamun against your parents .. oh well ..Dapsters cyber bullies are so predictable. They dont really have brain , most probably dont even get to go to University. Mereka hanya tau maki hamun.

    Dont even try engage them in intellectual discussion, they are not capable to do that which fit the term 2nd class citizen perfectly.

  10. Hi Annie, I've got my nephew marrying a Chinese Sabahan. Both parents just glad that they got married rather than doing some funny thing. My late Mom just worried about my nephew marrying someone from different religious background but I told her that we should allow them to get married if that is making them happy. Don't be blinded by racial prejudice.. Have the trust and respect to each other.

  11. In the past, UMNO supporters were called infidel. Now that PAS is part of pakatan, infidelity does seem to be an issue anymore but the name branding has spreaded to the Chinese and they are considered traitors if their vote go to BN. I am now puzzled about the definition of democracy. Isn't it for a freedom to choose? Just because we do not share each others' view, does not mean we need to hate each other...ahhh... I guess i am old, so do not know how today's people think anymore. Annie, ignore the haters and keep writing.

  12. you are fortunate your dad is Malay, so you are registered as Malay. If its your dad who is Chinese, you will find it very difficult to be what you are today

    I too am from Kluang. Inclusion of solely unflatering anti-opposition views in your blog tells what you are in reality. Did you clear your GP with one sided views? Is that the kind of teacher your students would benefit from? Guess if you taught History your students should all be writing the one-sided view

    Fellow teacher/educator and kluangite

  13. why need approval? Guess you only allow partial comments on your site. I am not in the least impressed by you

    By all means vote who you think is deserving. But by omission of what is flatters the opposition and singing praises of the incumbent Govt tells the kind of teacher you are. Annie cute name, but thinking and ability, not in the least cute or far-sighted.

    Convent Kluang? SES? or Kluang High? Your teachers themselves would not think very much of you.

    If I taught you, I would be ashamed of your inability to balance your blog, your view is entirely yours.

    With large number of viewers, come greater responsibility. You been fed on NST alone?

  14. No one hates you. People just think your should not call yourself educator. You shame educators. The teachers I know at the Canossian Convent, SES/Kluang High, BP high , English college, MU, whichever institution you went to would be ashamed of you

    Not because you are pro-whatever. But because your blog only caters to a one-sided view.

    Shame on you little Arnie

  15. I am sorry Annie, you probably know no better. But do check out blogs of Din Marican and Bakri Musa. They are great educators, while you might not even qualify yet as an educator.

    Because educators are apolitical in their blogs. If and when Pakata comes to power and forms the govt, MOE might just sack you for being political. Students should not be influenced by the overt political views of their teachers.

    And you know, that s why your blog does not carry your full name. Shame on you for that, because you KNOW it

  16. 'If social contract is de facto fair and impartial 'Talk about interest in history Little Valley, there is no such contract. It s just concoction by whoever (Mahathir mouthed it in his blog years ago writing as Che Dat.) I wrote to him in his blog, also years ago the same. Although no expert in history, I taught the same to college students, and so do know something. For example:

    Assuming you and I are both civil servants. Both of us are paid (in 1970s) $650. Why do you get 10% discount for housing while I don't, just because I am a non-Malay. I work just as hard as you. And I have to pay $33,000 for my house while you pay $30,000. 10 K is a lot of money for civil servants in those days. So should I work 10% less, shake my legs 10% more.

    Inequality of that sort brings discontent.

    Another example, why does the only 2 Malay boys in my class get into 6th form when their SC (MCE) results are similar to mine, and I could not get a place, the reason given by then MOE (at JB) was not that I did not qualify, but that 'there is insufficient place in Form 6 for me, a non-Malay.

    At age 17, that was a blow, it changed my life, I had to enrol in nursing, to earn my bread and butter.
    To be continued

  17. Part 2, continuation

    This is a personal story. Large numbers were affected by the NEP starting from 1970s. When I went to work in KL General Hospital as a qualified nurse, I realised (on enquiry) that the Malay Drs (very capable, caring and wonderful people) had '0' Level results similar to mine, no better. They had the chance to further their studies, even attend overseas universities on govt scholarship while I could not even get into Form Six for months at first application (I then had to switch to the Arts) Among the sponsored bright Malay students were people like Dr Musa Bakri who is a wonderful person, humble, diligent and a great teacher of Medical students, today working in the US (California) who because of his integrity and honesty, and straight talking, did not enjoy due recognition by a govt bent on awarding high administrative and political posts mainly to cronies. "I help you, you help me"

    This is only one story, because it is a personal story, my life-story. Large numbers of non-Malays were left to fend for themselves because of the NEP for decades. Even Nasri Rahman admitted the original objective of NEP introduced during his father (2nd PM)'s time is not relevant today (it was never relevant in the first place)

    So Little Valley, your life would be very different today, had your mom been Bumi and not your dad, because your name could very well be Annie the Discontended. Not that I am discontented, because I have moved on and moved out.

  18. Part 3, continuation

    So is it any wonder that Malaysians today are willing to support any party that promises to give all races a level playing field, all schools get similar govt aid, all poor children be looked after to the same extent, cronies whose wealth was derived largely from contracts given by govt to the tune of billions, not be given the same preferential treatment again and again such as Mahathir's sons. Does not matter that Opposition members, like Anwar could have benefitted in similar way when he was young, when he was Deputy PM. The difference is that Anwar wants to do right today, help based on needs... Yes I know Najib too sings the same song now, but he has too many big scandals during his tenure as PM

    Today many non-malays would like a change of govt. This is their only chance after 55 years. Give them that chance, a fair and democratic election. No fear-mongering speeches about currency devaluation, chaos like May 13 1969, threats, ICs for newly arrived wanna be immigrants, sex scandals and the like. Isn't it enough Anwar had to waste 6 years of his life in prison, isn't it enough he had to bear a second court case for 'sexual misconduct'

    Whatever sexual orientation a guy has matters not a scrape if he cannot give me a clean govt. Can Anwar deliver? Yes he can, that I believe. If Selangor and Penang believe him, why shouldn't I? Najib too promises roughly the same, but given the recent scandals, I believe more in Anwar, the PAS, the DAP and Keadilan.

    People like Rafizi, and thousands of Malay professionals/business men believe they can compete on the level playing field with non-Malays, so who are we to say they cannot? Najib too say he will dismantle the NEP in stages, but many people want to see the same economic progress that Penang today enjoys . Certainly part of the progress was derived from past govts, but Penang managed to reduced its state debts, did the other BN states progress to the same extent?

    Is this all just a lie. Let's see how the opposition wards vote this election.

  19. penang has economic progress? ur joking?!