Monday 8 April 2013

Ghani: Vote to ensure govt made up of all race

Buried deep inside the NST on Sunday was this story. I'm putting it here so that readers of this blog may ponder on it.

JOHOR BARU: Multiracial Malaysia will face an uncertain future if the outcome of the next general election resulted in a government dominated by members of just a single racial group.

Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, in expressing his worry over the possibility of such a scenario, urged Malaysians of all races to vote wisely when choosing the next government.
"It would be unfortunate if the coming general election should result in a government constituted of members of a single community. We would not want the others to be alienated based on which community they belong."
Ghani was speaking at the Vaisaki celebrations open house organised by the Johor branch of the National Council of Malaysian Sikhs Association here yesterday.
While stressing that support for the government must come from all communities, he said Malaysians must resist the political inclination which could lead the country to be more racially polarised.
"It would be a very sad thing should it happen in our country, and in particular in Johor."
Political analysts had previously pointed out the possibility that the over dependence of the opposition on the Chinese community's support may result in the community not being represented in a BN government.
Later, asked by reporters on speculation that he may contest against DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah, Ghani said matters related to BN's candidacy would be decided by the leadership of the coalition.
He said Johor BN's proposed candidates had been submitted to the coalition's headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and the decision on who was to be fielded would be announced by coalition chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

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  1. life goes on even if, after GE13, we end up with a Malay government and a Chinese led opposition. but for the racist DAP, it will be another story altogether. they and their supporters will realize that not all Malaysians share their racist taunting politics and GE13 will mark the beginning of them and their supporters being marginalized from Malaysian public life. 34,843 hits so far. your blog is getting popular by the day. I bet you will cross the 35,000 mark before noon today. keep up the good work girl !

  2. Does anyone think that if Pakatan wins, the Government will be made up of only 1 race?

    Yes, you are talking about MCA and MIC being eradicated, as they should be for their treachery against Malaysia as a whole. You may want to forget about MCA's finance co-ops, the Port Klang FTZ, Soi Lek's China woman or Samy Vellu's Maika, not to mention UMNO scandals. But many of us remember them as well the body snatching, forced conversions of children and deaths in police custody.

    Will people responsible be made accountable if UMNO wins govvernment again? You know tha answer...a big NO. If UMNO wants non-Malays in Government even if MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc are wiped out, it can appoint all of their Chinese, Indian, etc lackeys to the Senate and ensure that Malaysia is not governed by one race.

    As for Anwar, PAS, DAP and others, ordinary people will not forget their courage and sacrifices for them and for protection of human rights here. The Pakatan people have done a good job in the States they govern. Can you really say that of Najib? He has been making empty promises to the people (especially the Tamils)for so many years now that they really cannot be believed even by a child.

    1. Anon 11:24

      Yea Yea Yea, only a child will believe what you wrote.

      If PR comes to power we will have a dynasty type gomen like in Saudi Arabia.
      The Chinese will be represented by The Lim Family.
      The Malays will be represented by Anuwar Liwat Family.
      The Indians will be represented by Karpal Singh and Sons.
      Other minorities who are non Christians,will be represented by the opposition

      Nepotisn and Cronyism will be rampant.
      There will be gag orders on almost everything. MSM will only print 'ball polishing' news of the regime. Reports of crimes will be suppressed from the public. Democracy will eventually die in Malaysia.

      Instead of the Ularmak of PAS, we will have the Ularmak from DAP's evangelist Christian who. (Almost 90% of the top leaders are Christians). Although they are only about 9% of the population, they will insist that Christianity be the official religion of Malaysia.

      Chaos and turmoil will rule the day like in Afhanistan and Pakistan or Southern Thailand. We will always be afraid to roam the street due to car bombs or explosive device. Then the Suluks will have their day in Sabah.
      Good luck to human rights.


  3. Utter rubbish. We have a great rep that represents and helps all people in his area, regardless of race. I'd rather have a rep with integrity and competence than any other. Even if their coalition was looking like losing I'd still vote for him because he will represent our concerns well whether in Govt or outside it. If the new govt doesn't meet the needs of the minorities outside govt these voting groups will be lost to them forever, so their future would be bleak. They aren't that stupid.

  4. The way I see it, UMNO will soon be the United MALAYSIANS National Party. Look at how much effort that was extended by UMNO with Dong Zong, the CNY party in Penang, the stateless Indians issues and Indian economy participation stuff.

    These are previously under the purview of MCA and MIC; but it looks like UMNO is stepping up to fill up a vacuum that their coalition partners allowed to exist.


    1. Yes Snuze, I like this idea,
      In-fact this is the very idea of Jaffar Onn, the founder of UMNO. He wanted to open membership to all, irrespective of race. However majority of the Malays, especially the religious people do not agree.

      Last time they already suggest, BN open-up its membership regardless of race. If UMNO were to take the lead and declare all those who join will be declared as a bumiputra, then DAP will be send into oblivion. Anybody can become PM.


  5. 'Jaffar Onn, the founder of UMNO. He wanted to open membership to all, irrespective of race' and his grandson waved the kris, mouthing nonsense! If he had been able to win over the Malay mind then in the 1940s, today Malaysian currency would not be just 40 % of Spore currency value. It could very well be on par like Borneo.