Saturday 20 April 2013

Nomination Day - updates : DAP's U turn etc

( Note: Updates at the second half of the posting)

At the moment I'm writing this, Johor BN chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman and his supporters are having a prayer session at his official residence Saujana.

They are praying for strength and blessings as they are going into this electoral battle. They are praying for the Gelang Patah folks and the rest of Malaysians to be given the wisdom to choose the right people to form the government which could ensure the continuation of this country's progress and racial harmony.

I have no idea what DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and his supporters are doing right now.

Both side will gather at the Johor Baru Central Municipal Council headquarters for the filing of nomination at 9am.

I am going there now and will update this posting later in the day.


I was outside the Gelang Patah nomination centre when I received news that DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng had cancelled the party's plan to use their allies' symbols and instead stick to their Rocket.

So, the whole thing of his father crying and blaming MCA for DAP's CEC election woes were just gimmicks.

Earlier, the first to arrive among the BN supporters team were members of the MCA Gelang Patah led by their chief Jason Teoh.

Ghani, whose arrival was greeted with a dragon dance was wearing the full suit of cream colored Johor's baju Melayu teluk belanga, complete with samping and songkok. He was joined by BN candidates for Nusajaya state seat Dr Zaini Abu Bakar and Skudai state seat, Liang Ah Chy.

Ghani will face DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang while Dr Zaini will square of with Pas vice-president Salahuddin Ayub and Liang will contest against Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

Among the about 5,000 BN supporters were MCA president DS Dr Chua Soi Lek and other State BN leaders. They sang the "Barisan Kita" as they marched to the nomination centre. Also with them were members of MIC, Gerakan, PPP and other BN component parties.

Kit Siang and company arrived with almost the same number of supporters.

It is heartening to note that the BN crowd was more multi racial than those of the Pakatan who were dominated by members of the Chinese community.

A nut case also turned up wanting to contest as an independent  against Ghani and Kit Siang but withdrew without filing his nomination papers.

After the nomination process has been finalized and candidates names were announced, Ghani told reporters that he decided to contest in the Chinese majority Gelang Patah constituency because he does not want to see the country become even more racially polarized.

I believe he wants to give the opportunity for the Gelang Patah folks, especially the Chinese community there the chance to prove that Malaysians will reject attempts to divide them further along racial lines.

It was a day of many surprises when numerous independent candidates turned up as spoilers to a straight fight between BN and Pakatan.

The most funny among them was perhaps the 80s singer Herman Tino, who will contest in his kampung at Tanjong Karang. The singer who is most famous back then for his Javanese songs probably got the cue from other 80s singers such as Pas' Aishah in Jempul and PKR's Dayangku Intan in Pengerang.

The most disappointing, or even tragic among the independents is Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim who quit as Umno Wanita deputy chief to contest as an independent in Kuala Kangsar.


  1. LKS is putting handfuls of brylcream on his hair now. He needs not divine intervention for he himself is divine & he fathers a deity who went to jail for protecting the dignity of a Malay girl. *Cough-cough*

    Go Ghani! Kick that nomadic, conniving, bitter, crocodile tears shedding cult personality out of Johor & politics!!!

    To all GP voters, ask yourself if you want a (former) MB who served you with distinction for so long or a political wanderer who considers you as mere real estate in his political conquest?

    1. KamiliaPejuangMelayu20 April 2013 at 17:55

      Kenapa Kamilia dipinggirkan sedangkan anak mami Syarizat jadi ketua wanita umno yang suami dapat loan 250 juta?

      Bagus Kamilia.. jangan takut bawa perubahan.

      Malays are quiet because they just want to send the Chinese back to China and the Indians back to Mumbai.

      Melayu generasi baru dah sedar penipuan yang dibuat oleh Mahathir anak orang India yang ingin menghapuskan bangsa Melayu dari Malaysia. Mahathir anak keling yang mahu menghapuskan bahasa Melayu dari Sains dan Teknologi.

      Mahathir yang memperkayakan Cina dan Indian bilionair dan anak-anak dia sendiri.

      Melayu mula sedar ini Tanah Melayu. Cina nak melalak mcm manapun tidak akan menghilangkan kedaulatan Tanah Melayu. Penganut ugama Krisitan yang dibawa oleh penjajah Eropah untuk memerangi Kesultanan Melayu adalah musuh Melayu dan tidak boleh diterima sebagai penduduk Tanah Melayu.

      Sejarah menunjukan Krisitan telah memerangi Tanah Melayu dan mengambil kekayaan Timah dan getah dan minyak untuk negara mereka.

      Ilusi bahwa Cina adalah diterima oleh orang Melayu hanya dilakukan oleh NST dan pemimpin melayu yang dapat habuan dari bisnes cina.

      Guru-guru Melayu, askar melayu, polis dan sebagainya adalah majoriti melayu yang tak akan berdiam diri sementara Cina dan India mengaut lesen menjadi bilionair di Tanah Melayu.

    2. Your point being? As far as I can tell, your post is totally unrelated to the original reply.

      As for your rant on Chinese & Indians, you can sod off. You're no different from DAP's rabid canines, just a different race.

  2. "I have no idea what DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and his supporters are doing right now."


  3. Remember before dissolution of assembly, the Pakatans politician and their supporters, including their Bloggers kept ridiculing PM?
    - calling him a coward for delaying GE13.
    - BN is not ready.
    - Selangor MB declaring, 2 times to dissolve state legislation and have separate GE.

    - Today on nomination day, it seems they themselves are not ready. (PKR and PAS even contest each other. What a fantastic alliance, they are indeed).
    - 753 DAP members compliant about not being called to their CEC nomination. Then blame BN.
    - Protest by DAP members in Pulau Tikus & Sungai Siput over their candidate nomination.
    - Some even nominated as Independent candidate.
    - Their instigator 'King of Frogs', Anuwar's PKR even issued statutory penalty of 5 million for members who jump ship, once elected.

    My own opinion: Pakatan will lose big, this GE13. Don't be surprise if the opposition is led by BEBAS, this time around.


  4. people of GP, vote Ghani!

    if he wins, i feel it in my bones you'll have in him a federal minister of a major portfolio in him.

    i'm putting my money on the Home Ministry. a man who can get things done and not afraid to make hard decisions who, at the same time, can do them with quiet dignity is sorely needed in that ministry.

    that man is your Dato' Ghani!

  5. Dato Ghani as Home Minister...??? Now that's a good suggestion...the incumbent Johorean Minister been sleeping on the job far too often

  6. Rakan Muda of luck Ghani

  7. A point to ponder. Is the Pakatan Rakyat a legal entity? If not, should the SPR recognise them as an entity when announcing the results?
    Since they (DAP, PAS or PKR) are contesting under their own party symbols, if they win surely they are winning for their party and not the PR. They are just like the independents really. For example, if Ibrahim Ali (independent) wins, should the SPR declare that BN is the winner, since Ibrahim is BN friendly?
    Now, the likelihood of DAP, PAS or PKR individually beating BN (a legal entity) is zero. So if BN friendly independents cannot be counted into a BN win, likewise DAP, PAS or PKR wins also cannot be counted into a PR win.
    Thus in the final tally, BN will win, regardless. And PR as a non-legal entity, can never form the gomen. Looks like the lawyers are going to have a field day slugging this out. Ooh, Malaysian politics is most entertaining!
    (Note, original thought from Spanking da Monkey)

  8. Sorry, ref entry on Points to Ponder. Original thought was from MyMassa. A thousand apologies.