Friday 19 April 2013

DAP must know of Pas' modification

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By Ai

It looks like DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang has made up his mind for DAP candidates to contest using Pas' moon symbol in the Peninsular and PKR' eye symbol in Sabah and Sarawak.

This despite the Registrar of Societies saying that DAP can still use their Rocket symbol even though they are under investigation for manipulating the party's central executive committee election in December last year.

Kit Siang gave two press conferences to tell every one of his decision (last night and this morning) and at both occasions he was so sad that he cried. The 72-year-old-old man was very distraught, it appeared. He sure got lot of tears, I guess.

He blamed MCA for the whole thing.

Poor MCA, got blamed for everything not going the DAP's way these days.

Well, actually, I don't really believe that DAP was forced to abandon their Rocket symbol. No one is forcing them isn't it?

The whole thing is to me is about just them playing the victim game. They know they need all the sympathy votes.

Kit Siang, particularly was very rattled when BN changed their game plan by fielding Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman against him in Gelang Patah.

Just imagine what if he lose to Ghani in that Chinese majority constituency. It will not only spell the end of his career but also more importantly the end of racial politics in Malaysia. DAP's biggest weapon is playing with the Chinese sentiments and if this is broken in Gelang Patah, DAP would not have much left to play with in future.

Now that Kit Siang knows the tide is turning for DAP and their allies, especially among the Malay Muslim voters, I believe that the move by them to show that they are willing to use Pas' symbol is actually to appeal to the Malays to support them.

After all, they know that their hardcore supporters among the non-Malay Muslims have always ready to vote on the Pas' moon symbols and therefore they are not going to lose from that voters bank. You can read about that at Helen Ang's blog here

Bulan jatuh ke riba, DAP dapat undi percuma Melayu

Anyway, I still think it's not going to work for DAP, because Pas themselves are having troubles of their own. 

In fact, Pas is said to have modified their symbol due to some internal problems. So DAP candidates who will be using Pas symbol for nomination tomorrow need to pay close attention to the following due to the modification -

This modification of Pas symbol was initiated by this man, who allegedly is a senior Pas leader

Pas people, however, said that guy is not this guy who is their party's secretary general.

Well, don't know lah, up to you all to believe whatever....


  1. Oh I do wish LKS and LGE and Kapal Singh wouldn't stop crying. It has been very hot, weather-wise and all their tears may help to cool the weather....silly old men.. go get your long johns and quickly go to sleep. Make sure all your dentures are in the bowl of water... no go to sleep...forever.

    These buggers never shed a tear for our men who died in the Lahad Datu assignment...everything also cry cru cry...and blame UMNO/MCA/Govt etc etc.. No shame aahhh?

  2. Why lah they don't wanna use the Moonie in Sarawak? Wonder if it has anything to do with the Hadi speech chastising Sarawakians as living on trees & still wearing loin clothes which he has yet to apologize for?

  3. They deserved this due to their arrogance and chauvinism.Never heard before their followers going against their leadership orders,but it happened,and adding salt the wound it happened at the states of traditionally DAP stronghold states of Png and Perak.Lately they were facing the same problem as BN faced in 2008 and it will cost them dearly when elections time.Their attitude of blaming others for their own silly mistakes did not auger well to their own supporters and esp the fence sitters which by large are thinking and reasonal voters.