Monday 15 April 2013

Johor MCA's candidates list

The MCA's list of candidates for the GE13 is out. The list of the Johor MCA candidates is as follows -

Labis, Datuk Chua Tee Yong, 36, Deputy Agriculture and Agro-Industry Minister
Bakri, Chris Lee Ching Yong, 37, lawyer
Ayer Hitam, Datuk Wee Ka Siong, 45 Deputy Education Minister
Kluang, Datuk Dr Hou Kok Chung, 50, Deputy Higher Education Minister
Tebrau, Khoo Soo Seang, 68 a senator
Kulai, Tay Chin Hein, 45, a managing diractor of a private company
Tanjong Piai, Wong You Fong, 42, lawyer

Jementah, Datuk Lee Hong Tee, 50 incumbent
Bekok, Tan Chong, 48 businessman
Tangkak, Goh Tee Tee, 57 incumbent
Bentayan, Helen Fong Soh Lan, 40 lawyer
Yong Peng, Lim Kee Moi, 58 incumbent
Parit Yaani (not yet decided)
Penggaram, Dr King Ban Siang, 33 doctor
Mengkibol, Chye Kwee Yeow, 46, lawyer
Paloh, Lim Sin Hai, 55, contractor
Johor Jaya, Tan Cher Puk, 52 incumbent
Stulang, Chong Chee Siong, 36, special officer to deputy education minister
Pengkalan Rinting, Chang Mei Kee, 46, lawyer
Skudai, Liang Ah Chy, 62, businessman
Senai, Tang Nai Soon, 44 incumbent of Pekan Nanas
Pulai Sebatang, Datuk Tee Siew Kiong, 49 incumbent
Pekan Nanas, Datuk Wee Jeck Seng, 49, incumbent of Tanjong Piai parliament seat.

The most notable name missing is Jason Teoh, who was supposed to be fielded in Gelang Patah. It looks almost 99.99 per cent sure that Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman will take on Lim Kit Siang in that Chinese majority constituency.


  1. Saya masih percaya..cina johor lebih open minded dari cina negeri2 lain..masalahnya ada penghasut yg datang dari luar..tapi dgn letakkan ghani..ada peluang yg amat cerah utk mengkuburkan penghasut tu..ghani cuma perlu swing 20 ke 30 percent pengundi cina.. gelang patah akan jadi milik BN..orang johor tak makan hasutan la beb!

  2. Cannot field Jason Teoh somewhere else?


  3. Seems MCA boss just want to put his men in the list and sideline his opponent in his party. He probably knows that MCA is going to lose disastrously and he wants to make sure no elected MP stand his way to defend his presidency in MCA.

  4. Jason was offered Skudai, a loan from Gerakan but he declined. We might a sulking leader here, potentially a time bomb.

  5. I feel ecstatic as I reading your list. A breath of fresh air. Can't wait for May 5th.

  6. Nenek awak mesti gembira untuk calon kluang ...tapi boleh menang ke ...i hope so

  7. Nenek u mesti happy utk calon kluang ..boleh menang ke ..hope so