Tuesday 9 April 2013

Sometimes I can't find the appropriate word

Got a call from someone just now.

He is a Chinese guy who occasionally goes out with me for dinner.

He told me about the MCA Wangsa Maju's threat to boycott BN's campaign if their division chief is not chosen to be a candidate.

I told him that such things are happening all over the country now. For instance, the DAP people in Segamat Johor are also issuing a similar threat if PKR is to contest there.

He said he is worried about what will happen after the election.

I told him not to worry.

"You are not going to lose your job whom ever wins the election," I said.

"But what will happened to the country?" he asked again.

"Well, you believe that Pakatan is better than BN, so if Pakatan wins, the country should be better. If BN wins then worse come to worse, the country will still be the same. So, you don't have to worry" I replied.

"You will still have your job which pays quite well even if you vote for Pakatan but BN wins," I added.

He seems assured by what I said, upon which I added, Pakatan ruling the country should be alright....provided that the man in those sex videos is not Anwar Ibrahim who will be the Pakatan's prime minister.

"Honestly, do you think the guy in those videos is not Anwar?" I asked him.

He kept quiet.

"Well, let's hope that the man in the video is not Anwar.

"Because if it's really him, and Pakatan wins, then the country is really fucked," I said.

p.s . Normally I don't use dirty words, but for this one I had to as I can't find other more appropriate words to describe such a possibility.


  1. well...

    it's either a murderer or a fucker...

    but since both are not caught redhanded..it's all heresay..

    guess we all have to pray both are not guilty..or our country will be really fucked whoever wins.

    1. You got videos of Najib murdering someone?

    2. Yeah, do you have photographs to show our PM did murdered somebody?

    3. Wait till PR have the funds and get a guy look very much like Najib and do a video like what they have on Anwar..I hope they wont stoop to that low level or they will just be like BN..lol

    4. Like Tun Daim said, these Anwaristas, even if they see him doing it on the carpet in front of them, they will deny. Because he is the key for something too tempting to them: power.

    5. Najib did not murder Altatunya. Altatatunya's father had clarified it. It was Anwar's staff who was behind it.

  2. bukan main kuat sokong parti rasuah UMNO/BN, annie pon syiok tengoh Anwar bogel ke ???

    Kalau UMNO/BN menang kali ni , then the country is really,really, really fucked !!

    1. sudahlah, i heard that in 1998, same thing said by puak2 anwar. if BN win this time (1999) malaysia going to hell. but all that is history, BN won, malaysia still maju jaya, lots and lots of other asians come to seek rezeki in our country. BN is a responsible govt PERIOD.

    2. negara demokrasi labu, annie nak sokong umno bn tu hak dia la. cuba belajar hormat sikit.

      ko cakap ttg isu rasuah, mcm la pr bersih sgt. isu ni perlu masa dan usaha berterusan utk diperangi.

      kalau umno/bn menang kali, itu demokrasi la kawan...ko bising2 ni make sure that you're a registered voter, jgn mcm tin kosong bunyi je lebih


    3. Anon 20:27

      bukan main kuat sokong parti rasuah cum (pun intended for penjilat AnuWAr) nepotism PR, kau pon syiok tengoh Anwar bogel ke ???

      Kalau PR menang kali ni , then the country is really,really, really fucked !!

  3. I agreed with you, Little Annie. I am a BN supporter but am willing to accept a new government from PR if the majority of our people voted them in. But I really don't trust this man, Anwar Ibrahim.

  4. ha ha ha
    cute one. but remember he was already fucked when he was TPM. so in 1996 to 1998 we malaysian were already fucked. getting him to be PM after PRU13 we can always say we are all going to go up,ie, fuck up.

    sorry my english.

  5. those who voted for anwar and fuckatan are really stupid as fuckatan has not done anything that benefits the rakyat n country except for themselves. They are power mad....just look at their leaders anwar...nik aziz....lim kit siang...karpal....all old and nyanyuk n dont want to let go. lim guan eng....maths fail....azmin mr jamban...mat sabu khalwat....nurul izzah bimbo....eli wong kangkang....the list goes on...no wonder more and more rakyat are siding with BN n fuckatan are even losing their strong members...:)

    1. we can clearly see how all these jokers have done since taking power in 2008, and now they're more arrogant than ever. lets vote them out this coming GE, and give BN a clear mandate.

  6. Malaysia got holes eh?

    If Malaysia got a hole, regardless of whether it's in the front or back, then Malaysia is definitely fucked. Front and back. And some say, side way..

    Nuar.. Nuar..

  7. It's does not matter what labelled they have or what they promise to do or can do, but to this date nothing is more convincing then UMNO lead government who had been guided Malaysian to prosperity and peace .
    UMNO lead government never been perfect ,but the Quality Malaysian opposition to be the alternative government is far from convincing .


  9. BN is the best.

  10. Pasal Video tu ... nampak mcm I tp bukan I dan mungkin jgk I ... hehehehe ... knape lh CSL dulu cpt sgt ngaku ... yes I'm ....