Saturday 13 April 2013

Johor is just a diversion

The media has been touting Johor as a "hot" frontline State ever since DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang was announced as a candidate of the Gelang Patah seat.

This I believe plays right into the DAP's hands in the party's effort of easing off pressure from Kit Siang's son Guan Eng in Penang.

True, Johor is one of the main battleground of the GE13, but the real decider I believe will be fought out in Penang.

DAP internal woes and Penang government's blunders such as Guan Eng's arrogant and poor handling of the tunnel issue has taken its toll on the party.

With Penang BN aggressively attacking the DAP's strongholds in the state, the shifting of attention to the southern state of Johor must have provide a much needed respite for Guan Eng.

Several recent front page stories by the Star which made it sounds that Johor BN is under siege and fighting tooth and nails to defend the State made me wonder if Helen Ang was right about the motives of the MCA-own newspaper.

Honestly, except for some Chinese majority constituencies being at risk of falling to DAP, the rest of Johor don't seem to be much affected by what Kit Siang tried to dramatize as an electoral "tsunami".

The way I see it, what Kit Siang tried to impress everyone with is just what he hope to be a "Chinese tsunami" starting in Johor to help shore up his son's defense of Penang.

What Kit Siang may not foresee is a "Malaysian of all races tsunami" sweeping out from his son's little island all the way down to the Tebrau Straits.

I think the 72-year-old Kit Siang had underestimated the will of Malaysians, especially the Chinese community not to let this country be too racially polarized.


  1. I think the Chinese voters are realistic when come to voting. With affordable home, Chinese education issue being looked into, and possible windfall such as MRT project in Penang, the fence sitters may likely vote for BN.

  2. Think you are getting desperate to push the limelight to Penang! Haha.

    All the SB, ground intelligence even sources from the Palace considered Penang a black state for BN...

    I'm sure Annie's intelligence is more accurate than all the above. Hehe

    ~ Kluang girl

    1. Actually the limelight is at the moment belong to Pas secretary general Datuk Mustafa Ali....I think. Even Kit Siang doesn't know what to say about leaders of DAP's Malay allies nowadays.

    2. Sorry have to agree with Kluang girl, its true that he is the master of Penang and will wipe Gerakan out again..

  3. Carry on Life of Annie blogger. My on the ground intel says things are quite different from the rosy picture your portraying. But do carry on.

    1. your English is pathetic. are you one of those vernacular educated Chinese ? I suggest that you brush up your English before you come here and make a big mess of yourself. if this is the quality of PR cyber troopers, then.......................
      now get some education first boy !

  4. Annie, I agree with the title of the article but not your analysis. LGE is as popular in Penang as Ghani in Johor. Neither state is in danger of falling to the state opposition. From the GE12 results (ignoring by-elections and hoppers), take a look at the seats in each state that need a swing of 1,000 voters or less to switch sides, then take a look at the governing majority in each state assembly. There are five hot states – for PR it is Kedah and Selangor, for BN it is Perak, Negri and Terengganu. In Kedah, BN's target is 4 seats, and the fourth lowest majority of the PR seats was Pantai Merdeka with a 500 seat majority. In Selangor, BN needs 9 seats, and number 9 is Suangkang with a 2200 majority. For PR, in Negri they need 4 seats, the target being Lenggeng with a 1285 seat majority. In Terengganu, PR needs 9 eats, Bandar with an 1100 majority is the target. But the hottest potato is Perak, PR need to recaputure those seats they got last time, or if they needed 3 BN seats, number 3 is Alor Pongsu with a 95 vote majority. Johor and Penang are diversions, Perak is the battlefield.